Kodak Black Says Stolen Gun Not His Wants It Tested For His Prints

Kodak Black says the gun found at his home last week is not his.

The Pompano Beach rap star was arrested at his home in Florida on January 19th and slapped with seven felony charges ranging from grand theft of a firearm to child endangerment. Cops got a search warrant for the rapper’s house when a fan called authorities after seeing drugs and gun in close proximity to a child while Kodak was on Instagram Live. The “Tunnel Vision” MC was live streaming on IG when cops converged on his home.

His attorney, Bradford Cohen, files documents requesting that the judge ordered the testing of the firearm to see if Kodak Black’s finger present is on it. Sources say the rapper denies that the firearm is his and wants the charges dropped. He was also denied bail when he appeared before a judge in the Broward County criminal court. It’s unclear if the judge will approve the request.

Kodak Black is facing years in prison if found guilty of the new charges laid out against him. Project Baby rapper was serving a year sentence on house arrest and was on probation at the time of his arrest. One of the charges laid against him is probation violation. Cohen also argued that there were no body cam footage from police officers who raided the rapper’s home last week.

Kodak’s next court date is set for February 23 where he will like again requested bail. His legal situation looks grim since he is also awaiting trial for a separate sexual misconduct case following an indictment in October last year. The case also carries stiff penalties in Florida if found guilty. Despite his legal troubles over the past year, Kodak had an impressive year musical. He released his new album Project Baby 2 and quite a few new solo records.

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Kodak Black Arrested In Florida On Seven Felony Charges

Kodak Black is currently behind bars and is facing at least seven felony charges.

The Pompano Beach rapper, real name Dieuson Octave, was picked up in Florida on Thursday at his home. According to TMZ, Kodak Black was arrested while he was on Instagram Live talking to his fans. Cops not only seized his phone, but laid out several charges against him including, Neglect child without great bodily harm, two charges of possession of weapon or ammo by a felon, grand theft of firearm, possession of marijuana over 20 grams, and two probation violation charges.

Kodak Black is starting the new year almost identical to how he started last year, behind bars. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper has had a number of run-ins with the legal system and in fact he is currently serving a one-year sentence on house arrest and is currently on probation for a separate case involving sexual assault. If these charges stick against him, he could be sent to prison for years for the gun charges alone.

Kodak was awaiting trial for his sexual assault charge at the time of his arrest and there is no doubt that the prosecutor will use that against him. In the video below, you can hear the cops in the background questioning the Project Baby rapper while telling him that they will take his phone because its part of the evidence. This could mean that cops have been watching Kodak Black’s antics on social media for months before moving in.

Kodak Black was indicted in October last year for one count of sexual battery. His trial date was not yet set, but he was on probation and house arrest at the time of his arrest at his Florida home. He required permission from the court and his probation officer to travel even for concerts.

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Kodak Black Raps About Cardi B On Song “Free Cool Pt. 2”

Kodak Black raps about Cardi B‘s success on his new song “Free Cool Pt. 2.”

The Pompano Beach rapper dropped the original “Free Cool” in 2015 and then decided he needs a part two for one of the singles that helped put him on the map. Kodak raps about his legal troubles, his friend who is currently incarcerated, and the massive success of Bardi over the last year. “If Cardi B winnin’, I’m winning,” he raps.

Kodak Black also acknowledge his legal perils while rapping about not wanting to go back in the slammer. Who can blame him for that? “I don’t want to do no more time, I want you to see me flying,” he raps. The Project Baby MC also released some behind-the-scenes footage of himself and his team in the studio recording the song and vibing with their cup in hand.

Last year was a phenomenal year for Young Kodak who scored a number of hits and drop two projects including Project Baby 2.

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YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Chosen One (feat. Kodak Black)

[Intro: Kodak Black & YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Project Baby
NFL, never forget loyalty
And I’m never going broke again
Woah, yeah

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Through all this heartbreak and this pain I can’t change
Through the betrayal and the rain I stay the same
I promise you that I’ma leave how I came
Gotta stop playin’, now it’s time to be a man
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m a champion
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m the chosen one
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m a champion
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m the chosen one, yeah
The chosen one, yeah
I’m a champion
I’m the chosen one, yeah
I’m a champion

[Verse 1: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Late at night no I can’t sleep, I’m like oh
I got demons in my dreams, man I know
I just drop down to my knees, to the floor
I start praying to my god to make ’em go
I was young when grandmama died nigga
Take a look up in my eyes nigga
I’ll never be disguised nigga
Say you know me, tell me how do you figure?
Working hard, now my name getting bigger
Comin’ up I grew up ’round killers
Swear that I’m traumatized nigga
My hopes to the ceiling
Hurt and I need some healing
Gotta do better for my children
I can’t give up on my mission

[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
Through all this heartbreak and this pain I can’t change
Through the betrayal and the rain I stay the same
I promise you that I’ma leave how I came
Gotta stop playin’, now it’s time to be a man
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m a champion
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m the chosen one
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m a champion
It ain’t a thing I can’t handle, I’m the chosen one, yeah
The chosen one, yeah
I’m a champion
I’m the chosen one, yeah
I’m a champion

[Verse 2: Kodak Black]
Don’t let nobody tell you different, you the greatest
Project baby and I’m a baby with a baby
And mama I been goin’ back crazy again
I’m going back crazy
Dancing with the devil, fighting demons
My lady hate the way that I be sleeping
Show the world it took so long for me to see, didn’t we
I remember when I didn’t even believe in me
I be going hard never exaggerate
I be going hard nigga
I be going hard never over exaggerate
Yeah the real ones stay here, the fake evaporate
Draco baby, K banana clip, gon’ chop an eight
But I love them shell cats that keep a thirty-eight
Ninety baby catching burglaries or a murder case
Feed a turkey, caught thirty
I done grew up way too quick, too early
Thirty on me, Stephen Curry, use my jersey
I’m a warrior, that be my jersey
Free G Pharaoh, damn they did you dirty
NBA winning, balling like I’m Stephen Curry
Blue hundreds like a peacock, I got them birdies

Kodak Black & Lil Wayne New Song “Codeine Dreaming” Was Recorded Months Ago

Kodak Black and Lil Wayne drop some new music over the weekend and now we are learning that the song “Codeine Dreaming” was recorded months ago.

The track is featured on the Pompano Beach rapper’s new album Project Baby Two: All Grown Up which was released on Thursday. Sources say the duo link up in the studio and recorded the track shortly after they made peace earlier this year. “This track was recorded around the time that Kodak and Weezy squashed that foolish beef,” sources close to the Young Money MC told Dancehallhiphop.com.

“The two of them linked up and chopped things up through a mutual friend who has been close to Weezy for years,” sources added. “At the end of the day rappers should just put out good music and make money, beefing makes no sense, just get money and live a good life.”

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During the summer of this year, Kodak hinted that he and Lil Wayne are cooking up something in the studio and last week he surprised his fans with the deluxe version to Project Baby 2, which includes this new single “Codeine Dreaming.”

Earlier this year, Kodak Black disrespected Lil Wayne and challenged him to a boxing match. He even claimed that he is a better rapper than Weezy before calling himself the Lil Wayne of this generation.

Kodak Black Debut Blond Hair and It Not A Halloween Prank

Kodak Black has gone blond and it’s not a Halloween prank.

Since his release from prison late last year, Kodak Black has changed his hairstyle a few times. He went through a period where he cut off his signature broccoli hairstyle and racked a fade similar to Boosie Badazz and then he transitioned back into the hairstyle that he has come to be known for. On Monday, he went on Instagram Live to debut his new blond hair.

His hairstylist was dying his hair all while he was vibing with his fans on IG Live. The video below shows that he didn’t even change up the styling or cut his hair, he pretty much just dyed it blond and that’s it. Perhaps he did it for a secret Halloween party or for a music video shoot, but whatever the reasons may be, we can’t wait to get a better look at it. The comments section was lit with fans stopping by to let everyone know how what they think about it. “He look like A burnt naruto,” one fan wrote while another added, “He prolly going orange for Halloween y’all know that’s his fav[orite] color.”

Kodak Black released his Project Baby 2 mixtape in August with John Wicks, Migos’ Offset, and XXXTentacion making guest appearances on the project.

#KodakBlack dyed his hair blonde ?? #MyMixtapez

A post shared by MyMixtapez (@mymixtapez) on Oct 30, 2017 at 12:55pm PDT

Kodak Black and Plies Joint Mixtape “F.E.M.A.” Comes Out Today

Kodak Black and Plies will be dropping a joint mixtape titled F.E.M.A. sometime today (Tuesday Oct. 31st).

The two Florida rappers have been quietly working on the project since around summer and now its finally coming to fruition. The title of the project is Finesse Elevate Motivate Achieve (F.E.M.A.). The project will be revealed at around 7 AM EST on Live Mixtapes and will be available for the fans free. The duo didn’t revealed any additional details like tracklist or the guest list.

Kodak Black is still basking in the success of his Project Baby 2 mixtape released in August and there are already whispers that he is working on a full length studio album. Plies, who is a veteran rapper in the Florida rap scene, has teamed up with Black is is more of a newcomer on a few projects. Their joint project Real Hitta was released as recent as earlier this year.

Florida hip hop has been seeing a surge this year with a handful of new voices tasting mainstream success including controversial rappers Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion, as well as, Kodak Black and Denzel Curry.

Tomorrow Me & @plies Got Some Shit For Y’all On MY REAL BIRTHDAY ? #FEMA Make Sure Y’all Go Get It & Don’t Forget To Delete Dem Other Niggas Shit Y’all Downloaded Over Da Weekend #FL

A post shared by Project Baby (@kodakblack) on Oct 30, 2017 at 8:23am PDT

???? Breaking News Bih: @Plies & @Kodakblack "F.E.M.A" (Joint Project) Dropping 2morrow @7am Bih On @livemixtapes Trick Or Treat Bih ? ?????? #Plies #CheckCallin #RealHitta #PurpleHeart? #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCarlton?

A post shared by https://youtu.be/eXb1UGnr4Wc (@plies) on Oct 30, 2017 at 8:03am PDT

Kodak Black – Conscience Lyrics

[Intro: Kodak Black]
Yeah, Project Baby
These streets took my conscience
Sniper Gang
These streets took my conscience

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
Yeah, everybody with me on that same thang
I don’t gang-bang but I bang bang
I pull up to the club, I got on eight chains
Took that bitch to Wings-N-Things, she wanna be my main

[Verse 2: Future]
Brown liquor made my dawg insane
Booted up a geek, it’s the same thang
Fish scale or molly, it’s the same name
Murder by the stains, we stain your claim
The big Patek face cost ten chains
Took your bitch out to eat on a private plane
Real talk, 150 when it’s plain Jane
Drop the junk behind the dumpster for some cocaine

[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
Ayy, free my nigga coo, he in the chain gang
Chris Johnson, I swear for God I drop the twenty-eight
I told my nigga be fool, he put a potato on a barrel
I kick lil’ dumbass out my crib, say she want Chanel
I bought that bitch a wig ’cause she ain’t got no hair
I sent that poor ass hoe a Uber ’cause she ain’t got no whip
Thirty golds in my mouth like I’m Stephen Curry
Thirty clip in my Glock ’cause I’m a damn Warrior

[Verse 4: Future]
Streets left me scarred, ain’t no worries
Rack my money up in a hurry
Thirteen strippers, James Harden
Money make you greedy when you starving
Monisha, Tamica, they vouching
Before I had anything, I was saucing
Before I had that Bentley truck, I was saucing
All these hitters, yeah, I pray you never cross them

[Verse 5: Kodak Black]
She say she brand new, I swear I want the old her
Eighteen hunded, I got more stories than a author
I’m credit card swipin’ at the Chase Bank (ey)
Me and Future gang gang, same thang
I check your temperature, nigga, is you hot or cold?
Like a state trooper, I make my money on the road
I remember hittin’ houses, nigga, cash 4 gold
These streets made me lose my conscience, took a nigga soul

[Verse 6: Future]
These streets took all my soul from me
Tried to leave me in the cold
These streets took my conscience from me
Now tough love is all I show
I know my niggas got love for me
And they filling up they nose
I know my Levi got love for me
She just want everybody to know

[Verse 7: Kodak Black]
I know my niggas, they be missin’ me
So I be posted on the straw
I don’t even care about how much cash I see
I’m always gon’ be in the know
I ran out of money, then they switch lanes
I ran it back up, then I switch lanes
In a brand new Range, diamond colored candy cane
I bought a brand new K, I can’t wait to let it spray
I’m sorry mom to bring you through so much pain
I said I’m sorry mom, I ain’t mean for it to be this way
Ayy fuck it, bitch, I’m here, I got diamond rings
All the finer things, designer jeans, I’m gettin’ paid

[Outro: Kodak Black]
These streets took my conscience
All the finer things, designer jeans, I’m getting paid
These streets took my conscience
All the finer things, designer jeans, I’m getting paid
All the finer things, designer jeans, I’m getting paid
All the finer things, designer jeans, I’m getting paid

Kodak Black – Down N Out (Freestyle) Lyrics

Yeah I’m that youngin from the projects
Stolen cars, but I’m gettin’ money now, so I bought a Jag
She want me to love her, eat that pussy good
Slide it in her ass, but I’m not familiar with that
I’m not the student at the front seat of the class
Teacher’s pet, a class clown cause I ain’t go to class
Why go to school? I know all I need to know
And I’m gettin’ Caspar gold money so why should I pass now
I’m sittin’ on a crate chillin’ in the shade
Fresh cut, Kodak fade
On my corner with them thangs
Come get you a pillow sack 5 for 20
I got nicks and dimes
What you want? Zone or high grade?
Shoot it you fade away
Money come every day
You can get it anyway
See I’m gettin’ it every way
Lil Kodak
Salute me I’m Mr. K
Where is my cake?
Super cold [?]
I can’t be fuckin’ all these hoes
And I can’t be makin’ friends
Don’t be them foes you don’t know they hatin’ on the low
I’m that lil nigga from the ‘Noya
That lil zo
I be Polo to the floor
Boy, don’t act like you don’t know
I came up shootin’ dice by the dope hole
Throwin’ licks, the youngest nigga out here posted on the scroll
Snatchin’ chains, I fell in love with that gold
She be shinin’, she’s so pretty
Boy, I love that hoe
My people be tryna tell me leave the streets alone
But they see I just won’t listen
They say “just let him go”
They got me at running back and now I’m runnin’ them back
And Coupe say when I get older I be runnin’ the sac
I’m that ratchet jay baker rap maniac
Where’s that? Pockets fat
Hit my first lick I don’t know how to act
New cracker say I look like lil Boosie
And plus I rock the Boosie
They call me Boosie, they say I’m so easy to catch
They say I’m ADHD, schizophrenic
My pistol panic, it just be firing
Get nervous, I can’t handle it
Project Baby, and you know that I am him
My nigga found me, he was with me shootin’ in the gym
I was settin’ him up for 3’s, but I was scorin’ more than him
He wanted to be the team, grabbed my ball straight off the rim
My main bitch be trippin’
She not my main, but the only reason she my main cause I ain’t got no other bitches
I be stolo slidin’ foreign
She be nervous when she in it
I be drivin’ on the mollys, I be rollin like a filly
Ghetto child, posted with that 9 like Ibaka
Ugly corner jet, 40 cal hit you like [?]
Lil nigga big old pistol, I can’t shoot no chopper
Rock designer, Ferragamo, Prada fly like Harry Potter