Romeich & Health Minister Tufton Debunks Vaccine Conspiracies On IG Live

Romeich Major is encouraging persons to get vaccinated to protect themselves against the Coronavirus, which has killed millions of people worldwide and has caused countries across the world to shut down as a measure to contain gatherings in an effort to stop the spread of the contagious viral infection.

In a live video chat on IG with Jamaica’s Health Minister Christopher Tufton, Romeich disclosed that he and the entire Romeich Entertainment team, including Shenseea, have been vaccinated. According to Major, vaccination is needed to get back on track to restart the economy.

“I am a human being that lives in Jamaica and I love the country, and I can tell you this and I want you to pass this onto the teams that makes decisions, yes, Corona I very dangerous and it is affecting us,” he said. “But you see this no entertainment and poverty and all a dem sumtin’ deh affect we worse because the less we have the less we can help.”

According to Romeich Major, many persons have indicated an interest in learning more about the vaccine after it was disclosed that the entire Romeich Entertainment team was vaccinated. Many were particularly concerned for the team’s wellbeing due to the conspiracy theories that the vaccine has terrible side effects.

The live chat dubbed “Covid Chat” was aimed at discussing the vaccines and the perceived negative effects, which has contributed to the reluctance of some persons to become vaccinated. According to the Health Minister, people might react differently to the vaccines, but there are no long-term side effects.

He was replying to Romeich, who said that persons were saying that the ‘pump’- a colloquial reference to the penis in local parlance, was not working after taking the vaccines.

However, the Minister assured that the vaccine effects are not permanent.

“Well you know it affects people differently, but the truth is there should be no long term effects. So even if the pump [penis] don’t work initially, it will start work back based on what I have seen clinically. We not gonna endorse something that will have side effects and have permanent effect. The vaccine is saving lives,” the Minister said.

This conversation might not be unique to Jamaica, but especially in dancehall, masculinity and sex drives are among the key attributes of men within the space. The concerns raised by Romeich might very well be representative of the views of those in the masses. Not all in the dancehall space are for the vaccines, though. Among the condemners are Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, and Sizzla.

Meanwhile, according to the Center for Disease, vaccinated persons are not required to wear masks in small groups and crowds. It is hoped that as more persons become vaccinated, things can go back to a semblance of normalcy.

So far, about up to late March, more than 25,000 Jamaicans were vaccinated as the country undertakes a massive drive.

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Shenseea Shares Romeich Welcomed Baby Girl And She’s Her Godmother

Shenseea spilled the beans on her Instagram that Romeich welcomed his baby girl and she already moved into the role of godmother.

Romeich Major and the “Rebel” singer have always had a close relationship, so much so that her son looks at him as a father figure. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Romeich’s newborn daughter has none other than Shenyeng as her godmother.

Shenseea joined Romeich Entertainment as a promotional girl, and pretty soon, her hardworking nature caught the eye of Major. Her musical talents were later discovered and a bond quickly formed between Shenseea and Romeich Major, as he assumed the role of her manager.

Romeich recently spoke to Yendi Phillips for her show Odyssey, Untold Stories, where he announced that he would be welcoming a daughter pretty soon. The shower aired on Phillips’ YouTube channel on April 4, and as luck would have it, Major’s baby girl also took her very first breathe on that same day.

He took to social media site Instagram to share the happy news: “From you know me you know fatherhood is everything to me. Happy to share that I have a little girl.”

Shenseea also took to social media to celebrate with Major, who has listed her as a part of his ‘family.’ She also took some time to announce her new role as godmother, completely bewildered that her tasks had already begun.

“My godbaby on the way, there’s my godbaby” Romeich was quick to correct her, “Godbaby born already.”

From all indications, Shenseea is clearly over the moon with her newfound role as a godmother. Of course, there is still the possibility that this is a drawn out April Fools prank. The singer even joked that she would attempt to steal the limelight from Romeich by posting a photo of her before he does so.

The role of godfather has been bestowed unto Shenseea’s official deejay and longtime Romeich Entertainment disc jockey, DJ Blackboi.

The gossip mills have been churned for years about the close relationship Shenseea and Romeich share, especially as it relates to the role he plays in Shenseea’s son’s life. Maybe this new addition to the family will put an end to the rumors. Congratulations are in order for Romeich on the birth of his daughter and also to the new godparents.

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Shenseea’s New Jersey Valentine’s Day Show Canceled Over COVID-19

Shenseea fans in the Tri-State area are disappointed this weekend after her Newark show was canceled.

Fans of dancehall artiste Shenseea who had been gearing up to receive her in all her glory at the Touch Of Roses concert in NEWARK, NJ, on Valentine’s Day, will surely be left disappointed after learning that she will no longer be in attendance. The update was shared by the “Sure Sure” singer via Romeich Entertainment’s Instagram page just a day before the event. In her apology, she expressed that the news was delivered to her team less than an hour before she went public.

Shenseea has been enjoying her mini-United States tour and has been keeping her fans intuned through various uploads to her Instagram Story. She has been chilling in Atlanta for the past few days following her performance in Florida following the Super Bowl. Among her activities was a meet and greet session where fans got the chance to have their items and bodies autographed by the Jamaican dancehall sensation.

During her recent address, she made it abundantly clear that neither she nor the promoter of the event set for the Tri-State Area is at fault for her no show tomorrow.

“Me no sick. Nuthn no happen emergency wise, family wise, anything like that. But it’s really because of Covid restrictions, like strict strict Covid restrictions,” she explained. “We just got the news in the past hour and so I really cannot do anything about it, neither can the promoters.”

She went on to explain that those who choose not to attend the event in light of the recent revelations will be compensated.

Shenseea’s fanbase has grown exponentially over the past couple of months as a result of viral hits such as “Lighter,” as well as features on platforms such as popular American blog, The Shade Room. She is still slated to perform on Saturday, February 13, at BRT Weekend’s Glow event in Atlanta. As such, her loyal Shengyengs from the Tri-State area should still have a chance to catch their queen in action if they’re able to make it down South.

Shenseea had this to say to those fans who will surely be left heartbroken from not being able to watch her live.

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“I will definitely see you soon when the law pass say I can perform and all that sh*t. But so so sorry guys… It’s definitely out of my hands,” she said before planting a virtual kiss on the viewer.

Tarrus Riley Showcases His Style & Flow In “EZ Nuh” Video

Tarrus Riley debut his new video “EZ Nuh” with Romeich making a cameo.

Tarrus Riley aka Singy-Singy shocked fans a few months ago when he jazzed up his wardrobe to compliment the tone of the music video done for “Lighter,” which featured Romeich Entertainment’s princess Shenseea. His dress down showcased not just his sense of style but also his elaborate collection of body art. The revelation repelled a few but attracted many, with some fans addressing as Tarrus “Dreamy” Riley.

Tarrus Riley has done it again through a brand new music video directed by Xtreme Arts and starring Romeich Major. The visuals follow the Chimney Records produced track “EZ Nuh,” which was released on their new Style A Style Riddim. Chimney and Riley have been working together for years, yet, this latest production has managed to bring about a different level of vibrancy than what we have been accustomed to.

The music video follows along the same path, as Tarrus Riley is fitted with some serious drip. These include iced out chains, bracelets, watches, and some cool threads. Riley goes through a number of outfits throughout the video, opting for gold shoes in one take before sporting an “EZ Nuh” hooded sweater and cap in another. The Xtreme Arts clip is definitely not short on flamboyant styles. There is also no shortage of females, with up to 6 beautiful women flanking Mr. Riley at one point.

“EZ Nuh” shows a fun, energetic side of Tarrus many have didn’t know existed. What do you think of the music video?

Shenseea Toasts Romeich For His Birthday, “Grandpa Major”

Shenseea and Teejay took turns to toast their manager Romeich on his birthday.

There’s no missing Dancehall vixen Shenseea as the artiste has grown from strength to strength in recent years and has toured around the world performing to sold-out arenas. She’s also become accepted as one of the top female voices in Dancehall. She didn’t do it by herself though, and she took the time out yesterday to thank her hard-working manager, Romeich Major, for his contribution to her overall success.

The Shen Yeng queen sent a sweet message on Romeich’s birthday yesterday, October 28, via Instagram, where she gushed about her appreciation to the leader of Romeich Entertainment. She uploaded a short video of the ever-busy Romeich sleeping along with the caption, “Happy birthday to the best manager ever! The G.O.A.T!”

She added: “Thank you for going Hard and never being inconsistent with my career, looking out for my best interest, making sure I’m good @ all times! There aint nobody like you! Nuff love, Nuff life, Nuff strength, Nuff wealth and Nuff health! You are a blessing to this world and to the people! Selfless!”

She ended the greeting by playfully adding: “Grandpa Major”.

In another post alongside a picture of the duo posing in front of a car in what looks like a photoshoot, she said: “To a great Manager, Leader, Mentor, Boss, Father, Entrepreneur and Friend.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Continue having a Festive October!!! @romeichentertainment @romeichent.”

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It’s no wonder that Shenseea would pay such tribute to her manager, considering since she signed with the group in 2016, her career has steadily gained momentum, and she’s now considered a major force in the genre. She’s the First Lady of Romeich Entertainment as well.

From Romeich’s Instagram account, it seems he had a peaceful birthday and spent most of it with his team.

“#oneteamonedream big up to everybody uno make me feel important bad!!!!!!! Big up God for more life and just bless up to me team!!!!!! Once we have life we have everything!!!!!
@romeichent @romeichentertainment,” he said.

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Big up #GOD for letting me live to seee another year you zeeet!!!!!!! Big up @romeichent team me family me friends and all me fans!!!!! I know u all gonna let me feeel special today!!!!!! #scorpio #oldmanlife #bdayboy #romeichentertainment

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#Shenseea sending birthday wishes to her manager #Romiech 🥺👉👈

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