Yo Gotti Drops $1 Million On Rolls-Royce, Ferrari & Lambo Truck For His Birthday

Yo Gotti is flexing some new custom whips for his birthday.

Memphis rapper Yo Gotti is celebrating his 39th birthday this week in style. After announcing earlier this year that he is finally out of his recording contract and officially owns all his masters, the Collective Music Group founder and CEO is splurging on some luxury vehicles to celebrate his last year of the dirty thirties.

Taking to Instagram to show off his new fleet of Tiffany blue plush toys, the rapper wrote in his caption, “Let’s turn up on these PU$$IE$ #EveryDayMyBirthday #SuperCMG.” In the video, he posted he is seen sitting on the back of a car hauler that has his brand new Rolls Royce propped up behind him. “Happy birthday to a real one. Shout out to the streets for always supporting me, shout out to all the fans,” Gotti said. “Again, appreciate y’all for taking me out the street, I appreciate y’all for putting me in the position.”

The rapper went out to shout out his “new bi**h” to his left, which was actually a new whip – a Ferrari F8 in the same custom color as the RR. Also to his right came another massive purchase, a brand new Lamborghini also custom wrapped in Gotti’s favorite color. The rapper seemed grateful that he is even blessed enough to be able to treat himself like this on his birthday, which is something fans can appreciate.

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Let’s turn up on these PU$$IE$ ? #EveryDayMyBirthday #SuperCMG

A post shared by Yo Gotti (@yogotti) on May 28, 2020 at 10:46am PDT

Earlier this year, after his major announcement about taking up the business side of the music at CMG and acquiring complete control over his masters, Yo Gotto promised himself that this year would be great. “Drop My Album, Out My Deal, Own My MASTERS …. ALL IN DA 1st Month of da Year 2020 GONE BE DIFFERENT,” he said at the time. He is definitely following through with that so far if three different luxury cars are any indication of his 2020 being “different.” Who doesn’t respect a man who keeps his word?

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Get in position to where you can bless yourself ! #OnlyHustlasCanRelate ?

A post shared by Yo Gotti (@yogotti) on May 29, 2020 at 9:36am PDT

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