Trey Songz Being Investigated For Alleged Hit-And-Run

A woman is accusing artist Trey Songz of hit-and-run in which she says he hit her car, leaving her suffering an injury to her hand before driving off.

The woman has reported the incident to the police, which has been confirmed by police according to Celebrity news site TMZ.

According to the police, what appeared to be an incident of road rage went a little too far as the “Na Na” singer and the woman were involved in an argument while they were sitting in their respective cars. The incident occurred around midnight on Thursday, police say.

The argument reportedly escalated, and the woman alleges that Trey Songz used his car to bump into the woman’s car. At this point, she gets out of her car to confront him, but she says he then speeds off, hitting her hand in the process.

She then reported the matter to the police who took a report. However, the artist had already left the scene of the accident.

Meanwhile, the artist has denied the allegations TMZ reported.

This latest incident is just one of a few incidents showing the artist having an uncontrollable anger problem. He’s presently facing a lawsuit for allegedly punching a bartender who was working at a Cardi B concert in 2019. Songz allegedly stood on the bar but became enraged after he was moved off, hitting the bartender in the head.

He also recently narrowly escaped charges after an altercation at a Kansas City playoff game with a police officer. That incident stemmed from the artist refusing to wear a mask.

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Hooligan Chase – Sweepstakes Lyrics

Let's go to work, black tux and a briefcase lookin' like I won a f*ckin sweepstakes
For what it's worth, I could take you on a cheap date
Love a mean body and a sweet face
She go to church, I be dickin' on a blessed bitch
I don't see you bitches on the guest list
I'm doin' dirt, don't be askin' who I mess with
Front do' hit'chu when you exit

[Verse 1]
I could take an oath, f*ck I got to lie bout?
I sip bubbly, when I gotta dry mouth
Deep pockets, you gon' have to climb out
I'm T'd up like I'm bout to call a timeout
I sound like six figures, 32 temp make a broke bitch shiver
Could ya backside get bigga, that's a wide load ima call it big dippa
Week two, by now I got at least two
She call me sugar and you know she gotta sweet tooth
I might blackout shit I'm guaranteed to
You should rock a mеsh top sumn I can see thru
Y'all don't even be on bеat
Who said chivalry is dead take a seat on me, girl
f*ck a TMZ
My dick longer than the line at the DMV

Let's go to work, black tux and a briefcase lookin' like I won a f*ckin sweepstakes
For what it's worth, I could take you on a cheap date
Love a mean body and a sweet face
She go to church, I be dickin' on a blessed bitch
I don't see you bitches on the guest list

I'm doin' dirt, don't be askin' who I mess with
Front do' hit'chu when you exit
[Verse 2]
Hop, skip, jump, earthquakes in the trunk
Psychedelic, funk, huffing gas puttin twenty on the pump
f*ck it tho I'm runnin for office
The thought of that alone prolly makin ya nauseous
Tip, toe, gotta be cautious
Lay a bitch off I'm just cuttin my losses
I go to Fridas and f*ck up a whole plate
Talk to Mamacitas I'm papi in yo state
I could book a flight open shut its a closed case
Look at my position just hate it it's okay
I drop a lime in a cerveza
I knock a shot back ion need a chaser
Steppin out in the SB blazers
Nutmeg hoes who ain't got enough flavor
I'm yo bitch best friend from the waste down
Where she at where she at where she at where she at
Gimme screwed up click from the H town
Just the tip and the shaft and my sack how bout dat

Let's go to work, black tux and a briefcase lookin' like I won a f*ckin sweepstakes
For what it's worth, I could take you on a cheap date
Love a mean body and a sweet face
She go to church, I be dickin' on a blessed bitch
I don't see you bitches on the guest list
I'm doin' dirt, don't be askin' who I mess with
Front do' hit'chu when you exit

Migos’ Takeoff Escape Charges In Sexual Assault Case

Takeoff escape charges in his 2020 sexual assault case.

Migos have been in the news for pretty contentious reasons over the last few days. They can record at least one win after Takeoff‘s pending sexual assault case has been dropped because of a lack of evidence. Just last week, the rappers were being described as toxic following the now infamous Quavo and Saweetie elevator video, which surfaced on social media.

The former couple cleared that incident up quickly when they said that it was simply an “unfortunate incident.” The news that charges have been dropped against Takeoff came from TMZ.

They stated that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office decided not to move forward with prosecuting Takeoff for the sexual assault charges brought against him because of “insufficient evidence.”

The 26-year-old Migos rapper faced the charges last year in August when he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party in August 2020. According to TMZ, the decision came after “countless hours” of investigating on the part of the musician’s attorney Drew Findling. He said, “The allegations were patently and provably false.”

In the original lawsuit, the woman who was not identified accused the Georgia-born recording artist of sexual assault and battery. She also said that Takeoff made her “extremely uncomfortable” at a party in Los Angeles. She further alleged that he took advantage of her in a bedroom. Even though no criminal charges will be filed, he could still face a civil lawsuit from the alleged victim.

Since the new first broke, Takeoff always maintained his innocence and vehemently denied the accusations. Now that things seemed to have settled down for the trio, fans are hoping they head back to the studio to produce their highly anticipated album Culture III.

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Rockie Fresh – Racer Lyrics (feat. Vic Mensa)

[Verse: Rockie Fresh]
We really gotta do it this time, running lights at the funeral line
Feeling like the two with the three behind
Young niggas smoking blunts but I’m free in my mind
Seeing the signs, you know my niggas coming correct
Self-made buzz gotta show us respect
Say she impressed by the tinit on my neck
See the wrist and Rolls and she wanna neglect? No
She wanna snort powder, see wanna see the towers
(f*ck on me for hours)
Yeah, I’m livin’ like a dope dealer but the rap game paying more figures
Don’t know what they told niggas
I’m the one that showed niggas
Teach you the game, I come through really big bro niggas
I remember gettin’ no figures
Now the bad bitches want pictures and they wanna f*ck with us
Yeah, she want Chanel bags
Rich and she wanna go tell that
Her man say ball? Where the stash at?
Nigga really ain’t a grab but he cap that (Cap that)
Damn, now he wanna battle rap (Battle rap)
Say he want beef, send the cattle back
Snitch for the cheese, he a rat pack
I just pulled in a ride and it’s matte black, yeah
Statements, he cannot retract that (Retract that)
Bitch, I get money, he lack that (Lack that)
I need a crib for my parents (My parents)
His momma lookin’ embarrassed (Embarrassed)
These niggas way too anxious (Too anxious)
Really these niggas should thank us (Thank us)
Rap game way too dangerous (Too dangerous)
You ain’t even gotta be famous (Famous)

[Chorus: Rockie Fresh]
But you could still ride in the latest, yeah
Have bitches that’s doing you favors
I gotta get to this paper
I need a crib with some acres
She wanna ball like a Laker
But I got no time to layup
She do the shots with no chaser
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer

I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
And I am not stopping for strangers (Nah)
Nah, bitch I can’t save you
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer

[Verse: Vic Mensa]
I’m mashing the gass on a [Dayun?], Pyer Moss sneakers on that’s a rare find
Twelve get behind me I’m runnin’ like DMC, don’t want no TMZ headlines
You know what it is with me, I’m moving differently can’t let them poison my energy
You shot yourself in the foot just by dissing me, now we putting you out of your misery
We ain’t seen you niggas outside with your dawgs, that shit’s a Scooby-Doo mystery
She in my DMs but she your BM, she swallow my kids she ain’t kissing me (*smooth,* *smooth*)
It’s just the Prince in me, my Ralph Lauren Purple Label
I’m making Young Money, Freeky got the DRACO
Hit yo boy up now it’s blood on my ‘Fazos
Stop that cap, “Vic ain’t this, Vic ain’t that”
Vic in that Rick head to toe where it’s warrin’
Red light on the blick, now you think I’m recordin’
She give me psychology I call it Freudian
I be with Four ‘n’em, they tryna fold ’em
I cannot fold, I’m not an accordion
They say they looking for us and we ain’t avoiding ’em

[2nd Chorus: Rockie Fresh]
And we gon’ ride in the latest
Got bitches that’s doing us favors
I gotta get to this paper
I need a crib with some acres
She wanna ball like a Laker
But I got no time to layup
She do the shots with no chaser
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer
And I am not stopping for strangers (Nah)
Nah, bitch I can’t save you (I can’t save you)
I push the coupe like a racer
I push the coupe like a racer

Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Denied Restraining Order Over Lyrics In New Song

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife has filed a restraining order against the rap mogul as she accuses him of sending her death threats.

The restraining order seeks to bar Dr. Dre from contacting Nicole and order him to stay away from her and her home in new filings in court on Thursday. The legal documents appealed to the court to bar Dr. Dre and stay at least 100 feet away from her. Young and Dr. Dre have married to Young for 25 years and have two adult children.

Last year Nicole Young announced the two were getting divorced, citing irreconcilable differences as the ground. She also claimed 2 million dollars in temporary spousal support from Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young. However, Dr. Dre said he couldn’t afford that, which led to a bitter back and forth in which Young divulged crucial information about the Beats creator, which included his lavish lifestyle and his many lucrative streams of income.

Dr. Dre eventually suffered a brain aneurysm in what his fans surmised was the stress from the divorce proceedings.

In the past weeks, the back and forth between the two and their attorneys continued to play out in court and in the public space. This new application for a restraining order is against Dr. Dre visiting Young’s Malibu home, which he has said in court documents that he pays for since the couple separated.

Young has claimed that she is receiving threatening text messages from Dr. Dre. She has made the same claim previously in which he said Dr. Dre told her, “if you allow [your attorneys] to disrespect me, dig into my personal business, that means war!!! And there’s no coming back that.”

Nicole Young says in her plea to the court is because she does not want Dr. Dre to contact her anymore, which includes emails, phone calls, or texts, and she also wants the judge to order Dr. Dre to stay away from the Malibu property which she has been occupying since their split.

The document was filed by Young’s divorce attorney Samantha Spector and also says Young was receiving death threats from Dr. Dre’s wide fan base and that the threats are likely to continue.

Dr. Dre’s Attorney Laura Wasser, however, disputed the allegations made by Young and told the judge that since the couple split, he has not seen his ex-wife, and there is no need for a restraining order. He further said that Young’s allegations are “old” allegations which she is using to get a restraining order.

Meanwhile, the judge has not ruled on granting the restraining order yet. TMZ reported that the judge has asked for more evidence before issuing the order and has asked for testimony in an inter-partes hearing from both parties. They are scheduled to re-appear in court in three weeks.

The 55-year-old rap legend has seen thousands of fans rally around him and offer moral support as he worked past his health challenges as well as get back in the rap game as he teased the release of one of his previously shelved albums. In a recent teaser, Dr. Dre can be heard rapping about his being hospitalized and referring to Young as a “greedy b**ch,” even while he laid at death’s door.

On the other hand, Young has clarified that her claim for $2 million a month spousal support is based on what ‘they’ earned in previous years and says the couple made $95 million in 2017 and $106 million in 2018. She’s banking heavily for a big payout based on California laws that assess divorce settlements based on the percentage of income earned by the spouse support is claimed from.

Dr. Dre is said to be a billionaire following the sale of his Beats By Dre headphones.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued By Miami Stripper For Allegedly Hitting Her With A Bottle

6ix9ine may have taken the meaning of bottle service the wrong way.

The New York rapper seems to always be trending in the wrong direction for one thing or the other. When he is not stirring up controversy with other rappers, he is being accused of being a snitch. His latest drama could, however, see him facing some legal issues if the charges stick. According to TMZ, Tekashi 6ix9ine is being sued by a dancer from a Miami strip club who claimed he struck her in the head after someone called him a “snitch.”

The dancer, Alexis Slaberrios, filed a lawsuit on Friday over the incident that happened in the Golden Rush Cabaret in February. Tekashi 6ix9ine is being sued for aggravated battery. The suit claims Tekashi allegedly threw a “deadly object with intent to commit serious bodily injury.”

His attorney David M Tallow told TMZ that the object in question was a champagne bottle. However, according to Tallow, Tekashi69 threw it after someone called him a “rat.” The bottle, however, missed the intended target and instead hit Alexis on the head.

The head wound to Alexis was so bad that it required a trip to the ER, where she had to get staples to close up the wound. TMZ also reported Alexis has also named Gold Rush in the suit she filed, claiming they knew Tekashi’s “propensity for violence” and, as such, should have had better security details around him. She is reportedly suing the club for gross negligence.

Despite the claims, one of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s attorneys, Lance Lazzaro, reportedly told TMZ that he was not involved in the incident. He further stated, “There are video cameras in the establishment. It’s an attempt to shake him down. If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed.”

Since his release last year, Tekashi has been implicated in various other incidents and arguments online. Just earlier this week, Meek Mill’s lawyers served him a cease and desist letter following the release of his video for “ZAZA.” The video has footage from a recent argument at an Atlanta nightclub between both rappers.

Kanye West Drops $1 Million On 5 Maybach SUVs For Kim Kardashian For Christmas

Kanye West reportedly gifted Kim Kardashian West with not one but five Maybachs for Christmas.

Though there are rumors of an impending divorce, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent Christmas together with their family, TMZ says. They also reportedly spent millions on each other in an exorbitant gift exchange. It’s not exactly the kind of thing you expect from a couple on the verge of a divorce but what’s millions when you have billions, right?

According to TMZ, Kanye gave Kim 5 Maybach SUVs for Christmas each worth just under $200,000. In return, Kim gifted her rapper husband a number of art pieces by James Turrell reportedly worth over a million dollars in total. Turrell is apparently one of Ye’s favorites.

Page Six recently reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been living separately and that a divorce is imminent. Kanye has been living at their ranch in Wyoming while Kim has been staying in their Hidden Hills mansion with their kids. With the couple on their way to splitting assets, it’s mindboggling yet interesting that they would only invest in more for each other.

The couple is also reportedly trying to work things out in marriage counseling. Though they’re at odds they can at least agree on what matters most around the holidays – family. According to reports, “Kim and Kanye remain in lockstep when it comes to their family and parenting, and doing Christmas BIG is a sign of that.”

In spite of that, Kim is reportedly preparing for the divorce and has even hired divorce attorney Laura Wasser. A source told PEOPLE that Kim has “just had enough of it” after Kanye’s meltdowns, bid for President, and who could forget him implying that she cheated with rapper Meek Mill.

What do you think about Kanye and Kim spending millions on each other ahead of a divorce?

Princess Love Wants A Third Baby With Ray J Amid Pending Divorce

Fans are shocked that Ray J and Princess Love are talking about having a third child in spite of their ongoing divorce.

The couple has had a rollercoaster relationship that was made public through the Love and Hip Hop reality show. Many viewed the parties expose each other’s flaws. Over the course of their relationship, they have had two children, but now it seems that Princess Love wants another baby, and she wants with Ray J.

According to TMZ, an upcoming snippet of the Love & Hip Hop Special “Secrets Unlocked,” which has cast members from the other franchises, Princess hinted that she wouldn’t mind having another baby with Ray J. She also said if that was to happen, they wouldn’t have the baby traditionally.

The clip also shows Princess Love telling Ray J that he never told her he was sorry. The clip also has Erica Mena mentioning she wants to have another baby- when Princess replies, “all you need is sperm to get pregnant.” Ray J then says, “Princess is requesting more of my sperm.” Princess also discloses that she and Ray J have not had sex in over three months as the couple experience marital problems.

Meanwhile, fans of the couple are not reacting nicely, with many calling their behavior “toxic.” One fan said, “another kid and yall not even married no more? Make it make sense.” Another fan said, “more kids more child support.” Another added, “if toxic was a couple for 2020,” as another fan advised Princess, “having kids don’t fix anything.”

Boosie Badazz Underwent Surgeries But Leg Will Not Be Amputated Despite Rumors

Boosie Badazz underwent surgery, but it appears his leg will not have to be amputated, despite recent reporting.

Boosie Badazz has undergone two surgeries after he was shot, but his injuries aren’t lie threatening as the rapper is already home from the hospital. TMZ reported that their sources say there was no amputation, contrary to earlier reports. He did have a couple surgeries for a gunshot wound he suffered. Sources say that the surgeries were to remove bullet fragments, and he had some screws put in to ensure the leg heals properly.

The rapper, who suffers from diabetes, was said to have faced a possible amputation because of the disease. However, sources say the fact that he had diabetes had nothing to do with the decision to have surgery, except in relation to his pre-surgery diet.

There was a specific need for his diet to allow him to be able to stay under anesthetic. Diabetics normally need to eat at particular times because their sugar levels drop, which can be detrimental.

Urban Islandz previously reported that Boosie was shot in the leg over the weekend in Dallas, just days after his friend, Mo3, was killed there last week in a fatal shooting.

Boosie Badazz’s manager also refutes the claims that his leg would have to be amputated in a post on Instagram story that says, “Fake News.”

Logic – Limitless Lyrics

Play this song

You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand, it’s the jam
Just don’t give a damn
Coolin’ with the fam goin’ ham
Fly to Vegas, get the band
Haters hate me, but they stan
’Cause the things they wish they could they know I can, goddamn

You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand
You the man, you know you the man
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam, goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am
You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand
You the man, you know you the man
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam, goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am

[Verse 1]
Goddamn, this shit been the plan, do it ’cause I can
Made more money than 99 percent, doin’ it like spam
Fuckin’ hand reachin’ up at night, I do not give a damn
Spend a lot to make a lot and then we do that shit again
1967 Bronco pull up like I serve that blanco
1-800 made my bank account look like a phone number
Your career goin’ under, I’m top five that’s alive, that’s no lie
You ain’t in the conversation, couldn’t make it if you tried
If you ain’t droppin’ shit like all the time
Then people think you died
Shit too easy for my blood, they quick to leave you crucified
Shit ain’t work out with my last, TMZ act like I lied
Called Jermaine for some advice
‘Cause these people think I’m careless
He said, “Bobby, on the real, man, fuck ’em all
You should care less”

You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand (Oh you so care—)
You the man, you know you the man (Oh you so, oh you so careless)
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam, goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am (Goddamn)
You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand
You the man, you know you the man
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam, goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am

[Verse 2]
Now they all know who I am, the fuckin’ man
I’ma get it like that, baby girl, now tell me, do you understand?
I swear, my only motivation is your elation, I feel the sensation
Baby girl, be patient, my heart is racing
She keep on telling me she promise she ain’t never done this before
I said, “I know that’s a lie, but I love when you try
And I just can’t live without it
Even the thought of you leaving, I can’t think about it”

[Verse 3]
You say, you say, you say
You know you the man, you know you the man
You the only man who truly understands
I said I know I’m the man, yeah, I know I am
Ain’t no doubt about it
Every single move I make, they always seem to write about it
That’s why I never leave the compound
Always up inside it, I ain’t never in the streets
When I am, they come runnin’ to the boy, to the boy
I got way too many people nowadays I’m tryna avoid
I ain’t been on the ‘Gram in months, that shit get me too annoyed
All the weed inside these blunts
Got me feelin’ paranoid like, ‘noid like
Yeezy, Bobby, take it easy, my dawg
Why you always make it look so easy, my dawg?
Yeah, these haters talking shit, but success is my shield
Scarecrow flow, I’m outstanding in my field
I just texted J. J Abrams on some million dollar shit
Yeah, my movie gon’ be crazy, first I gotta polish shit
Schoolin’ all you fuckin’ rappers, this right here the scholarship
If my presence near your presence
Then you best acknowledge it, bitch

You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand
You the man, you know you the man
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am
You the man, you know you the man
Rollie on your hand
You the man, you know you the man
Just don’t—just don’t—just don’t give a damn
Coolin’—coolin’ with the fam goin’ ham
Now they all know who I am, now they all know who I am

Now they all know who I am

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2018 Lyrics

It’s that time of year again
Don’t Come Outside, Vol. 2 on the way
Y’all only rock with me ’cause I’m disrespectful
Y’all know I don’t care ’bout these niggas
Happy New Year

[Verse 1]
Tekashi got snatched by the feds, he done
I’m like, “Damn, why they doin’ that to 50 Cent son?” (Aw)
Can’t forget about him gettin’ robbed and kidnapped
Y’all thought he was jokin’, nah, that was all big facts (That really happened)
He even talked on himself about gettin’ jacked
Ebro said he had the worst verse on “Get the Strap” (Ha)
“Suck my dick, suck my dick,” that’s what Tekashi said (Yup)
Free 6ix9ine, tell that lil’ nigga hold his head (TreyWay)
He went to Chicago and ain’t get shot
Just for goin’, fuck what time it was, he still get props
Him and his security was supposed to die there (Woo)
Somebody sent shots at Chief Keef in Time Square (Bang, bang)
Suge got 28 years, you don’t hear about him
Nobody sayin’ “Free Suge,” ’cause nobody care ’bout him (Nope)
Nicki ain’t wanna fight when Cardi tried to pop
But Cardi the one that left Fashion Week with a knot (Damn)
Jill Scott video when viral on some other shit
She need to teach Blac Chyna how to suck a dick (She need help)
Nicki vs Cardi, who side y’all choosin’?
Nicki rap better, but Cardi puttin’ out better music
Whatever Cardi drop hot, the people like the shit
Flex not a fan of Cardi ’cause she don’t write the shit (So what?)
Young Buck got caught up in some gay shit
‘Cause them G Unit niggas thought I wasn’t gon’ say shit (What!?)
Nah, fuck that, he got caught with a tranny
(Take it easy on that nigga, Murda, he still family)
(Alright, alright, alright)
Dwight Howard got caught with a tranny nigga
So much pussy out here, I don’t be understandin’ niggas
Huh, Kanye still a mess
Don’t want no 350s ’round me, Drake said it the best
He think Drake fucked Kim K, that nigga stressed (He did)
He out here with Donald Trump dick on his breath
You be embarrassin’ yourself when you in a public settin’, Ye
Now I see why Jay Z ain’t go to your weddin’, Ye (I see why)
And you got lipo, what’s next, Ye, ass shots?
With that red hat lookin’ like a Donald Trump mascot
Nigga lost his mind, he need to lose his voice
How you on TMZ sayin’ slavery was a choice? (How?)
Don’t put no new music out, we don’t wanna hear that shit
You a coon and you fucked up Teyana Taylor’s shit (Fuck boy)
Bill Cosby locked up with the goons
We know he guilty, but free Bill, he gon’ die soon (Free Bill)
I swear them crackers actin’ like they shit don’t stink
That’s what you get though, Bill, for puttin’ pills in them bitches drinks (Damn)
Meek Mill came home, got picked up in a helicopter
Went to the game, was in the locker room with the whole roster (Whoa!)
Know that judge hated that, she don’t wanna see him prosper
He had some good lawyers on it like Ghost had Proctor (Yeah)
Talk about Power, RIP Kanan
Tommy shot Angela, crazy ass Caucasian (Tommy!)
Now you know him and Ghost gon’ have a few issues
When Tariq finally get killed, nobody gon’ miss you (We not)
My “Get The Strap” video came on after Kanan died
I was hype to be on Starz, I ain’t even gon’ lie
50 put me in a movie with Bruce Willis
Don’t laugh at me, y’all, they killed me in like 2 minutes (Ha-ha)

I get it now, the people like when I talk about it (What?)
It’s that time of the year, so I’ma talk about it (What?)
They know what happen, they still want me to talk about it (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
They heard what happen, they still want me to talk about it
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Whoa, whoa)
This year, too much shit happened
(Not tryna be here for a whole hour rappin’)

[Verse 2]
Birdman got tired of gettin’ called the fuck out
Finally payed Wayne and he let the Carter V come out (Thank you!)
Juelz at the airport, forgot that he had a gun (How?)
Drake ain’t want nobody to know that he had a son
Drake vs Pusha T, that was a good one
If Drake would’ve responded, I think he could’ve won
Lettin’ us know Drake had a kid was a genius move (It was)
Minus that, the second diss track was just cool (A’ight)
Drake ain’t respond so Push got the W
Drake told LeBron somebody gonna end up snuffin’ you (Ha-ha)
Rondo snuffed Chris Paul and spit on him
Carmelo got the whole NBA tryna shit on him (Damn)
Nobody don’t wanna sign him, it don’t make no sense
Actin’ like he ain’t even good enough to come off the bench (He ain’t that bad)
Draymond Green called Kevin Durant a bitch
The NFL hated how Nike got behind Kaepernick
JR got the rebound and ran the wrong way (What you doin’?)
LeBron said, “Fuck this, I’m takin’ my talents to LA”
Cleveland ain’t shit without him, tell me I’m lyin’
Black people don’t give a fuck about George Bush dyin’ (We don’t)
RIP Stan Lee, wish it was Donald Trump
Lil Uzi made Rich the Kid look like a punk
No “Plug Walk,” he did the plug right, he was out
And he got robbed and beat up at his bitch house (Damn)
I think Tori Brixx locked you up for your new freezer
Quevo said he fucked Nicki, she ain’t deny it neither (She didn’t)
Nicki vs Travis Scott, she don’t like that nigga
He only out sold her ’cause he fuckin’ Kylie Jenner (Word)
Kim was on ecstasy when Ray J recorded, that’s what she just said
For Ray, is the show gettin’ boring?
Saw Chloe baby father cheatin’ on TMZ
Nipsey Hussle slapped some nigga outside BET
Free Ralo and AR-Ab they in the feds
Bring XXXTentacion back, bring Trippie Redd (RIP X)
Bring Mac Miller back, take Lil Xan
Fuck him anyway, shorty ain’t no 2Pac fan
Nas dropped and Jay dropped with Bey on the same day
Like Ether got Jay still feelin’ some kind of way
Jay was in that water, like, “I’ma protect me”
With the helmet on, lookin’ funny ridin’ that jet-ski (That was funny)
And he checked Offset for callin’ Bey a bitch
Cardi left Offset because of the cheatin’ shit
Give him another chance, he on the Gram explainin’ it
He ain’t fuck shorty, he was just entertainin’ it (I believe it)
Wendy Williams, talk about how yo’ husband cheatin’
Havin’ a oops baby with another girl, now you leavin’ (How you doin’?)
He tired of yo’ ass havin’ no ass, he played you
He was just usin’ you for yo’ cash (Good for you)

I get it now, the people like when I talk about it (What?)
It’s that time of the year, so I’ma talk about it (What?)
They know what happen, they still want me to talk about it (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
They heard what happen, they still want me to talk about it
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Whoa, whoa)
This year, too much shit happened
(Not tryna be here for a whole hour rappin’)

[Verse 3]
That Lil Duval record had me upset like it had bum bitches actin’ like they livin’ they best life (Stop frontin’)
Don’t smile, bitch, you better cut it out (Stop it)
You still live in the projects at yo’ mother house (Ha-ha)
Kodak was on Ebro show and he walked out
How you gon’ try to talk about some shit he can’t talk ’bout
Pull ’em to the side and kick it if you tryna help
Don’t do it in no interview where he can indict himself
Safaree got robbed, went on air and he started cryin’
I don’t know if he was tellin’ the truth or if he was lyin’ (I hope it happened)
The corny nigga was fuckin’ Nicki
I don’t like him, I’m mad they ain’t hit Safaree with a bottle at Dyckman
This year, too much shit happened
Not tryna be here for a whole hour rappin’
Laughin’ at my own jokes, I really think I’m funny
Feds still ain’t find that nigga El Chapo money
(RIP Kim Porter, we all know you in heaven)
Puff gon’ make sure them kids good, don’t be up there stressin’
(RIP Aretha Franklin, we lost a legend)
You was more than talented, you truly was a blessin’
Kings killin’ kings to become hood famous
We want the real niggas back, RIP Young [?] (We want the real niggas)
RIP lil’ Junior from the Bronx, got stabbed up
[?] is like, “All this gangster shit not addin’ up” (It’s not)
Meanwhile, Amber Rose still proud to be a slut (Yup)
K Mitchell got them implants tooken out her butt
This year, I’m not gon’ talk about that [?] (I’m not)
Chris Brown ain’t dead, how Jacquees the fuckin’ king? (How?)
Bobby Brown kicked Janet out his hotel room
He was on crack when he did that, is what I assume (Crackhead)
Supposedly she was in the hallway naked
If it’s true, blame it on whatever drugs he was takin’ (Ha-ha)
“Say no to drugs,” is what I tell kids I meet
You don’t wanna be like Juelz Santana with no teeth (Damn)
Dipset reunited, they sound good together
I don’t think Stevie J and Faith look good together (They don’t)
I’m like, “Psh, what would Biggie say?”
Nothin’, probably just smack the shit out of Stevie J (Yup)
Will Smith son basically said he was gay
He announced that he had a boyfriend the other day (Tyler, The Creator)
NBA YoungBoy admitted he had herpes
His lil’ bitch got it too, they both dirty (Nasty)
This year, too much shit happened
Not tryna be here for a whole hour rappin’ (I’m not)
Meek and Drake beef dead, them niggas cool again (Good)
Some lil’ white kid shot up a school again (Crazy)
These shootings be gettin’ committed by white people
So why the fuck police still shootin’ up my people? (Why?)
People gotta vote, that is not to be slept on
I respect [?] gettin’ his Malcolm X on
White cop lady shot a black man in his crib
She though it was her house
No bitch, that’s where he live (Stupid)
Black Panther had us all proud to be black
No superhero movie ever did numbers like that (Nope)
Katt Williams don’t think Tiffany Haddish funny (Me neither)
Lee Daniels finally paid Damon Dash his money
Funk Flex said Dame Dash pussy, he foul (Ha-ha)
And he take Travis Scott’s, no, A$AP Rocky style
My niggas like, “Keep goin’,” they want more (Okay)
Travis Scott a coon like his brother in law (He is)
Performin’ for the Super Bowl knowin’ the situation
Now when his music come on, I change the station (Turn it off)
That’s why Tyga on the radio lit again
Your bitch probably wanna suck that nigga dick again (Kylie)
And I saw that interview you did about Mike Brown
Sayin’ he deserved that, it’s clear now, you a clown (That’s how you feel?)
You and Kanye downlow faggots
Jay gave [?] $7 million from taxes (I need help too)
This year, too much shit happened
Not tryna be here for a while hour rappin’ (I’m not)
It’s too long, it should’ve been shorter
My nigga Trey Songz fuckin’ Steve Harvey daughter (Ha-ha)
I’m off this, enough was said here
I’ll back throwin’ niggas under the bus next year (Whoa!)

I get it now, the people like when I talk about it (What?)
It’s that time of the year, so I’ma talk about it (What?)
They know what happen, they still want me to talk about it (Whoa, whoa, whoa)
They heard what happen, they still want me to talk about it
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy
(Crazy) Crazy, crazy, shit crazy (Whoa, whoa)
This year, too much shit happened
(Not tryna be here for a whole hour rappin’)

Logic – The Return Lyrics

Yeah yeah, yeah
Satisfied has come to you
Big Pepe
Oh, you got the studio shoutout
You feelin’ good about yourself right now, huh?
Satisfied it has come to you (6ix)

[Verse 1]
Hold up let me get up in it now
Bitch, I’m here to win it now
L-O-G-I-C, I’m feeling free, I’m finna bring it now
If you know the words take a step back and sing it now
Never thought I’d have to, but I keep the windows tinted now
Like, la-di-da-di, who got the keys to my Audi?
Last time I said, it went viral, I don’t fuck with nobody
And I don’t fuck with you, you, them, her and him too
‘Cause none of y’all know a fucking thing ’bout what I been through
And all that superficial shit you love I’m just not into
And when it comes to gettin’ deep in this rap shit I’ve been to
Like the pussy, don’t push me
I ain’t no killer, but you know the rest
You think I caught the holy spirit how I’m feelin’ blessed
Ain’t no contest to all this wack shit, it just no test
Step and get laid to rest, boy, step and get laid to rest
And ain’t no “S” on my chest but I’m still gunnin’
While half of these motherfuckers still runnin’
I’ve learned everything I’ve attained and they still ‘front him
Like God damn, I’m the motherfuckin’ man
Used to call you a hater, you a motherfuckin’ stan
Ain’t nobody built himself a brand like me
I ain’t signed a shoe deal ’cause I’m waitin’ for Nike
To recognize all these youngins wanna be just like me
Cut the check for 20 Million right now and we might see
Everybody rockin’ my kicks, preachin’ positivity
I get up, I get up

I get up, when I’m down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I’m beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, when I’m down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I’m beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up

[Verse 2]
Never address me as “Robert” unless it’s about that Dinero
Far from a hero, I ain’t never savin’ hoes
I’m not defined by these clothes, and zeros
It don’t matter if you got six dollars or six figures on the creep
‘Cause in the end we all six feet deep
Meanwhile, I’ll be immortalized on the 6ix beat
Flashbacks and havin’ visions way back in G’Burg
Every single one of my homies and me work
Cuttin’ had to get up out it, make a hit, forget about it
Youngin’ wit’ a dream but nobody gave a shit about it
Ten years later pick up a pen, write a hit about it
And back then I thought I’d be defined by how good I rhyme
Not like these rappers with shit flows, but look good online
Not made to feel bad for speakin’ bout this shit on my mind
Or called a faggot or nigger or cracker who wish he was blacker
I wish I could face my homophobic, racist attacker and smack the shit outta they ass as peaceful is possible
It’s highly improbable, it’s stoppable
But still, way too many people feel how I feel
That’s on the real, on the real, on the motherfuckin’ real

I get up, when I’m down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I’m beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, when I’m down
Had enough, almost drowned, when shit rough
I get tough and when I’m beaten to the ground
I get up, I get up
I get up, uh, uh
I get up, uh, uh

[Verse 3]
Ayo motherfuckin’ Trump said that shit on my last album but you wasn’t tapping in
Fuck a mumble let’s make America rap again
Industry don’t give a fuck about rap or what’s happenin’
Fuck a Hype Beast, bitch, now who seein’ me?
Nobody reports the music, this shit, this rap TMZ
Nowadays everyone divided, so I collided with headlines to preach that
Go ‘head now boy and preach that
Wash my hands of this negativity, word to three stacks
So fresh, so clean, who the illest on the scene?
Wu-Tang, get the cream
Sinatra ‘gon reign Supreme
Hoping your mental get out your feelins like dental
This shit is consequential, lightin’ a fire to the game
Can you rappers fill the flame? Nah, this shit won’t be the same
Fuck a rap beef, I promise I want all of y’all to prosper
But deep down you know it’s only ‘gon be one Mufasa
I’m the king, fuck the bling, but just might make you kiss the ring
All these rappers I came up on, I surpassed on, I know it sting now
Don’t try to twist my words and turn that into some shit
I love all you motherfuckers, just want to hear you spit
Dropped my last shit, the whole wide world applauded it
Game still ain’t giving me my credit so I’ma audit it
I’m heartless like Kanye in ’08
Yeah that’s word to NO I.D
Now they all know who I be
I’m callin’ out Jay-Z to jump up on the track with me and smack the whole industry
Show ’em what that real rap do
The ball’s in your court, Hov
I hope to hear from Guru, woo!

Slim Jxmmi – Brxnks Truck lyrics

Ear Drummers

Bring out the Brinks truck, I’m young, fly and iced up (icy)
100 yard dash, bitch, I had to run my price up
Nigga, boss your life up, I had to boss mine up (ayy)
10,000 dollar outfit, hundred dollar lineup (ayy)

[Verse 1]
You know these bitches checkin’ on me
In the DMs gettin’ naked for me (ayy)
I ain’t even took a dollar out my pocket
And the girls still shakin’ for me (shake, shake)
And I’m frosty like Tony (ayy)
In the club smokin’ weed with the owner (woah)
I can walk on water
Poppin’ Ace of Spades like Corona (ayy)

When you on top, niggas gon’ hate on you
That’s what they’re s’posed to do, I don’t know how to lose (yeah)
I think the ‘Rari go faster without the roof (skrrt, ayy)
When you on top, niggas gon’ hate on you
That’s what they’re s’posed to do, I don’t know how to lose (yeah)
I think the ‘Rari go faster without the roof (Jxm)

[Verse 2]
Fuckin’ on shawty, I might go a round or two
Stackin’ up, I love how my money counter move (I love it)
N.W.A, nigga with attitude, I got a bag or two
And I dropped out of school (dropout)
I’m goin’ up, check my vertical (check it)
Fuck it, mane, I’m breakin’ every rule (every rule)
TMZ harassin’ me, I got a camera crew (woah)
I’m addicted to shoppin’, so everything brand new (everything brand new, yeah)
I’m friends with the jeweler, my diamonds like Shamu (my diamonds like Shamu, ayy, ooh)
She rubbin’ the head like she applyin’ shampoo (she rubbin’ the head, yeah)
Pretty face, she got a lil’ ass too (she got a lil’ ass, yeah)
Keep a few racks on me, I used to work in the factory
Niggas been hatin’, that sh*t never bothered me
I make they bitch come and swallow me
Nut on her back, then I tell her to follow me (woo)
Teacher said that I’m a mothaf*ckin’ prodigy (Jxm)
When I’m shoppin’, I don’t care what it’s costin’ me
Ten bands, really, that ain’t a lot to me (woo)
Turn up my swag to infinity (Jxm)
I leveled up on these niggas (leveled up)
Yeah, I leveled up (woo, woo)
I bezeled up on these niggas (bezeled up)
Yeah, I bezeled up (woo, woo)
I ain’t got time for no negative energy (no)
I’m on a winnin’ streak, I’m on a killin’ streak (we winnin’, my nigga)
The devil be doin’ the most, but he don’t ever get to me

Bring out the Brinks truck, I’m young, fly and iced up (icy)
100 yard dash, bitch, I had to run my price up
Nigga, boss your life up, I had to boss mine up (ayy)
10,000 dollar outfit, hundred dollar lineup (ayy)

When you on top, niggas gon’ hate on you
That’s what they’re s’posed to do, I don’t know how to lose (yeah)
I think the ‘Rari go faster without the roof (skrrt, ayy)
When you on top, niggas gon’ hate on you
That’s what they’re s’posed to do, I don’t know how to lose (yeah)
I think the ‘Rari go faster without the roof (Jxm)

Nipsey Hussle Album Release Party Erupts in Gunfire

Gunshots brought an end to Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap album release party in Los Angeles on Saturday (Feb. 17).

According to reports, one person was hit in the thigh during the shooting, which took place at approximately 11:30 p.m. in the parking lot of World on Wheels, a roller rink that Hussle helped refurbish last year, according to TMZ.

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Civilians were reportedly worried about a possible mass shooting, just days away from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, and just months after the massacre that took place during a Las Vegas music festival.

It is unclear what led to the incident. The shooter got away and the person who was shot reportedly refused to cooperate with authorities. Nipsey was not seen after the shooting and it is unknown weather he was on the scene at the time of the incident.

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This was one of several Nipsey events in honor of his album’s release, which coincided with NBA All-Star Weekend in L.A. On Thursday (Feb. 15), he debuted the album during a sold-out concert at the Hollywood Palladium, where he was joined by Diddy, Dom Kennedy, and Mozzy, among others.

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He went on to hold a scavenger hunt with The Hundreds on Friday (Feb. 16), followed by a star-studded album celebration in West Hollywood, which was attended by Kevin Hart, James Harden, Allen Iverson, Irv Gotti, and more.


Cardi B Sticks With L.A. Club Appearances Following Gang Threats: Report

Cardi B is carrying on with her All-Star Weekend club appearances after being threatened by alleged gang members over an Instagram post this week. The Bronx rapper reportedly received threatening messages after she seemingly disrespected the Crips in a post where she wore a blue coat. “I hate wearing Flue but this shirt was too poppin,” read the now-deleted caption, replacing the B in Blue with an F. Following the messages, the nightclubs hosting Cardi’s 3 events over the weekend have tripled their security, but a new report from TMZ says the rapper is not taking the threats too seriously and the appearances will continue as planned.

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Citing “sources close to Cardi,” the report states that the “Bodak Yellow” emcee has “no fear of gang retaliation.” According to the source, she has reminded her team, including record company execs, “she’s from the streets, so nobody’s stopping her bankroll.”

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Cardi will appear at Murano, Penthouse and Ace of Diamonds, which are all under the same ownership. It was reported that club management at the venues held an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss how to handle the threats. Off-duty cops are said to have been added to security and will be present in uniform inside the events, in addition to triple the number of armed guards.

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Cardi is looking at a $250,000 payout from the events, one of which will be with Migos, a group which includes her fiancé Offset

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Paris Hilton Talks Women In EDM, Wants to Ditch The Term “Female DJ” [WATCH]

No matter what people say about Paris Hilton, she’s not afraid to speak her mind and that’s very admirable… Case-in-point, her outlook on the “female DJ” and why we should completely ditch the term.

The entrepreneur, designer, and “Foam and Diamonds” resident DJ speaks frankly with a TMZ reporter in the video below as she preps her luggage for a flight. When he asks why there aren’t as many “female DJs” in the spotlight, she seems a little dumbfounded.

“There’s a lot of female DJs,” she says. “So many women DJs have just been killing it!”

As for Steve Aoki‘s recent comments about discrimination against “female DJs” in the industry, she really only sees a problem with classifying them like that.

“Just like a doctor shouldn’t be called a female doctor, a male doctor, we’re all people, we love music, we love to entertain,” she explains. “So I don’t even think they should just call anyone a female DJ.”

Paris also reveals her plans to put on a show in Ibiza with an all-female lineup. Huge.

She doesn’t end the interview without adding, “Girls rule!”

Paris Hilton Talks Women In EDM

Source: TMZ | Photo: Wikimedia Commons 

50 Cent Sells Animal Ambition For Millions In Bitcoin

50 Cent is a genius when it comes to making money. Here is how he made millions in Bitcoins.

Fiddy decided to offload his Animal Ambitions album recently and it turns out that was a good decision because his bank account is a lot fatter. 50 Cent has one of the most commercially successful albums Get Rich Or Die Trying in the history of hip hop but before he became a multi-platinum rapper, he used to hustle hard in the streets. But those days are behind him and now he is making all clean money from music, films, and business ventures.

50 Cent recently sold his Animal Ambitions album for Bitcoins, TMZ reported. He became the first artist ever to take his payment in crytocurrency and the risk paid off big time because he bank millions according to the report. Not all of the payment was in Bitcoins, a fraction was also in cash. The crytocurrency portion amounted to $662 per Bitcoin at the time which valued around $400,000 in cash.

50 left the 700 Bitcoins sitting in his account and it turns out that was a smart move because the crytocurrency has since ballooned to around $12,000 per share and 50 Cent now has around $8.5 million sitting in his account. Interestingly, Bitcoins reached an all-time high of around $17,000 in the past few weeks but has been on a steady decline since then, so 50 Cent might want to consider offloading his coins and take his cash.

The Game Mourning The Death Of His Father George Taylor

The Game is mourning the death of his father George Taylor who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 65.

Details surrounding the elder Taylor’s death is still sketchy but TMZ reported that a family member discovered his unresponsive body at his home in Apple Valley, California. A neighbor reported called 911 around 8 AM Wednesday morning. The Fire Department responded and he was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Cops are investigating the death but there were no signs of foul play.

The Game rarely talks about his father and only a few days ago he mentioned his mother while showing off his new Lamborghini. “Told my mama I got a new car & she asked what kind,” he wrote. “I said, a Lamborghini… she said, now why on earth do you need another Lamborghini… I said, it’s a different model… she said, guess you like your cars like your thanksgiving dates… ‘different models.’”

Game rap about his father on his single “Bloody Moon” and has over the year had an on and off relationship with him. He hasn’t shared his reaction to his father’s death on social media.

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JAY-Z Trademark Jaybo From “The Story Of O.J.” Video

JAY-Z files a trademark to protect his Jaybo animated character from “The Story Of O.J.” video and it makes perfect sense.

Last week news surfaced that his 4:44 album inspired a book about finance and now this week the rapper filed a trademark to protect the beloved character Jaybo from one of the singles on the project where he raps about money and finance, “The Story Of O.J.” TMZ reported on Monday that JAY-Z filed the trademark under his company S. Carter Enterprises.

The Jaybo character was inspired by the famous Sambo character from the 1899 children’s book, The Story of Little Black Sambo. The character is often characterized as racist due to his depiction and JAY-Z’s single also has a racial tone. There is also some resemblance to the character Dumbo from the 1941 film which also sparked condemnation of racism.

“The Story of O.J.” is the first video to be released from the album and it received raved reviews among rap critics. There are already some talks that JAY-Z is planning to release some merchandise featuring the Jaybo character like mugs and T-Shirts, or perhaps he could be featured in some upcoming music videos. During a recent interview with iHeartRadio, Hov spoke about the meaning behind the single, saying it was just a song about “we as a culture, having a plan, how we’re gonna push this forward. We all make money, and then we all lose money, as artists especially.”

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Nas and Kelis Made Peace For Their Son With Custody Agreement

Nas and Kelis have made peace at least temporarily for the sake of their son.

The former couple reached a custody agreement in their ongoing custody battle over their 8-year-son. Just a few weeks ago, Nas complained to a judge that Kelis has been hostile to him and is preventing him from seeing his son as per their previous agreement, TMZ reported. There were some rumors that she might have been jealous of the rap icon dating rapper Nicki Minaj and perhaps this is mere coincidence, but they reached an agreement just days after news of the relationship’s demise surfaced.

The couple’s new agreement will see Nas has his son Knight for extended periods like weekends which begins on Fridays after school and runs through to Sunday night or Monday night if it’s a three-day weekend like when a holiday falls on Monday. This new setup will cover January through to March when they are expected to hammer out a more permanent custody agreement.

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As part of the agreement, the couple agrees that both parties will not expose their son to social media, which means you will not see Nas or Kelis post any pictures of their son. In his most recent court filing, Nas called Kelis hostile and says she deliberately prevents him from spending quality time with his son. He argued that she only allows him to see Knight when it was convenient for her and has little regards for his wishes to see the 8-year-old. Seems co-parenting is harder than it seems, but at least these two came to the table and worked something out.

As for the rap legend’s career, many fans are hoping that they will get an album from him this year although no formal announcement was made. Nicki Minaj would have been a great stepmom but perhaps she wanted her own child.

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Tupac Shakur Murder Weapon Lost and Then Destroyed

Tupac Shakur‘s alleged murder weapon was first lost and now its found or at least the mystery surrounding it has been solved.

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that a .40 caliber Glock that is believed to be the gun used to kill Tupac has gone missing from law enforcement custody. The Glock was found in Compton back in 1998 and ballistic testing showed then that it matches the gun used to kill the legendary West Coast rapper in 1996. Since then no one really knows what happened to the gun until now we learned it might have been destroyed and the feds were among the last law enforcement agencies to handle the weapon.

Las Angeles PD and Las Vegas police are unsure where the gun is or what happened to it and conspiracy theories are hounding in. The weapon was not just a possible match for the Tupac murder, it was also a match to another unsolved murder committed in Las Vegas. Law enforcement sources say the gun was sent to Las Vegas Metro PD who conducted their own ballistic testing and found out that the gun was not a match to Tupac’s case, but was a match to the other murder case.

The last known info about the infamous Glock is that it was in storage up until 2013 and from there it was likely destroyed along with a stockpile of weapons. Tupac Shakur was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. He died in the hospital six days later.

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Nelly Gets Sued By His Rape Accuser Days After He Threatened To Sue Her

While Nelly contemplates if he wants to sue his rape accuser, she beats him to court.

The St. Louis rapper, real name Cornell Haynes Jr. was sued by Monique Greene for sexual assault and defamation, TMZ reported. Greene is the same woman who refused to cooperate with prosecutors about the alleged incident where she claimed Nelly raped her on his tour bus. The prosecutor has since dismissed the case against the rapper and then he threatened to sue her to restore his reputation.

“It comes as no surprise that Ms. Green filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed,” Nelly attorney said in a statement. The rapper’s legal team also threatened to countersue Greene which will result in a legal showdown.

Greene told authorities that she was partying at a club in Seattle on October 6, 2017 where Nelly was performing. She said that she work at the club but was not working that night and was instead partying with the rapper and his entourage. She claimed that Nelly invited her to an after-party and she complied and went with him inside his SUV. Greene added that she was taken to his tour bus and Nelly invited her inside and she complied and went with him towards the back of the bus where he had a room, and that’s where the sexual assault took place.

She told police officers that Nelly forced her to have oral sex with him after she watch him masturbate in front of her. She also accused the rap veteran of having unprotected sex with her against her will. In her police report, she said he later kicked her off the bus and threw a hundred dollars at her. Police arrested Nelly on the scene where his tour bus was parked in a Walmart parking lot.

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XXXTentacion Slapped With 8 New Felony Charges For Tampering With Witness

XXXTentacion has been charged with 8 new felonies for tampering with a witness.

The “Look At Me” rapper is learning the hard way that you should never interact with a witness against you in a criminal case. X is currently behind bars, but we are learning that prosecutors filed seven felony charges against him on Friday when a judge revoked his bail and ordered him remanded in custody in Miami-Dade County. TMZ reported that the prosecutor filed 8 new felony charges bringing the number of charges related to witness tampering to 15.

XXXTentacion is already facing more serious felony charges for assaulting and kidnapping his pregnant ex-girlfriend. According to law enforcement sources, the South Florida rapper made several phone calls from jail and they were all recorded and all lead to the 8 new charges filed against him. This also means that he no longer has phone privileges and is being held without bail after the judge ruled that he broke the terms of his bond by contacting the witness.

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If found guilty of the charges, XXXTentacion faces decades in prison for the alleged crimes. Over the past year, he has been trying to rehabilitate his image by donating to charities related to domestic violence and regularly talk to his fans about domestic abuse on social media. All that effort was not enough to sway the judge who sent him straight to jail last Friday.

XXXTentacion Arrested Slapped With Seven New Felony Charges

XXXTentacion will be spending Christmas behind bars.

The South Florida rapper was arrested this morning when he appeared in court for a hearing on his assault case. The prosecution added seven more felony charges to his name including witness harassment and witness tampering. The judge also ruled that he violated the conditions of his bail from his original arrest and was immediately taken into custody by police officers, TMZ reported. This means that X will be in jail until his trial.

The prosecutor argued in court in Miami-Dade County on Friday that XXXTentacion coerced the ex-girlfriend, the same female he is accused of assaulting, to drop the case. The “Look At Me” rapper presented a document earlier this month allegedly signed by his ex-girlfriend saying that she wishes to drop the case. The prosecutor questioned the validity of the document and announced that more charges are coming.

Earlier this week, XXXTentacion released a statement to his fans on Instagram apologizing for letting them down. At the time he knew there was a strong possibility he would get arrested at his court hearing today. “Court date is on the 15th 9:00 am here is my court information, if I am taken into custody, I want to tell everyone I’ve let down I apologize, I tried my best, I really did,” he wrote.

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Nelly Officially Cleared As Rape Case Closed

Nelly can now breathe a sigh of relief after his rape case was officially closed.

The rap veteran was arrested in October and charged with second degree rape after a female fan filed a police report claiming that he raped her on his tour bus in Ridgefield, Washington. There were early signs that the case wasn’t going too far and now our suspicions are confirmed as the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office told TMZ that the alleged victim refused to cooperate so they had no choice but to stop pursuing the case.

Nelly has maintained his innocence from the get-go and even said he would pursue legal actions against his accuser. She then stopped cooperating with authorities following that threat of legal action from the rapper saying that she don’t have the resources to go up against a celebrity as big as the “Just A Dream” rapper. Her attorney said that the pressure that came from accusing a celebrity like Nelly of such heinous crime was too much for her.

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Nelly recently got trolled on social media for an upcoming performance in Saudi Arabia at a male only concert. He also received some backlash from some citicizens of the ultraconservative state for some of his lyrics about drugs and women.

R. Kelly Atlanta Home Burglary Suspect Turns Self Into Police

R. Kelly can now breathe a sigh of relief after his home burglary suspect turns himself into police.

The R&B legend’s Georgia home was burglarized last week after someone forced themselves into the mansion located in Johns Creek, just outside of Atlanta. The singer posted a video on social media over the weekend showing his empty house where the burglar, who has now been identified as Alfonso Walker, took everything including electronics and jewelry. TMZ reported that Walker turned himself into Johns Creek Police Department on Monday, nearly a week after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Walker was booked on 2 counts of theft by deception, 2 counts of theft by taking, and 2 counts of burglary. He faces years in prison if found guilty on all counts. According to the police report, Alfonso Walker hired other individuals to clean out R. Kelly’s house and later sold the stolen goods on the black market. Kelly identified the suspect as a part-time employee.

The burglary incident took place over the Thanksgiving weekend when the burglars hit R. Kelly’s two Atlanta properties cleaning them out of everything that they could get hands on. The thieves took TVs, furniture, washer dryer, and other household appliances are all gone.

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DMX Released From Rehab Temporarily For His Fans

DMX is out rehab, at least for a little bit.

The rap legend is getting a temporary reprieve from rehab to go on tour. He has an upcoming concert in Albany on Friday where fans were worried that he might not show, but now we know he will be there for sure, TMZ reported. On Saturday, following the performance, X will be heading straight back to rehab which is mandatory. The former Ruff Ryders MC was also permitted to perform at a gig in New York City on Thursday night. After all he need to keep the money flowing in to pay for rehab and his pending tax debt.

DMX attorney, Murray Richman, says the rapper will required to travel for his concerts from time to time and will have a rehab counselor on the journey with him at all times. He has been granted permission to travel almost a dozen times already and has to go through a rigorous drug testing program while on tour. The rapper pays for the counselor’s travel expense and food.

DMX says he has been sober ever since rehab and it looks like rehab is being good to him because he has put on a little weight.

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Cassidy Arrested For Marijuana Possession and Outstanding Warrant

Rapper Cassidy is currently in some legal troubles after being busted for marijuana possession and an outstanding warrant.

The Philly rapper was arrested on Sunday in Jersey City outside of his home, TMZ reported. The “My Drink N’ My 2 Steps” MC was sitting inside a vehicle smoking marijuana when cops pulled up. According to the police report, cops smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the van and also noticed a blunt sitting on the dashboard in full view. Cops also found a bag of weed and a grinder inside the vehicle.

Cassidy was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The rapper also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest in another country for the same thing he was booked for on Sunday. Now he has two upcoming court dates for two of the same offense.

Back in 2005, Cassidy spent eight months in prison after being convicted for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault stemming from the shooting death of a man he had an argument with where a shooting erupted. Now he is facing some fresh legal troubles all for smoking marijuana. This begs the age old question, why is weed even still illegal and how does it benefit the society for arresting someone for smoking a blunt?

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Tyrese Reunite With Daughter After Scoring Legal Victory Over Baby Mama

Tyrese and his daughter, Shayla, have reunited over the weekend amidst his legal victory over his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

The Fast and Furious singer was spotted with his 10-year-old daughter on Saturday grabbing lunch at Nobu in Malibu. TMZ reported that a judge denied Norma’s request for a permanent restraining order and also awards Tyrese 50/50 shared custody of their daughter. That’s a big blow to his ex-wife since she wanted a permanent restraining order and full custody of Shayla. That would have severely affects how much the actor gets to see his daughter.

In an emotional video on Instagram earlier this month, Tyrese pleaded with authorities not to take his daughter away from him. He also claimed that he is broke and even started to represent himself in court because he is unable to pay his legal fees. In the end the judge ruled in his favor and the two have already worked out a visitation schedule which will see Tyrese having Shayla over the holidays.

His ex-wife accused him of physically abusing their daughter by beating her 12 to 16 times, but Tyrese claimed that she is lying and he only spanked her once. He said that she is simply a bitter ex-wife who is bent on getting revenge because he divorced her and got remarried to another woman.

Tyrese says that his reputation is severely damaged because of the accusations laid against him by his ex-wife, but now that he has been exonerated he will be working on rebuilding it. He also apologize to Will and Jada Smith for dragging them into the saga by falsely claimed that the power couple gave him $5 million.

“I just asked them to forgive me I just took that medicine,” he said. “We had some real conversations about them helping me out but it was that medicine that made me put it up on Instagram.”


Meek Mill Wants To Be Taken Out Solitary Confinement Files Doc

Meek Mill wants to end his solitary confinement tenor and be placed with the general population at the prison he is currently housed.

Attorneys representing the Philly rapper filed legal docs this week requesting that he removed from solitary confinement because it can be detrimental to his mental health. According to his legal team, he is being mistreated because of his celebrity status and that is just not fair, TMZ reported. Officials say his solitary confinement is for his own safety.

Meek Mill is currently placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and officials are saying that its the only way to protect him other inmates who intend to do him harm. But his attorneys are arguing that being in confinement for that amount of time has proven to be detrimental to the human psyche. Lawyers also argued in their legal docs that confinement is affecting his creativity because he has been writing and exercising and this is hindering him from effectively doing both.

As for the argument about his safety from other inmates, Meek’s attorney says that he will be respected being a part of the general prison population because of his celebrity status and past work in his community such as his willingness to give back. Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in a state prison for violating his probation by getting arrested twice this year. Although both cases were eventually dismissed, a judge still rules that he must go to prison for probation violation. The ruling and sentencing sparked outraged from the rapper’s fans and some of his celebrity peers who called the sentencing heavy-handed.

Meek Mill’s attorney says that the judge has been carrying an age-old grudge against the rapper because he once refused to remake a Boys II Men song that she asked him to do and also refused to work with a local artist manager that she has been linked to. Meek turned himself into authorities on November 8 when he started his sentencing.