Willie The Kid & V Don – Blue Notes

You wanna know what was happening
While you were living it up in Mali or Cali or Yahweh whatever it is
There was 15 murders the first week and 21 last week in this Goddamn city
You know decent people are gonna have to work here and live somewhere else
[By decent people you mean people who can afford to live somewhere else]
For Christ you are such a bleeding heart Liberal
[My heart bleeds a little for the underprivileged, yeah]
If I was at the field they’d be back in the war zone
[?] Hawaii
[Seemed pretty good until they ran in the sand and used to live with the crime rate statistics]
No what this city needs is more police than people

[Verse 1:]
Yeah! Yo yeah
Witness me making eclipse
Bake pies at red night escaping ma myth
Swore 4 plus 5 oracle bore gift
Plus explore your life show you how the lords spit
Since 79 held the spine order more clips
Worked with los Orvich try to build him a bridge
That shit collapsed with ma back fucking the ribs
Get blasted for looking all grand in front of ma crib
Sit back close your legs drown in the box
Pound up with 2 Glocks, dumb out with the Ox
The fluids out shoot it out till sundown with the cops
No running we [?] the world is mine on a yacht
Soon they probly find me like a body in a lot with blue suites behind me
With the shotty pulled cop
New suites in lobby and we value all flocks
Never recent quotes preaching for that Jack Iglesias
Told Torres like Papi Mase and catching cases but they cold
Employees know the faces who to stretch and who to fold
Get old eat off rap manifest all gold
Plots for more gold and Grey robbers playing dominoes
Got Raul put you in piece caplo waiting at ma home
So sick no pharmacist would enter the room
New York trip PA flab foot [?]
I’m off it playing in salon resting ma wound
Ma talk spit body outlined floating in June

Where am coming from [Yeah! bronze man]
I don’t really mean you no wrong [it’s Willie The Kid]
[Gun wu] I gotta keep moving on [Pull up a chair we here nigga]
I gotta Let you know where I’m coming from [TCP nigga, Ayo]
I don’t really mean you no wrong [we do it like this nigga]

[Verse 2:]
I said Um!
I said lagavulin nigga who you fooling
I’m never Jet lagged these dudes is Lorna Doones
The fly i’m in Dubai hitting sand dunes
Or in Japan on the bullet train Cancun
We used to use Cancun to balance off the sofa
Now we don’t touch the steering wheel Rover with the chauffeur
I’m in Muskegon Jet-skiing for the weekend
On the lake shore, told ma niggas make sure this time everything remain genuine
See ma end your windows continuing
Move like a bed wind
Breakfast in bed pop Spades no bentwisch a bad bitch wiska bisque
Yeah! Despite the madness i’m perfectly insane. Psycho-telepathic
Telepathy, rooms full of sneakers closets full of Jings
Bring Jackets on the bed fuck it I ain’t sleeping anyway
Jewels by the penny way I’m more than ready

Where am coming from [Yeah!]
I don’t really mean you no wrong
I gotta keep moving on [Pull some next shit]
I thought I had to know, where am coming from
I don’t really mean you no wrong
I gotta keep moving on

Coming [x6]
Hey please excuse our little brother
Please forgive him
[Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, it’s alright his tan boxing is not bad he nearly beat me]

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