Dr. Dre Opens Up About The Pain Of George Floyd’s Death In Interview With Lil Wayne

Dr. Dre, aka Mr. F*** the police, is opening up about cops killing George Floyd in Minneapolis in his new interview with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has left many Americans with the gruesome image of Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck persistently lingering in our heads, and a growing rage burning in the pit of our stomachs. Over the last several days, protests have erupted in several major cities to demand justice for the recent victims of racism and police brutality, and to call for an immediate shift in the way we talk about and handle race issues in this country.

Some celebrities have had a hard time dealing with the tragedies or knowing what to say to the many people who look to them for direction and support. Two of music’s biggest and most influential artists, Dr. Dre and Lil Wayne, touched on the topic Friday night on Young Money Radio.

Many were surprised that Wayne willingly brought up Floyd’s death after he received some criticism for the comments he made following the incident. During a chat with Fat Joe, Weezy said, “We have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody or a certain race or everybody with a badge.” Dre, however, took a different perspective.

“It’s like, man, that situation, it hurt my heart,” he explained. “And it felt like that cop had his knee on all of our necks, meaning black men.”

Dre went on to offer a sliver of hope for listeners who are hurting, saying, “…it really feels like something is going to happen now, to at least put us in the area where we can start talking about a way to make thing stop.”

Dre has certainly come a long way from his “F*ck the Police” beginnings, a song that might be more reflective of the opinions of many current protesters. However, the sentiments he shared with Wayne are the product of many years of earned wisdom, and a much-needed message of hope for hip hop fans and members of the Black community during these difficult times.

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On Young Money radio (Apple Music)

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Lil Wayne Says “Everybody” Is To Be Blamed For George Floyd’s Death

Lil Wayne says “everybody” is to be blamed for George Floyd’s death.

As tensions boil over in Minneapolis and the rest of the US, Lil Wayne has a theory about who is responsible for George Floyd’s death. Lil Wayne has now shared his thoughts on the matter while speaking with Fat Joe. Weezy suggested that the issue has to stop being viewed broadly by holding an entire race group or the police accountable.

“We have to actually get into who that person is. And if we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves for not doing more than what we think we’re doing,” he explained. The “I Do It” rapper also questioned how much declaring one’s anger on social media or wearing a protest T-shirt actually helps the victim or their family.

Lil Wayne is not the only big name in hip hop speaking out. Earlier today, 50 Cent weighed in on the subject after an African-American journalist from CNN and his crew were arrested live on television despite informing the police they were press, while a white reporter from the same network who was a block away was allowed to continue his work when he told officers that he was a member of the media. “One they let walk away, one they took to jail. This s*** is sad,” Fifty wrote on Instagram alongside pictures of the two journalists.

George Floyd was killed by a white police officer on Monday in Minneapolis, and protests have ensued while the topic of racism has been hit on everybody’s minds. The murder of Floyd was recorded by a bystander who witnessed him struggling to breathe under the officer’s knee, which ultimately claimed his life. In the days that have passed, mass protests have taken place in the Minnesota capital, and the four white policemen involved have been fired, with one charged with third-degree murder. The tragic incident has re-opened the debate around authorities targeting African-Americans and what can be done to change this.

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#PressPlay: #LilWayne shares his thoughts about the passing of #GeorgeFloyd, and how people should go about showing their support! (SWIPE)

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Lil Wayne – Little Girl Eyes Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne & Reginae]
This be recording-
Is this gonna be on the radio?
Yup, whatever you want it to be-
Let’s just start talking, say what you wanna say
What’s your name?
Don’t talk to me say what you wanna say to the mic
Tell them what they need to know about your daddy
My daddy is Lil Wayne and he’s very nice
And what else
And he know how to rap, and he good to childrens
To childrens, yes
He’s the greatest daddy in the world
Woah, oh, yeah
Woah, oh, yeah
Woah, oh, oh, oh yeah

[Verse 1]
If it was up to me
You would never be, alone
It was destiny, it was heavenly oh lord
Now on the nights, we felt paradise overflow
The life came and oh no, oh no

And she like eh
And i’m like uh
And she like yeah
And i’m like ugh
Oh no, oh no
But when I look into her eyes
I see daddy’s eyes, I see everything
That life is worth fighting for (Oh yeah)
I tell my baby

[Chorus: Lil Wayne & Lenny Kravitz]
You make me feel alive
You make me feel so, you make me feel alive
You are my highest high
You are my highest, you are my highest high
All I can do is smile
And all I can do is smile
When I look, when I look
When I look, In a little girls, eyes
I see Weezy baby
Oh, oh, oh When I look in a little girls, eyes
Oh, oh, oh, oh When I look in a little girls, eyes
Yeah When I look in a little girls, eyes
And my little girls, and my little girls
And my little girls, eye

[Verse 2]

Lil Wayne – Hittas Lyrics

[Intro: Pete Ross & Lil Wayne]
Is it true you performed with Willie Nelson at the Country Music Awards?
I don’t know, but I know I did perform at this bad ass bitch birthday party recently. She’s crazy stupid thick
Mack in here
Pooh in here
Scoob in here with me

[Verse 1]
Tell them hoes get they mind right, tell them niggas back up
Man, I heard the truth is hard to swallow, do you have cups?
Used the rope to hang myself to tie a money bag up
Tell ’em get they iron right before Iron-Man come
Tell ’em bring my car around, tell ’em bitches lap up
I’ma cut this music down, tell ’em put they apps up
Tell ’em throw they pride out, roll them windows back up
Money in the air, who say white men can’t jump?
Catch that nigga late night on the phone at a gas pump
Let me get the phone and the car once it’s gassed up
AK-47 make a sittin’ duck stand up
I could let it blast, but I much rather have one
Tell ’em bring my car around, tell ’em bitches lap up
Then them hoes get passed down, then them hoes get passed up
Sittin’ on this money to me feel like a cactus
I’m stickin’ to this shit, you woulda better not hop yo’ ass up

Tell ’em, I got hittas woadie (hittas woadie)
I got, yeah I got plenty woadie
I got hittas woadie (hittas woadie)
I got, yeah I got plenty woadie (plenty woadie)

[Verse 2]
I got hittas woadie, yeah I got plenty woadie
And they just wait for the word, this shit like Wheel of Fortune
Goddamn, these snitches nosy, goddamn, these snitches nosy
Nigga, I’m a ass with that semi, call me semicolon
Yeah I got hittas woadie, yeah I got plenty woadie
They kick the door and kill yo’ ass and leave the children snorin’
I’m sippin’ lean out a glass, make me feel important
I made some green in the past and now it’s good as golden

Clearly, Lil Wayne answers to no one

I got hittas woadie
I got, yeah I got plenty woadie (plenty woadie)
I got hittas woadie (hittas woadie)
I got, yeah I got plenty woadie

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne & Drake]
I’m so lifted, I’m so lifted
I wrote my will in hieroglyphics (in hieroglyphics)
Weezy, where you been? The people miss you
I got hittas and they not kidders, that’s my niggas
You got niggas but they not hittas, they got jitters
They get hit up, I’m placin’ figures on your niggas
Takin’ bidders, you’ll pay niggas, don’t make a difference
I got shooters, on pharmacutals, they armed and brutal
Armed intruders, ’cause we don’t doo-doo, we drop conclusions
I got sprayers, all type of sprayers, we gon’ need Google
I got paper, on top of paper, we gon’ need rulers
I’m effective, been doin’ numbers since Roman numerals
Strong as sumo, we armed as usual, my hittas hungry
Charleston Chew you, bazookas chew you, just like bazookas
Don’t confuse ’em, we only hittas, y’all only humans
Don’t get hit up, woadie (hit up, woadie, hit up, woadie)
‘Cause I got hittas woadie

[Outro: Jacida Carter]
He’s a very small child. And I just said he was a genius, you know what I’m sayin’? Which I used to pray, and ask the Lord to send me one. You know, he did. He’s so smart, I can’t teach him nothin’. He’s done been here before

Lil Wayne – Drowning Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama & Vice Versa]
Rest in peace Fredo Santana
Say that she used to be a lifeguard

[Chorus: Vice Versa]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Don’t ask me for shit but this blunt or this dick
Fake love in the air, love bugs turn to ticks
That’s more than enough, Pink Floyd in the cup
Burr, I always pick up, ‘less she callin’ my bluffs
Smell it like a [?], light it, hit it
Mix it with some molly now we gettin’ scientific
Bought another house just to put more pots to piss in
Bitches got they hands out, I shake it like we just did business
This just business, wait
Oh my God, I’m drowning in her kidneys, she like (ooh)
I just listen and the higher notes she hit it
I know I sound like a grisly and the cocaine look like crystals
That’s that white girl, call her Chrissy, hol’ up, listen, see
You fuck it all up
You put that wall up
You feelin’ yourself, but I can’t hate
‘Cause you got that soft touch, okay
You standin’ in rain and drippin’ it
You lookin’ for change but penny pinch
You swallow your pride, I’m sippin’ it
You dryin’ your tears, I swim in ’em
6 shit

[Chorus: Vice Versa]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds

[Verse 2: Vice Versa]
I’m off the codeine [?] in my cup
Robotic coupe while I’m pullin’ up
Was feelin’ down so I spiked my cup
Was in need of you so I hit you up
Hollywood, I’m in a loft
Catch a plane, Randy Moss
[?] ’em off, [?] ’em off
Fuck the law, what’s the cost?
Please don’t be [?] on me, ooh get the snakes on me
[?] what’s the cost? Get ’em [?], get ’em off
Pop a perc I take off
Got a bitch [?], then she claim she from [?]
That bitch a liar, though
Say she a rider, bro
Say that she also a model, bro
Say that she used to be a lifeguard, savin’ you
You don’t see me drownin’ hoe

[Verse 3: Marley G]
Marley don’t shoot ’em, but I still keep a chopper on me
Trap in silence, if they want you know that I’m a-
Niggas hatin’, debatin’, don’t wanna see me prosper
My flow is ill as fuck, niggas better call a doctor
Back in the G I was flippin’, runnin’ through the projects
In the backyard with Tune ballin’ in a pair of Balmain’s
Last time I bought my bitches, I swear I love ’em all, mane
I be high as fuck, I be fly as fuck
My bitches is nasty, fuckin’ her from the back, she callin’ me daddy
With two in Miami, all for the family, do it for granny
I go with my move, nothin’ to prove
Droppin’ Choos, wearin’ jewels
Couple thou’ on the shoes
Shawty wet like a pool
Bitches see me and they drool
We don’t [?]
YM, never lose
It’s my time, no snooze
It’s my time, no snooze
YM, never lose, yeah

[Chorus: Vice Versa]
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds
So much fake love, I been drowning, drowning
Pop me a perc, in my zone and it’s timeless, timeless
I’ve been so hot, tell a nigga come find me
Been at the bottom, look down and I bet you gon’ see diamonds

[Outro: Lil Wayne]
The craziest place I’ve ever seen a Lil Wayne tattoo on someone is… you ready? So, I’m ’bout to explain it, um… inside the lips of their pussy. Um, that’s just the craziest place. So like, even when you see the pussy, she can show any man her pussy, he won’t see it. She has to literally open her pussy up for you to see the name. Shout out- shout my homegirl, that’s my homegirl, one time for her. I love you, girl. What’s the craziest place I haven’t seen a Lil Wayne tattoo is when people come up to me and say “You know I got your name on me, but, like, I can’t show you right now ’cause I’m in work,” or, “I can’t show you right now ’cause,” whatever. You ain’t got my fuckin’ name on you, shut the fuck up

Lil Wayne feat. Juelz Santana – Bloody Mary Lyrics

Imma be alright because Dizzy here awhile, yeah!

(Verse 1: Juelz Santana)
Uh, ok, time to make my malt
I gave ’em a head start
Now I’m on my Nicki shit, I don’t want no, Fraud
Tryna’ raise the bar, grabbin’ like I passed the bar
You would think I’m ridin’ bikes by the way I handlebars
New nigga in charge, it’s a new nigga in charge
Poppin’ all these blue I might turn into an avatar
They ain’t wanna see me back, he’s back
Human cracking the flesh, sorry I had to relapse
These niggas weed whack, I twist ’em like weed reps
Still on my nino brown
Still getting G-money on G pecks
Those stunner man bussin’ like dollar man, it’s evident
These hoes love me, they say my dick is they medicine
Cosby spikin’ gelatin, still pushin’ and peddling
Settling never I’m like DiCaprio in the Revenant
Still whippin’ and stretchin’ it
2Pac Ambidextrous
I’m a beast, a dog, I see that money I’m catching it
You hoe throwin’ it at me, I’m catchin’ it
Don’t text me go check your bitch
You don’t wanna get me outta my element
From a tenant into [?] order my residence
Phones still clicking I feel like a receptionist
Like I’m extra-terrestrial
My life’s a fucking movie, boy don’t get yourself edited
I’m like Steph at the free-throw that piece blow, I never miss
Taught your girl how to whip it good now she a lesbian
You can level up, still won’t be on my level then, that’s level 10
These niggas hot, I must be kettle then
They don’t want the steam but I know you want the tea
That’s your bitch when she only fuck with me, ’cause I’m ballin’ MSG
Roof missin’ all this whippin’ I need two kitchens
Fuck the DA I ain’t never been no school pidgeon
Won’t catch me in no club unless my tool get in
Be smart cause bounce he a fool with it
[?] say it’s on, seven-eleven with it, that’s 24/7 with it
Wherever whenever with it
Your momma gon’ need a Church with a Reverand in it
Just pray it’s a heaven in it and hope that they let you in it
Boy I expose the truth in guys, cross me and get crucified
War’s on, that bazooka rise, niggas get neutralized

(Verse 2: Lil Wayne)
Suicide, this is suicide
Tell ’em seek and you will find ’cause Imma lose my mind
Kick a nigga ass then give him my shoes to shine
It’s do or die, I come from where we used to crime
The Uzi-9 more important than the school supplies
The pools is dry, my niggas and the food is fried
The news is lies
The pigeons is to spook the fly
The rules deny
All the tuckers goons is mine, that’s Tunechi slime
They kill you ain’t gon’ do the time
We unify, Young Money revolutionize
The new design, we had to leave the flukes behind and super-size
The numbers through the roof and sky
Don’t look, too surprised with the lines we makin’
Moves and strides, groves and vibes I’m too alive
These hoes need to be supervised, they put on a cute disguise you grooms is blind
She get dick in the Uber ride, Number 2 with fries, I’m pimpin’
Now who am I? I’m who and why, I’m rude and kind
My cars a computer, rise I’m cruisin’ by
Smokin’ blunts Rubin size
You fools can try, these tools getting utilized, you euthanize
Prrp, skrrt, shoot then drive, now who survive
We comin’ back to rewind
I’m usually high, sippin’ on a Houston wine
Feel humanized, I want my throne to recline
Jackie Red, Julie Blonde, they cuban fine, I bruise their spine
I leave and they snooze till 9
Superglued to the grime, my crew my tribe
These bitches try to divide, we too defined
Got the drugs to provide the coolest highs
The green is green and the white with the blue is ice
The syrup in the juice collide, the two combine like suits and ties
Magic, poof

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Lil Wayne Collaborates with Juelz Santana Drops “Bloody Mary”

Lil Wayne team up with Juelz Santana on new song “Bloody Mary”

The new track is from Lil Wayne’s album “Dedication 6: Reloaded” which is on its way. It has been a long anticipation for a collaboration between the Lil Wayne and Juelz since rumors of them working on “I Cant Feel My Face” which is long overdue.

Below you can listen to the track and leave your comments.

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Lil Wayne Responds To Paternity Suit “I Am Not The Father” Of 15-Year-Old

Lil Wayne has responded to a paternity suit involving a 15-year-old and he is making it clear that he is not the father.

Keiotia Watson filed a paternity lawsuit against Lil Wayne in 2015 claiming that he is the father of her 15-year-old son, Dwayne, a name she gave him after his alleged father. She claimed that she slept with the rap icon back in 2001 and got pregnant. In her suit, she asked the court to name Lil Wayne as the father of her child and order him to pay her child support.

Lil Wayne pretty much ignored her case and she filed a default judgement and won, which means that Weezy would be required to pay her child support of $5,000 per month starting January 2016. Wayne is also required to cover the child’s medical and school expenses. The “A Milli” rapper is now responding to the paternity suit and one thing he is making clear, he is not the father of the teenager,” The Blast reported. He also claimed that Watson is lying because he never slept with her.

Wayne is also arguing that he was never made aware of the child until the lawsuit, so he was never given due process to investigate whether or not he is the child’s biological father. The rapper also claimed that Watson fraudulently obtained the judgement against him by lying and deception. “I am the loving father of four (4) children, all of whom I provided support for since birth. Up until now, I have never been involved in a child support case,” Lil Wayne said in his legal docs.

The Dedication 6 rapper added in his response to the suit that while he was residing in New Orleans in 2001, his schedule required him to travel out of town extensively. He said he did not acknowledged Dwayne Brown as his child and says its not possible that he is the father. Bottomline is, she wants a new trial and wants the suit dismiss.

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The Weeknd Severs Ties With H&M In Scathing Tweet Amidst Racism Scandal

The Weeknd is the latest celebrity to sever ties with fashion company H&M over claims of racism.

Twitter erupted in anger on Monday after H&M posted an image from an ad showing a black kid wearing a hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle Gym.” Folks started calling out the fashion brand for the racist gesture and The Weeknd, who has been doing business with the outlet for over a year now, quickly condemned the brand in a scathing tweet saying he will immediately stop doing business with them.

“Woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. I’m deeply offended and will not be working with H&M anymore,” he wrote on Twitter along with posting the questionable image. The R&B singer, born Abel Tesfaye, started working with H&M last year by promoting gears from the fashion brand before he started collaborating on different pieces through his own XO brand. Sources close to the singer has indicated that he will continue to release new lines from his XO brand without a retailer behind it or through possible new partnership.

woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i’m deeply offended and will not be working with @hm anymore… pic.twitter.com/P3023iYzAb

— The Weeknd (@theweeknd) January 8, 2018

The Weeknd also currently has a partnership with Puma and his gears have been selling out fast. As for H&M, the company has since released a statement apologizing for the ad while vowing to get to the bottom of what really happened. “We sincerely apologize for offending people with this image of a printed hooded top,” H&M said in a statement (via USA Today). “The image has been removed from all online channels and the product will not be for sale in the United States.We believe in diversity and inclusion in all that we do and will be reviewing all our internal policies accordingly to avoid any future issues.”

Since the news went viral, the company has been getting hammered by celebrities and fans alike who are showing no mercy on social media.

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Birdman Moves To Stop Lil Wayne From Dissolving Young Money

Birdman is pulling all the stops to prevent Lil Wayne from dissolving Young Money Entertainment.

Back in October, Lil Wayne filed court documents asking the courts to appoint a receiver to oversee the operations of Young Money pending the outcome of his lawsuit against Cash Money and Birdman. Basically, Weezy want Birdman to stop cashing checks off the backs of his YM artists, so he is asking a judge to either appoint an independent party to oversee the day-to-day operation or to liquidate the company.

Birdman wants neither of the above and has asked his lawyers to move to stop Lil Wayne from dissolving the label they both co-founded almost 15 years ago. Sources say the Cash Money honcho is furious that Weezy is trying to terminate the label which he calls an iconic brand in hip hop. He feels like Weezy is being vindictive and is only doing it to hurt his bottom line.

Dancehall HipHop previously reported that Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money for $51 million. According to the New Orleans rapper, Cash Money owes him $8 million in advances for his shelved album, Tha Carter V. He claimed in his legal docs that he is also owed royalties and a cut off the profits from artists he brought to the label like Nicki Minaj and Drake. He also wants the judge to relieve him from his contract with Cash Money Records claiming that the label breached the contract by refusing to pay him his album advances.

Birdman has since shelved the Carter V album and there is no signs that the project will ever see the light of day. The rapper/music exec wants nobody to be appointed to man the operations of Young Money or the label dissolve and that makes perfect sense since it’s YM artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj are currently making the bulk of the cash for Cash Money.

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How Drake Cleverly Ended Meek Mill Beef On “Family Feud” With Lil Wayne

Drake may have just made a bold move to end his beef with Meek Mill.

The rappers have been beefing since 2015 when the Philly rapper fired off some tweets about Drizzy using a ghostwriter to pen his raps. Little did he know what was to come after that rant on social media. We’ve since learned that he did it because Nicki Minaj broke up with him and he wanted to get back at her. Of course, Drake emerged the victor from that feud using two fiery diss track including the Grammy-nominated single “Back To Back” and it took Meek days to respond with a diss track that earned him even more Ls.

Since then, both Drake and Meek Mill did their own interviews where they both admitted that they might never be friends ever again and their feud may just turn out to be forever. On Friday, Lil Wayne drops his new collaboration with his protege, “Family Feud,” and Drizzy used the opportunity to extend an olive branch of the sort to his foe who is now incarcerated on a 2-4 years prison sentence for probation violation.

“I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse, Or, too long like a sentence from a Philly judge, F**k is the point in all the beefing when we really blood, Nobody wins when the family feuds, ni**a,” Drake raps in his lengthy freestyle verse. In another line, he hinted that he isn’t really calling a truce, but nevertheless, he is sympathetic towards Meek Mill over his unjust sentencing. “But this isn’t all about calling truce, I’m still dishing out verbal abuse, That sh*t could get re-introduced if somebody got something they urging to prove, ni**a,” he continues to rap.

Since the height of their beef in the summer of 2015, both rappers have been taking subliminal shots at each other in their songs, but this is the first clear signs that they could make peace. Drake also took a jab at Donald Trump on the “Family Feud (Remix)” as well as stated that he wishes he could fix Lil Wayne beef with Cash Money/Universal Music. “Ayy, tell me if TD bank is approving loans, I’m thinking about paying Wayne what Universal owes, My ni**a spend a lifetime going platinum and gold,” Drizzy raps.

Do you think Drake and Meek Mill will make peace anytime soon?

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Lil Wayne Reveals “Dedication 6 Reloaded” Artwork & Release Date

Lil Wayne has revealed the artwork for “Dedication 6: Reloaded” dubbed as D6 Part 2.

The first part of the album arrived on Christmas Day and Weezy hinted last weekend that the project would be in two parts. Now we have the confirmation for the second half of the project and we also know that his new song with Drake, “Family Feud (Remix)” is the first song off the second part of the album. The new song dropped on the same day that JAY-Z and Beyonce released their star-studded music video for the original single.

Lil Wayne announced the new version of the album on Instagram yesterday writing, “Ok I’m Reloaded!! #D6Reloaded #FamilyFeud Me and Champagne #YoungMoney Happy New Year!” He didn’t reveal the release date for “Dedication 6: Reloaded” but he did dropped some hints that it may arrive on New Year’s Day. Aside from Drake, Trippie Redd may be featured on the project, as well as, Juelz Santana and Future. The first version of D6 features guest appearances from Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Euro, HoodyBaby, and Corey Gunz.

Check out the artwork for D6 Reloaded below and a short message from Lil Wayne. You can also stream Dedication 6 here.

Ok I’m Reloaded!! #D6Reloaded #FamilyFeud Me and Champagne #YoungMoney Happy New Year!

A post shared by Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) on Dec 29, 2017 at 3:53pm PST

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Drake Links With Lil Wayne On “Family Feud” Off “Dedication 6” Part 2

Drake links up with his mentor Lil Wayne on “Family Feud” off Dedication 6 mixtape part two.

When Wayne dropped Dedication 6 on Christmas Day everyone was left wondering where is that Drake, but fret not he is still holding it down the fort. The two Young Money rappers collaborated on a remix for JAY-Z‘s 4:44 single, “Family Feud” and its fire. Weezy did hinted last weekend that there will be a second part of the mixtape. Drizzy debut the single on his Instagram page on Friday, just moments after Hov drop the full video for the original single on TIDAL.

The single is a bit of a freestyle with the two rap titans trading bars on two lengthy verses where they both showcase their lyrical prowess. In his verse, Drake gave Colin Kaepernick and his former foe Diddy a shout-out and surprisingly he took a jab at Lil Wayne’s ongoing legal battle with Cash Money Records. Drizzy also namedrops Donald Trump in his verse in a bold move from the Canadian rapper. “If I ever see Trump he better salute ni**as, Much as we do ni**a, For real,” he raps.

Lil Wayne once again proved why he is one of the greatest of all time in hip hop with a fire verse. “On my god, lightning striking twice in this place, Should we make a wish or should we make it right in this place?, All these mother f***ing beef, I need some rice on this plate, Talked to your wifey today, she feeling triflin’ she say,” Weezy raps.

Chance The Rapper name Lil Wayne as the Michael Jackson of rap music in a bold claim on Twitter. While some fans agrees with his assessment, there are others who say he is reaching with that claim. Nevertheless, Weezy is one of the greatest that ever take up a microphone and rap.

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Chance The Rapper Says Lil Wayne Is The Michael Jackson Of Rap Music

Chance The Rapper thinks that Lil Wayne is the Michael Jackson of rap music.

The Chicago emcee recently got into a Twitter row with some fans who claimed that he is the only independent artist to make it big and no other indie artists will ever get as big as he is. That assessment didn’t sit well with Chance who taste mainstream success over the last two years. The argument started over an article about the same topic involving a conversation between Apple Music’s Carl Chery and the hosts of Everyday Struggle where he spoke about the deal Chance the Rapper made with Apple to release his 2016 album The Coloring Book exclusively on Apple Music for two weeks.

Chery didn’t disclosed the full amount of the deal, but did say that Chance is a phenomenal artist with a great team around him. What really got the “No Problem” rapper angry was when some folks suggested that no other indie artist will reach the same height as he is. 2017 was a big year for artists signing major label deals. One fan on Twitter then asked him who is the Michael Jackson of rap.

“People jokingly say Em’s the Elvis of rap.. Well who’s the Michael Jackson of rap?,” the fan asked to which Chance responded saying, “Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He been in this sh*t.” Dwayne Carter is Lil Wayne’s real name and comparing him to the great king of pop is far reaching given the heights that Michael Jackson reached in music.

People jokingly say Em’s the Elvis of rap.. Well who’s the Michael Jackson of rap?

— Lucius Septimius Bassianus (@CrookedIntriago) December 24, 2017

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He been in this shit. https://t.co/90sQ8sArfu

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) December 24, 2017

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Lil Wayne – 5 Star (feat. Nicki Minaj)

[Intro: Nicki Minaj]
Young Money

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
I been smoking gas, killin’ bitches
Man, I feel just like a gang-star
Cover up my face like a ninja
In this Alexander Wang scarf
I’mma drop a bag, they gon’ pull up
And then they gon’ let them things off
I ain’t switchin’ up my hairstyle
But my niggas let it bang off

Percocets and Addies, lookin’ for a fuck I could give
All these hatin’ bitches plottin’ why they can’t let me live
Me and Weezy in Liv
When my album drop these bitches is gon’ cry in the car
All your yes-men out here lyin’, had you dyin’ to spar
You was tryin’ too hard

I’m out here livin’ though, I am out here livin’ though
Me and Tunechi winnin’ though
Slimes out here twinnin’ though
I am on my pivot though
I am just so pivotal
Bands, I go get it though
Weezy on his pedestal

A lot of gang shit, a whole lot of gang shit
All these plaques is piling up, it’s no where to hang shit
These bitches pussy though
Pushed them out my pussy though
Niggas want my cookie though
‘Cause it taste like cookie dough

Smoke, I got a free pack
Flow sick, get a Z-pack
Niggas don’t mean my race when they say she blacked
I am the Queen (Facts)
I’m everything she lacks
Bitch get on your kneecap
I don’t mean C. Kaep
I’ll get you checked, pussy, I’ll get you a free pap
You bitches don’t ball out, you get your QB sacked
I’m OBJ hoes, break records like ankles
I’ve been that bitch since ice cream with the sprinkles
Tell ’em carry on, they gon’ miss me when I’m gone
I’m gone

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I just fucked like five hoes in my mansion
Got them feelin’ like they five stars
Your hoes throwin’ fits, my bitches patient
Man, I feel just like a doctor
Pop some X for my exotic dancer
She start crying and said her job hard
Switch her whip out, put her in a Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Honda

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Cocaine on her navel, lick it so my tongue can go HAM
Put my face up in her pussy and my thumb in her ass
Make her do the jumpman, ayy
I put her face down in the pillow, ’bout to smother her ass
A fly yellow bone to me, I told her to come get a tan
Now she butter pecan
Oh, I got a Draco in the sofa
An Eggo in the toaster
A cradle in the chocha
The yayo doin’ yoga
And I wake up, smell the Folgers
I don’t know how I woke up
‘Cause I was in a coma
But now I’m in the moment
Wearing high socks on the front porch
Two cups with the mud flowin’
The plug ain’t charge me nothin’ for it
I cried tears of fuckin’ joy
"LV"s on my luggage, boy
Don’t ask me where I’m fuckin’ goin’
I pull up with my skaters
Make them beat you with their fuckin’ boards
Sharp shooters like pool sharks
Shoot you down in the Walmart
Shoot you down in the parking lot
Shoot you down in the food court
Hit your crib in the steamboat
And dissapear on the speedboat
Act a jackass like Steve-o
Then disappear like Ne-Yo
Leave a red flag on your screen door
Leave a red flag around your queen’s throat
Leave a blood stain on your mink floor
Like a red stain on clean snow
That money gang, Five-hundred gang
On that money train, and we walking ’round with bloody fangs
Playin’ hunger games; mmm-yummy, man
And we storm the block like the thunder came
When my youngest came, that’s your mother’s name
Hit the address, knockin’ down picture frames and other things
Throwing up peace signs like stomach pains
Sugar cane get took to Spain
A kilo fell and it shook the plane
A nigga screamed, the hoes wouldn’t complain
I brought the AK with the knife, so the butcher came
And the Nina came, and her sister came
And what’s her name
He’ll book a bang
You don’t even know where to put the blame, that’s cold

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
I just fucked like five hoes in my mansion
Got them feelin’ like they five stars
Your hoes throwin’ fits, my bitches patient
Man, I feel just like a doctor
Pop some X for my exotic dancer
She start crying and said her job hard
Switch her whip out, put her in a Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Honda

Switch her whip out put her in a Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Mazda
Put her ass up in a dumb Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Smart Car
Switch her whip out put her in a Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Kia
Switch her whip out put her in a Mercedes
Now she screamin’ rest in peace to Uber
That’s some sick shit

Lil Wayne Previews A Fire Remix To Kendrick Lamar Classic “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar‘s single DNA is already a classic and now Lil Wayne wants to make it better.

Lil Wayne will be dropping his highly anticipated new project Dedication 6 on Christmas Day, but before the mixtape arrives, the rap legend previews a remix to Kendrick Lamar’s song “DNA” and it sounds fire. In a video posted on SnapChat on Thursday, Weezy previewed the upcoming song while getting his fans hyped up over D6. You can listen to the preview below and you will hear “DNA” instrumental playing in the background.

“#D6 I might just release some early,” Lil Wayne captioned the video. Weezy announced earlier this month that his new mixtape Dedication 6 is set for a December 25th release date, so while your enjoying your Christmas parties you can bump some new music from Lil Wayne. “It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS,” he wrote on Twitter.

We don’t have a tracklist for Dedication 6 yet so its hard to tell if there will be any guest features on the project, but Drake did hinted last week that he might have a guest. “There is a good chance that Drizzy will be on D6 and it will be a banger,” sources said. D6 will be the first project from Lil Wayne in a while since his music has slowed down significantly due to his fallout with Cash Money Records and Birdman. At the top of 2017, both he and Birdman briefly made peace and promised his fans that his long awaited album Tha Carter 6 will be arriving sometime in the year, but it has not been forthcoming and Weezy is still suing the label and his former friend and mentor for $51 million.

Listen to a preview of Lil Wayne’s remix to Kendrick Lamar’s single “DNA” below.

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Rick Ross Reacts To Birdman Defaulting On $12 Million Mansion Loan

Rick Ross is once again trolling Birdman for defaulting on a $12 million loan against his Miami mansion.

Rozay and Baby beef goes back to last year and it seems the MMG rapper is still angry about the Cash Money honcho handling of the Lil Wayne situation. So when Ross got wind of the news about Birdman possibly loosing his mansion in Miami, he pounce on the opportunity to fired off more shots at his enemy.

“Mack Maine let Wayne know you can forget about it $ Bryan can’t pay his rent, someone dm this link,” Rozay wrote on a SnapChat video he posted which includes the screenshot of the story. “You mean you move to Miami take out a loan on the mansion, then took out another loan on the mansion, and you still ain’t paid you lil ni**as,” Rozay said while hinting that Birdman wants to mess up his new girlfriend, Tony Braxton, life. “You ain’t have no money in six-seven years, ni**a. You should have came and borrowed some from Rozay. Now you want to f**k that old lady life up too. You probably borrowing some money from her.”

RELATED: Rick Ross Baby Mama Blast Rapper While Supporting Birdman

Rick Ross then jokingly said that he probably should buy Birdman’s mansion on the water front in Miami and use it to park his boat. This latest response from Rozay comes just two months after he went off on the former Hot Boys rapper for not paying Lil Wayne. “It just ran across my mind like damn I wonder if Birdman paid that man [Lil Wayne] yet, pay that man,” he said in a video posted on social media in October. “Pay that man that man sold a million the first week, god damn what that man got to do to get his money, what that man got to do for you to pay him.”

From the desk of #RickRoss #birdman

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on Dec 18, 2017 at 7:05am PST

Drake Hints At Lil Wayne Collaboration “On Dedication 6”

Drake and Lil Wayne could be plotting a reunion for Weezy’s new mixtape, Dedication 6.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the project set for release on Christmas Day. Yesterday we saw Drake hyping up the mixtape while posting photos of himself and his Young Money label boss on stage. Although the pair has collaborated in the past on a number of singles, it’s been a while since we’ve heard the two of them on the same track. Seems that drought is now over. “There is a good chance that Drizzy will be on D6 and it will be a banger,” sources said.

Last week, the two frequent collaborators performed together for the first time in a while at Art Basel where they once again reminded us that they are two of the greatest of this generation. Drake and Lil Wayne have previously collaborated on singles like “The Motto,” “Miss Me,” “Forever,” “She Will,” “HYFR,” and several more. The Toronto rapper didn’t include his mentor on any of his last three projects, Views, Nothing Was The Same, and his More Life playlist released this year.

RELATED: Drake Immortalized Lil Wayne With A Tattoo On His Arm

Drake shared a photo of himself and Lil Wayne on his Instagram with the simple caption, “D6.” Weezy announced the mixtape earlier this month telling his fans that he will be dropping it on Christmas Day. “It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS,” he said on Twitter.

Wayne didn’t give us any updates on his long-awaited Tha Carter V album despite promising his fans earlier this year that the project would be released sometime this year. Birdman also announced in January that the Carter V will be released soon but it hasn’t been forthcoming. Weezy is suing Cash Money and Birdman for $51 million over advances and royalties from his music. We will continue to update you on Lil Wayne upcoming mixtape Dedication 6 so check back regularly.


A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Dec 11, 2017 at 5:02pm PST

Lil Wayne Reveals “Dedication 6” Mixtape Release Date

Lil Wayne will be releasing his new mixtape “Dedication 6” on Christmas Day.

The Young Money rapper announced in November that the long awaited mixtape is coming sooner than later and now we know that he will be dropping the project on December 25th. Weezy revealed on Twitter today the cover art and official release date for the mixtape, hosted by DJ Drama. “It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS,” he tweeted.

The last Dedication mixtape released by Lil Wayne was all the way back in 2013, and over the last three years he has been battling his label Cash Money Records and his former mentor and friend Birdman in the courts. In 2015, Weezy filed a $51 million for unpaid advances and royalties. He also argued in his legal docs that the label is holding his music hostage, particularly his album Tha Carter V.

This year has been rocky for the rap legend who has had a number of seizure attacks and canceled concerts. His new music releases has been severely hampered by his ongoing legal battle with Cash Money.

It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS pic.twitter.com/G2OccnC66f

— Lil Wayne WEEZY F (@LilTunechi) December 6, 2017

Big Sean & Metro Boomin Previews “Double or Nothing” Album

Big Sean and Metro Boomin gave fans a preview of their new joint album “Double or Nothing,” due tomorrow night.

The project is one of the most highly anticipated rap albums this month, with Eminem and Lil Wayne all set to drop bodies of work in December. We first learned about Double or Nothing last month when Big Sean and Boomin abruptly announced the project on Twitter. Things are moving by quickly because a week after announcing the joint album, the two rappers announced that it’s coming on Thursday of this week.

Now we have a preview of what coming tomorrow. Metro Boomin posted a one-minute clip on Twitter on Wednesday showing himself and Big Sean riding in the backseat of a car while the G.O.O.D. Music MC rhyme over a dark beat. “I’m takin’ out anyone in my way / I’m not playing with you b*tch this not the WNBA / I’m a real-life star so you know I need my space,” BS raps. At the end of the clip, you can see the words “Not a music video” flashes on the screen.

Watch Big Sean lay down some bars below.

12.8.17 ?? pic.twitter.com/ahsRCh3axT

— Metro Boomin (@MetroBoomin) December 6, 2017

Lil Wayne Promises Fans New Album “Dedication 6” Coming Soon

Lil Wayne said that his new album Dedication 6 is coming very soon.

The Young Money rapper has been going through some struggles with his label Cash Money and former mentor and friend Birdman for the past two years and that has significantly affected how much new music he is able to put out. On Thanksgiving Day, November 23, Lil Wayne wrote a heartfelt thank you note to his fans while also announcing that D6 coming sooner than later.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” the New Orleans rapper wrote. “I’m so thankful for all my fans for standing by me while I’m enduring this fight with this label. I ain’t shit without y’all! D6 is coming y’all way soon! Thank You.” Earlier this month, his manager Cortez Bryant revealed that Dedication 6 would arrive sometime in November. The month is pretty much over but the project is not forthcoming.

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Lil Wayne has been working on the mixtape since last year when he announced that it would be a collaboration between himself and DJ Drama. There is no concrete word on what’s holding up the project but sources are saying his legal battle with Cash Money has a part to play on how he releases new music. Wayne is suing Birdman and Cash Money Records for $51 million and also want a judge to release him from his contract with the label.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for all my fans for standing by me while I’m enduring this fight with this label. I ain’t shit without y’all! D6 is coming y’all way soon! Thank You

A post shared by Lil Wayne (@liltunechi) on Nov 23, 2017 at 1:26pm PST

Kodak Black & Lil Wayne New Song “Codeine Dreaming” Was Recorded Months Ago

Kodak Black and Lil Wayne drop some new music over the weekend and now we are learning that the song “Codeine Dreaming” was recorded months ago.

The track is featured on the Pompano Beach rapper’s new album Project Baby Two: All Grown Up which was released on Thursday. Sources say the duo link up in the studio and recorded the track shortly after they made peace earlier this year. “This track was recorded around the time that Kodak and Weezy squashed that foolish beef,” sources close to the Young Money MC told Dancehallhiphop.com.

“The two of them linked up and chopped things up through a mutual friend who has been close to Weezy for years,” sources added. “At the end of the day rappers should just put out good music and make money, beefing makes no sense, just get money and live a good life.”

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During the summer of this year, Kodak hinted that he and Lil Wayne are cooking up something in the studio and last week he surprised his fans with the deluxe version to Project Baby 2, which includes this new single “Codeine Dreaming.”

Earlier this year, Kodak Black disrespected Lil Wayne and challenged him to a boxing match. He even claimed that he is a better rapper than Weezy before calling himself the Lil Wayne of this generation.

T-Pain Files Lawsuit Against Lil Wayne Over Royalties For “Carter 3”

T-Pain slaps Lil Wayne with a lawsuit for $500,000 owed to him from “Tha Carter III” album.

T-Pain and Lil Wayne will likely not be doing anymore music together after the auto-tune singer threw the Young Money emcee a curve ball in the form of a lawsuit. TMZ reported that T-Pain’s company Nappy Boy Productions has filed a lawsuit against Young Money Records for hundreds of thousands of dollars owed. According to the suit, T-Pain produced Lil Wayne’s song “Get Money” which also features the hip hop singer.

Pain also added that his artists Young Fyre also produced the song “How to Hate” on Wayne’s album “Tha Carter IV” but never get paid. T-Pain says that the deal was for Young Money to pay him royalties which was not forthcoming. The album “Tha Carter III” was released in 2008 and sold 3.2 million copies in the United States alone.

T-Pain believes that he and his artist Young Fyre are owed at least $500,000 and he wants Young Money to pay up. This is the latest lawsuit in the ongoing legal battle between Lil Wayne, Birdman and Cash Money. Young Money is a subsidiary of Cash Money Records. Weezy is already suing Cash Money for $51 million and says he wants a judge to release him from the label for breach of contract.

Kodak Black Gets Trolled For Calling Self The Lil Wayne Of This Generation

Kodak Black is adamant that he is the Lil Wayne of this generation but Twitter thinks that he couldn’t be more wrong.

There was once a time when Kodak Black said he is greater than Lil Wayne and he got hammered for it. Seems he never learned his lesson or his obsession with Weezy is getting the better of him because now he is referring to himself as the Lil Wayne of this generation of hip hop. Rappers these days can’t help themselves when talking about some icons of the genre, everyone wants to be the Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Nas or JAY-Z of this generation.

One of his fans on Twitter wrote “Kodak Black is the Lil Wayne of this generation” and the Pompano Beach rapper enthusiastically added, “I Swear.” Those two harmless words triggered a Twitter firestorm and Weezy never had to utter a single word. “How can that even be compared Lil wayne has the nastiest word play I’ve ever heard he put ppl on,” one fan tweeted.

Kodak Black buried his beef with Lil Wayne and even announced recently that he has a new collaboration with the rap legend already recorded and mastered. During one of his frequent Instagram Live sessions last weekend, he revealed that he wants to get Future on the record. “By the way, I finna [trying to] get Future,” he said. “Future need to get on this song me and Lil Wayne on. Me and Tunechi on.”

Since leaving prison in November last year, Kodak Black has had a good run in hip hop this year with a handful of hits and a new album Project Baby 2, released in August. The Florida rapper also has his fair share of legal troubles that are not going away including a rape for which he was just indicted for.

I Swear https://t.co/y8M6ch1bEs

— Kodak Black (@KodakBlack1k) October 22, 2017


— Dirty Dan ????? (@Ftoe_JT) October 22, 2017

who tf lied to you?!?! no one could ever compare to Wayne. ?

— j (@jaee_layne) October 22, 2017

Gtfoh ?

— Sir Jewlz (@SirJewlz) October 22, 2017


— Wayne??? (@W_lawrence1) October 22, 2017


— Dirty Glove Bastard (@DGBastard) October 22, 2017

Rick Ross Asks Birdman What Will It Take To Pay Lil Wayne

Rick Ross keeps his foot on Birdman’s neck in a new video where he asked the rap mogul to pay Lil Wayne.

Last week, Birdman went on an epic rant on Instagram Live cursing out his critics including Rick Ross while telling them to stop speaking on his feud with Lil Wayne. As we all know, the Cash Money honcho owes Weezy millions of dollars and has even shelved his last album Tha Carter V. While Wayne has not said anything since that rant, Rozay responded with one simple message, pay that man his money.

“Am riding with a couple homies we gonna go grab a bite to eat,” Rick Ross said. “It just ran across my mind like damn I wonder if Birdman paid that man [Lil Wayne] yet, pay that man. Pay that man that man sold a million the first week, god damn what that man got to do to get his money, what that man got to do for you to pay him. Sell 10 million in the first two days then you don’t pay the man, god damn that man let you sweet ni**as ride around for a very long time man. Go and get a loan and pay that man.”

Rick Ross posted a couple more clips of himself calling out Birdman for his reputation of not paying people he worked with. The MMG rapper even dared Birdman to come at him. “You know where am at I am about to get me some lemon pepper wings,” he said. During his rant, Birdman claimed that Lil Wayne is his son and he will make sure that he is straight because he took Wayne from nothing and made him into something. But according to Rozay, he used Weezy to make millions and then refused to pay the Young Money rapper what he is owed.

#rickross to #birdman pay that man his money

A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Oct 16, 2017 at 3:01pm PDT

#birdman have some things to get off his chest #lilwayne

A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Oct 11, 2017 at 1:16pm PDT

Nicki Minaj Talks Male Counterpart: “I got to prove myself a hundred times”

Nicki Minaj covers T Magazine’s Great Issue and she made some interesting revelations in her cover story.

Despite all the chatters about the female hip hop scene currently, Nicki Minaj is still very much the leading female artist in the genre, a title she earned herself with her hard work and dedication over the years. In her interview with Time, the Young Money rapper spoke in depth about her career including her upcoming album and her vast catalog.

“I kind of love that I’ve had to go through so many hurdles to get where I am because I feel like I deserve it,” she said. “I had so much going against me in the beginning: being black, being a woman, being a female rapper. No matter how many times I get on a track with everyone’s favorite M.C. and hold my own, the culture never seems to want to give me my props as an M.C., as a lyricist, as a writer. I got to prove myself a hundred times, whereas the guys that came in around the same time as I did, they were given the titles so much quicker without anybody second-guessing.”

Nicki Minaj and Drake broke onto the rap scene at the same time in 2009 when Lil Wayne signed both of them to Young Money/Cash Money. Other rappers like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole broke onto the scene after the two Young Money titans and all three male emcees, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole are often mentioned in the discussion about the top five rappers of this generation. Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, is often seen as just a regular rapper doing her thing, despite for years being the only female out there putting in the work.

“I believe in my gift wholeheartedly,” Minaj said. “Sometimes I wake up and say, ‘I don’t know if I can do this anymore,’ you know? I’ve had those times. I’ve had those years where I’m just like, ‘Am I good enough?’” But then she wholeheartedly believe that she was meant to withstand what regular girls can’t.

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her new album but still hasn’t given any concrete details like release date and title. Nevertheless, she said its the most free she has ever been since her mixtape days to make the music that she wants to make.

You can read her full spread here.

Birdman Slams Critics Over Lil Wayne Beef In Epic Meltdown

Birdman went on a tirade against his critics over his beef with Lil Wayne in an epic meltdown.

The Cash Money Records CEO went on Instagram Live to talk to his fans and that’s when things quickly went south. His fans started to pepper him with questions about paying Lil Wayne the millions of dollars that he owes the rapper and release the album “Tha Carter V.” Birdman didn’t appreciate everyone coming after him over Weezy so he offloads an expletive-laced tirade and then went lights out.

Baby called Lil Wayne his son and says that nothing and no one can ever come between them. He also insisted that he will make sure that Weezy is straight, but the real meaning of that is not yet known. After all, Wayne is still suing him for $51 million and still insisting that he wants out of Cash Money label.

“I be hearing all you ni**as talking about this Lil Wayne sh*t,” Birdman said. “Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. B*tch, Lil Wayne my son. I raised him. He ain’t had nothin’, and I brought him to be something, and he got some. B*tch, you think I ain’t gonna make sure he straight? Suck a ni**a d*ck, b*tch. I’m gonna show all you pu**y ni**as that got in my business, f**k you ni**a. I’m gonna show you don’t play with me, ni**a. I’m what you call a f***ing real mastermind. You little billy b*tch you heard me, and if you cross my line you already know, I ain’t even got to tell you. You know the type of ni**a I am I will tear your ass up if you play with me and mine.”

Birdman then says he is smiling because he knows all of his critics are not gangster enough to step to him. Perhaps he was specifically referring to Rick Ross who viciously dissed him in his track “Idols Become Rivals.” The hip hop mogul then started ranting about other rappers riding around in Rolls-Royce Wraith, a car that he calls a “b*tch mobile” aka a car that a female should be driving. On another note, Birdman says that he was at the Mercedes-Benz dealership buying a car for his lady [Tony Broxton].

Nicki Minaj Says She Is Why Female Rappers Are Popping Again

Nicki Minaj accomplishments in hip hop over the last decade cannot go unnoticed, but is she the reason why female rappers are popping again.

Since breaking onto the rap scene in 2009, Nicki Minaj has dominated female rap and even won over some of the big boys in the game with whom she has collaborated with over the years including JAY-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. At one point, she was the most heavily featured artist in the game, with every rapper on the planet wanting a verse from her. That demand for her service lead her to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 chart and now she is the female artist with the most entries on that chart in history after surpassing the great Aretha Franklin.

Achievements like those would take a lot of artists their entire career to get, but it took her a little less than a decade after Lil Wayne took a chance with her in the late 2000s after watching her rap on a DVD. During her recently cover story in XXL, Nicki Minaj opened up about her impact on hip hop culture over the years and what she said a lot of her fans will agree with her. She is among several other rappers featured on the Magazine’s 20th anniversary issue.

“My role in hip-hop has been super unique because when my first album came out, there had been so much time where there wasn’t a female rap album out that went platinum,” she said. “There wasn’t a big female rap presence right before I got in. So, my role was reintroducing the female rapper to pop culture. I don’t think we got that much credit. I think female rappers have always been dope and influential, but I think I sort of came in at a time where big business was paying attention, so I was able to capitalize off of a lot of deals and business ventures.”

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her new album which she hope will spawn her first Billboard Hot 100 number one hit and perhaps win her that long overdue Grammy award. Some fans will see her statement as a shot at Cardi B, but clearly she is speaking on female rap in general.

Rick Ross Responds To Birdman Epic Meltdown Over Lil Wayne Beef

Rick Ross has shared his reaction to Birdman’s epic meltdown on Instagram Live today over Lil Wayne’s beef.

Rozay was perhaps the main person who Birdman was speaking about in his expletive-laced rant. Basically he was telling the MMG Bawse not to speak on his business when he knows nothing about it. Last year, Rick Ross famously dissed the Cash Money Records honcho on an entire single “Idols Become Rivals.” Birdman never responded to the diss record at least not until now and Rozay thinks its too little too late.

“Boy, you a year late, and five years late paying that man his money,” Rick Ross said. “Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes, n***a. Bring that shit. Bring it. Have no fear. All that talkin’ sh*t, nuh-uh, all that shit don’t work round here baby. We’ll put you in check n***a, we’ll put you somewhere else.”

Birdman owes Lil Wayne millions and that was one of the topics of contention from Ross on his single “Idols Become Rivals.” Baby has made a name for himself not paying his artists and seems Lil Wayne has had enough and wants to leave Cash Money. He is also suing his longtime mentor and friend for $51 million. Rick Ross ended the video saying “Shut up and pay n***as” in reference to Lil Wayne. Let’s see if Baby will respond to this latest threat from Rozay and will he call his name just like the Bawse did. Maybe they can sit down and talk about this and resolve the issue like two grown men, but don’t hold your breath because it also means that Birdman will have to pay Weezy what he is owed.

Nevertheless, we all hope that this feud doesn’t get physical and stays on social media and in the music.

#rickross responds to #Birdman

A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Oct 11, 2017 at 4:55pm PDT

#birdman have some things to get off his chest #lilwayne

A post shared by DancehallHipHop (@dancehallhiphop) on Oct 11, 2017 at 1:16pm PDT

Big Tymers Birdman and Mannie Fresh Doing A Reunion Show

Birdman and Mannie Fresh, aka Big Tumers, are getting ready for their first reunion show.

The duo made a lot of hits between the late 1990s and early 2000s including “No. 1 Stunna,” “Still Fly,” “Ballin’,” and “This Is How We Do.” Big Tymers are getting ready to take you down memory lane with a 20th anniversary reunion concert on October 27th at The Maison. “20 years ago and now Ballers Ball #8 BIG TYMERS. Tickets on sale Today,” Mannie Fresh wrote on Instagram.

There is also some rumors about Birdman planning a Cash Money Reunion tour. There are no official confirmation about that tour from Baby and even if he would hope to make it a reality, he would have to do it without Lil Wayne. Birdman and Wayne are not on speaking terms and Weezy is even suing him for $51 million and regularly take shots at him and the label at his shows. These days everytime that Cash Money is in the news it’s almost certainly will remind us of Birdman and Lil Wayne bitter fallout and subsequent legal battle.

This Big Tymers reunion concert isn’t bothering Lil Wayne because he has been busy touring and recording new music. The concert will also see guest appearances from B.G., Juvenile, Hot Boys, and Bun-B.

20 years ago and now Ballers Ball #8 BIG TYMERS. Tickets on sale Today!!!! Www.maisonfrenchmen.com. ??????

A post shared by Mannie Figgie Fresh (@manniefresh) on Sep 22, 2017 at 7:25am PDT