The Indian factory making 6,000 syringes a minute

BBC News shows that one of the world’s biggest syringe makers has ramped up production because of the huge demand for Covid vaccines. 
Rajiv Nath, who heads India’s largest syringe factory, says it is now making around 6,000 syringes a minute.
But he says that’s still not enough given that the world needs 10 billion syringes to vaccinate just 60% of the population.
He believes co-ordination between the vaccine makers, governments, the World Health Organization and syringe makers will be “very, very critical” going forward.
Video by Anshul Verma

Canada’s COVID-19 surge “darkness before the dawn” WHO advisor says

Global News shows that as Canada endures the third wave of COVID-19, a virus that has already claimed tens of thousands of lives within our borders, a World Health Organization adviser has a message for Canadians: “Dawn is Coming.”
Dr. Peter Singer’s comments come on the heels of soaring COVID-19 case counts in Canada, which peaked at over 9,000 daily infections in mid-April. Ontario in particular has faced a crushing third wave, with record-breaking daily cases and intensive care units stretched to their limits.