Nelly Officially Cleared As Rape Case Closed

Nelly can now breathe a sigh of relief after his rape case was officially closed.

The rap veteran was arrested in October and charged with second degree rape after a female fan filed a police report claiming that he raped her on his tour bus in Ridgefield, Washington. There were early signs that the case wasn’t going too far and now our suspicions are confirmed as the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office told TMZ that the alleged victim refused to cooperate so they had no choice but to stop pursuing the case.

Nelly has maintained his innocence from the get-go and even said he would pursue legal actions against his accuser. She then stopped cooperating with authorities following that threat of legal action from the rapper saying that she don’t have the resources to go up against a celebrity as big as the “Just A Dream” rapper. Her attorney said that the pressure that came from accusing a celebrity like Nelly of such heinous crime was too much for her.

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Nelly recently got trolled on social media for an upcoming performance in Saudi Arabia at a male only concert. He also received some backlash from some citicizens of the ultraconservative state for some of his lyrics about drugs and women.

Nelly Gets Roasted For Performing At Men Only Show In Saudi Arabia

Nelly is getting roasted on social media for his upcoming performance at a men only concert in Saudi Arabia.

The St. Louis rapper will be performing at a concert in Saudia Arabia set for December 14th. The ultraconservative state’s Entertainment Authority has been getting some criticism from its citizens due to Nelly’s recent negative headlines involving rape. Let’s remember that he was exonerated of all charges and the case dismissed. There is also a 2015 case where he pleaded guilty to marijuana possession. Drug possession is a major crime in Saudi Arabia and drug smuggling is punishable by death.

The “Hot In Herre” rapper has been getting some trolling back home with some of his fans questioning an all men concert performance for an artist who has a lot of hits geared towards females. Nelly also has a lot of songs about smoking weed and drinking alcohol, not to mention his song about women taking off their cloth. Some fans are already questioning if and how he will perform these songs for an all-male audience.

Saudi Arabia is currently in the midst of a cultural reform lead by 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This Nelly concert is just the latest effort to bring more entertainment and leisure activities to the conservative country.

Get ready Saudi..!!!!! #ALLWORKNOPLAY .!!!

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Nelly gonna perform in Saudi.. how he’s gonna sing the songs? HOW ?????

— ???? ???????? (@RawanAlHumaidi) November 20, 2017

If Nelly DOES indeed perform "Hot in Herre" in his show in Saudi Arabia – I just wanna see how he rewrites or rewords the lyrics; he has a handful.

— Kareem Chehayeb (@chehayebk) November 21, 2017