Shenseea’s Manager Romeich Mourns Death Of Brother Steve Major

Romeich Major is mourning the loss of his older brother.

More than anything these days, ill-health and death seems not just inevitable but abrupt. Unfortunately, many people have been suffering major losses in their families and among their friends. In the entertainment world, we have said goodbye to a long list of local and international stars as well and some are grieving the passing of their loved ones also. Head of Romeich Entertainment, Romeich Major recently took to social media to pay tribute to his brother, Steve Major who unfortunately passed away.

The artiste manager, who manages Shenseea, Ding Dong, and Teejay, revealed that Steve was one of his eight siblings. He says his big brother who was living in New York at the time of his death was one of the closest ones to him. While Romeich did not mention a cause of death in his posts, he mentioned how we should all treasure life while we have it. “Life is a rear Gem have to protect it and treat it good for it to last as Long as possible,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “(R.I.P) to my big brother STEVE MAJOR you will be missed bro real general.”

Romeich also posted a reel of photos on Instagram along with a heartfelt caption lamenting his older brother’s passing and the impact he had on his life. “It’s never easy [losing] a love one,” he began. “No matter how strong you feel you are when they are gone all emotions in your body start to over work.”

The Romeich Entertainment boss went on to say his big brother taught him a lot about life and family and always took great care of him when he visited New York. “R.I.P my big brother you will forever be missed by all #SteveMajor,” he added. In the comments, Romeich received condolences from friends like Shaggy, Shenseea, Teejay, Ding Dong, and more. Former Miss World and Jamaica MP Lisa Hanna also wrote, “So sorry for your loss. Stay strong my brother and take the time to grieve in your own way.”

Our condolences to Romeich Major and his family.

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Shenseea’s Manager Romeich Shares 1st Photo Of His New Baby Girl ‘Skye Major’

Proud dad Romeich Major has unveiled a picture of his newborn daughter.

The dancehall music mogul, who revealed that he was a dad again during an interview earlier this month, posted the picture on his official Instagram page. He covered her face with an emoji which seems to be a new trend these days when celebs post pics of their children. The photo also shows the newborn donning a red dress and a white bottom, complete with red and white socks with bows. The proud father captioned the picture, “Happy Friday from my little munchkin,” followed by some heart emojis. He added, “Hi Instagram family meet my daughter #SKYE.”

Romeich Major‘s fans flocked to the comments to welcome the baby girl. One IG user said, “Welcome to this bitter sweet world baby girl,” while another declared, “Congrats and welcome to the world Skye.”

Several users were, however, dissatisfied with the post as they wanted to see the child’s face. One user chided, “So why har face hide?! Kmt.”

Some fans usually call out celebrities for posting their children on social media while hiding their faces, highlighting that if you have to hide the child’s face, then why post their photo. Still, this has not deterred the multitude of celebs and entertainers who continue to use emojis to mask their child’s identity on social media, some for years. Perhaps this is Romeich’s way of silencing critics while proving he does have a baby girl without revealing the baby or his baby mother’s identity.

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Skye is Romeich’s second biological child. He has a son named Xzander Major, who is 15 years old. Romeich also plays an active father role in the life of Shenseea’s son Rajeiro. Shenseea is managed by Romeich, and the two have had a close friendship over the past few years. The artiste declared on Instagram some days ago that she would be the godmother to Skye. In her stories, she gushed with excitement, joking that she would be the one to post the first picture of the baby to Instagram. Shenseea also told fans that popular DJ Blackboi would be Skye’s godfather.

“Nice to meet her legs and hands ya gwaan til me post r face,” Shenseea wrote on the post.

Now while Romeich Major is not new to fatherhood, it’s safe to say that the business mogul is beyond excited to be a #girldad. In a recent interview with Yendi Phillips on her Youtube series Odyssey, Romeich said, “Me always want a daughter and mi a get a daughter now.”

He added, “I’m going to have a beautiful daughter and I’m going to be happy…Boi she ago spoil.”

While fans continue to await an updated photo showing the baby’s face, we wish Romeich the best on his journey!

Romeich and his son Xzander
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Shenseea Shares Romeich Welcomed Baby Girl And She’s Her Godmother

Shenseea spilled the beans on her Instagram that Romeich welcomed his baby girl and she already moved into the role of godmother.

Romeich Major and the “Rebel” singer have always had a close relationship, so much so that her son looks at him as a father figure. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Romeich’s newborn daughter has none other than Shenyeng as her godmother.

Shenseea joined Romeich Entertainment as a promotional girl, and pretty soon, her hardworking nature caught the eye of Major. Her musical talents were later discovered and a bond quickly formed between Shenseea and Romeich Major, as he assumed the role of her manager.

Romeich recently spoke to Yendi Phillips for her show Odyssey, Untold Stories, where he announced that he would be welcoming a daughter pretty soon. The shower aired on Phillips’ YouTube channel on April 4, and as luck would have it, Major’s baby girl also took her very first breathe on that same day.

He took to social media site Instagram to share the happy news: “From you know me you know fatherhood is everything to me. Happy to share that I have a little girl.”

Shenseea also took to social media to celebrate with Major, who has listed her as a part of his ‘family.’ She also took some time to announce her new role as godmother, completely bewildered that her tasks had already begun.

“My godbaby on the way, there’s my godbaby” Romeich was quick to correct her, “Godbaby born already.”

From all indications, Shenseea is clearly over the moon with her newfound role as a godmother. Of course, there is still the possibility that this is a drawn out April Fools prank. The singer even joked that she would attempt to steal the limelight from Romeich by posting a photo of her before he does so.

The role of godfather has been bestowed unto Shenseea’s official deejay and longtime Romeich Entertainment disc jockey, DJ Blackboi.

The gossip mills have been churned for years about the close relationship Shenseea and Romeich share, especially as it relates to the role he plays in Shenseea’s son’s life. Maybe this new addition to the family will put an end to the rumors. Congratulations are in order for Romeich on the birth of his daughter and also to the new godparents.

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Shenseea Says Rihanna And Her Son Are Her Inspirations

Shenseea is opening up about being inspired by Rihanna and her son Rajeiro.

Shenseea is certainly one busy artiste, as she has been popping up just about everywhere, showing that hard work pays off. Fans have also been crediting her manager Romeich Major for his diligent efforts in securing her international attention. The dancehall Princess is currently in the United States for a few shows, and she also seems to be working on her album as well as a collaboration with R&B singer H.E.R. recently linked up in the studio.

Shenseea has also been posting up a storm on social media, giving fans a look at her risque outfits as well as a peek into the events she’s been attending. Today she showed off her tender, motherly side as she visited a Zoo and found a companion in a baby monkey.

While these are all worthwhile mentions, the big buzz today was that she was featured on E News’ Ones to Watch, Celebrating Black Voices. In the five minutes long interview, she gives fans a synopsis of her journey so far, both musically and personally.

Shen spoke candidly about her hopes, dreams, and goals as an artiste and what she wants to achieve. The “Love I Got for You” singer says Rihanna is one of her inspirations along with God and her son Raj. During the interview, she refers to herself as a “chameleon,” adding, “sometimes I can hear people and other artiste and just like easily adapt their sounds when I figure it out like different, different tones.”

She further went on to say, “My music definitely is energetic that’s for one. It speaks truth because I normally try to write off what I’m going through or somebody else is going through.”

Shenseea developed her love of music while singing in the church and, in less than three years, has managed to become one of the most popular dancehall artistes in Jamaica as well as internationally. She expressed that she liked to write music from the heart that people can relate to.

She also gave her views on being a female in the music industry and said, “As a woman we are expected to do the most. A male can go onstage and he can sing his songs normal, jump up build a little vibes, while for women it’s like we are expected to be like a stripper on the stage while singing and that is why I try to shift the focus where I stopped trying to write the type of music that people I am required to buss it down on the stage, things as I say before you can relate to and you can sing out rather than hey let’s do some twerking.”

As a child, Shenseea deeply admired Rihanna and at one time even wanted to be the next Rihanna, but that soon changed, “Rihanna is an inspiration, she’s one of my favorite artiste,” she began. “But I said to myself I don’t want to be the next Rihanna. I want to be the best version of myself.” She had some follow-up advice for others who say they want to be like her encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

The “Blessed” deejay also wants people to love themselves and be proud of where they came from. Referring to herself as the “alpha female,” she empowers others to be the “boss” in their lives. She wants to be known as a multi-talented woman who is able to do just about anything, and so far, she has been successful in her efforts.

In January 2019, ShenYeng officially signed to Rvssian’s Rich Immigrants label, a joint venture with Interscope record. She has also managed to land major endorsement deals with corporate entities from beverages to makeup, clothing, and so much more. Her debut album is expected to be released sometime in the spring, and fans are on their tippy-toes awaiting it. The gorgeous singer and deejay, who also makes a point to remind us of her rapping skills, seems intent on a mission to put a foothold in every industry possible, as can be seen with the recent release of her custom eyelash kits.

What’s next for Shenseea? We’ll all have to keep our ears and eyes peeled to find out.

From being inspired by Rihanna to how her son influences her music, @SHENYENG explains what got her where she is in the industry. ??

— E! News (@enews) February 19, 2021

Shenseea Toasts Romeich For His Birthday, “Grandpa Major”

Shenseea and Teejay took turns to toast their manager Romeich on his birthday.

There’s no missing Dancehall vixen Shenseea as the artiste has grown from strength to strength in recent years and has toured around the world performing to sold-out arenas. She’s also become accepted as one of the top female voices in Dancehall. She didn’t do it by herself though, and she took the time out yesterday to thank her hard-working manager, Romeich Major, for his contribution to her overall success.

The Shen Yeng queen sent a sweet message on Romeich’s birthday yesterday, October 28, via Instagram, where she gushed about her appreciation to the leader of Romeich Entertainment. She uploaded a short video of the ever-busy Romeich sleeping along with the caption, “Happy birthday to the best manager ever! The G.O.A.T!”

She added: “Thank you for going Hard and never being inconsistent with my career, looking out for my best interest, making sure I’m good @ all times! There aint nobody like you! Nuff love, Nuff life, Nuff strength, Nuff wealth and Nuff health! You are a blessing to this world and to the people! Selfless!”

She ended the greeting by playfully adding: “Grandpa Major”.

In another post alongside a picture of the duo posing in front of a car in what looks like a photoshoot, she said: “To a great Manager, Leader, Mentor, Boss, Father, Entrepreneur and Friend.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Continue having a Festive October!!! @romeichentertainment @romeichent.”

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It’s no wonder that Shenseea would pay such tribute to her manager, considering since she signed with the group in 2016, her career has steadily gained momentum, and she’s now considered a major force in the genre. She’s the First Lady of Romeich Entertainment as well.

From Romeich’s Instagram account, it seems he had a peaceful birthday and spent most of it with his team.

“#oneteamonedream big up to everybody uno make me feel important bad!!!!!!! Big up God for more life and just bless up to me team!!!!!! Once we have life we have everything!!!!!
@romeichent @romeichentertainment,” he said.

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Big up #GOD for letting me live to seee another year you zeeet!!!!!!! Big up @romeichent team me family me friends and all me fans!!!!! I know u all gonna let me feeel special today!!!!!! #scorpio #oldmanlife #bdayboy #romeichentertainment

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#Shenseea sending birthday wishes to her manager #Romiech 🥺👉👈

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Is Shenseea Plotting A Career Switch To Hip Hop?

Shenseea might have a career in hip hop if she chooses to make the switch.

The Romeich Entertainment first lady released a video of herself freestyling on Instagram and let’s just say, she got bars. Earlier this year, she dropped another freestyle spitting both dancehall and rap during a cypher session on Tim Westwood in the UK with Dexta Daps. Seems Shenseea is taking this rapping thing more serious now with some encouragement from her fans and folks inside her circle like her manager Romeich Major.

“It’s a move that she is seriously considering making and there is a lot happening behind the scenes, she may just release her debut rap single, you never know,” sources told us. While Shenseea herself has not explicitly indicated that she is making a switch to rap, her freestyle videos sure raised the question. “I haven’t had a good rest in how many days lmao Long time me nuh drop ntn enjoy y’all Sunday #teamshenseea,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Dancehall is big, but right now hip hop is on a different scale,” sources close to the “Loodi” deejay said. “She is getting a lot of support from the fans and her team so let’s see what will happen.”

I haven’t had a good rest in how many days ? lmao Long time me nuh drop ntn ? enjoy y’all Sunday #teamshenseea @romeichentertainment team strong! @dingdongravers @bishopescobar_876 @romeichwear #bissshh

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