Lil’ Flip – Da Gudda Lyrics

Just another day in the hood
chillin with my niggaz, ya know
right now we shoot a documentary for my mothaf*ckin album
bringin y’all niggaz straight to the hood, come on walk with me

[Verse 1: Lil’ Flip]
Nigga I can hit you from a block away
cause my chopper bang like a beat from Dr.Dre
I’m creepin at night with a Ki of that white
from 8’O clock till 5, come get what you like
from Vicodin to X pills you know who got the best deal
I guarantee you f*ckers this’ll be my best year
canary stones got me lookin like a night light
I ain’t racist when it comes to diamonds cause I like white
my bezzel lookin like it ain’t even paid for
but that’s a lie bitch I got real paper
I’m from the ghetto, the gudda where the feds hang
I’m with ya wife f*ckin up ya bed frame
you ridin, I’m ridin-time to grab the weapons
the shell catchers, gloves, and them teflons
cause when it’s war anything goes
I’m a stand up nigga, nah I ain’t a hoe

[Chorus: Lil’ Flip]
I’m from da hood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
I wish you would-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
let’s get it understood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
I got choppers made of wood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
I’m from da hood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
I wish you would-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
let’s get it understood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda
I got choppers made of wood-da gudda, da, da, da gudda

[Verse 2: Lil’ Flip]
Ay alot of niggaz hatin on me cause of the jewels I got
so just face reality homie you ain’t hot
I read ya little interviews you don’t know when to quit

no matter how good you do niggaz gon’talk shit
I got bitches on my team that’ll rob you nigga
right after she give you head and massage you nigga
I play the game like a pro when it come to the streets
and the bump’ll make you leak when it come to the beef…ca’peesh
look, listen when I talk cause I’m a general
I hope ya OG’s smart enough to let you know
I’m the truth in the booth what I rap about I did it
I told Johnny put thirty pointers in my fitted
I get it, I got it I’m makin a profit
my kitted Impala watch me hop it
I’m hittin switches on the bitches when I drive by
I’m knockin snitches in ditches when I do drive bys


Look if you wanna get paid, get that money nigga
if you wanna ride blades, get that money nigga
if you wanna Escalade, get that money nigga
yeah bitch I got it made, get that money nigga(oh boy)

[Verse 3: Lil’ Flip]
Look it’s one for the money, two for the show
three gigs for eight five now I need my dough
look I’m straight off the block where the fiends be geekin
I know a cat who snort three O’s every weekend
lawyers, and doctors hide behind they occupations
cause at the first of the month they be waiting
shiiit I take food stamps and all that shit
and if that ain’t a hustle what you call that then(chump)
I’m a young ass nigga with alot of game
I floss hard cause everyday I rock a different chain
I think my hood and my niggaz who hold me down
besides Lil’J, Lil’ Flip control the town [echoes]


RiFF RAFF – Batman Freestyle Lyrics

What’s the business hoe?
Freestyle H
Bitch Stop Hating
In ain’t nothing

Popped up two times
Down to ?
Stay showing up in Alabama
Maybe hit the ‘Gram
Freestyle was outstanding
Call my yellow companion
Bitches looking good
Might molest the wood
Three whips through the woods with the ?
I done made my ?
Drank up a tank
Broke them boys off
Automatic car crank
Big dog bank
Two times I’m going to shine
Rise up and shine
I’m going to bump, I’m going to grind
Riding on the north side
Grind through the south
Wood wheel toss
Tooth star house in mouth?
Did in on the south
Did it on the east
Got pants with a crease
Starch down my knees
Got my niece looking good in the preschool
I’m going to do the fool in the damn high school
On top of the roof
Blowing on a KOOL
I’m a two timer
I done came down watch my car with the primer
Maybe with the candy
Hoes can’t stand me
Screens down watching Bambi
Watching what? Brandi
That’s Moesha
Back in high school fucked a teacher on the bleacher
I done drunk white
I done drunk stereo
I’m going to three wheel with the boy what? Mario
Mario Andretti no ?
Put a band-aid on your face like Nelly
R Kelly, I’m going to piss on the scene
I done drunk lean
Codeine fiend
I be on the damn scene
I be looking good when I swang through the piece
Let the boys know I done ate a piece of pizza
With the bitch Mona Lisa
Call up Julius Ceasar
That’s what I did
After ? Eishenhower
Im going to come down
Throw you off a water tower
What you going to do?
Brain done expanded
Rims are gigantic
Where that boy Danny
Danny what? Taylor
Danny what? Hawk
I done three wheeled with that boy Marshall Faulk
I’m going to go blind
Because of my diamonds
Broke a ?
Just 529ing
That’s what I’m doing
I done popped my trunk and three wheeled through ancient ruins
What you going to do?
Leave you at an angle
I’m going to come down like a damn Kurt Angle
In Bermuda Triangle, I done got lost
Pop me an X pill
Wood wheel toss
Laws pull me over
I ain’t even sober
I done three wheeled through the Clover
With the boy Lil Flip
Diamonds on my lip
I ain’t going to trip
I ain’t going to hate
I done came down with ice caused frost bite
I done caused a storm
In Desert Storm
When I swung my charm
Set off car alarms
It was with Saddam
Saddam Hussein
Broke them boys off
Let the fifth hang, swang
Let it swang ?
Probably was surprised
With infrareds in your eyes
Maybe if you blew
Grab your visine
Starch down clean
Riff Raff looking mean
Looking like a pitbull
Maybe blue nose
I’m going to pop trunk on
Fucking Pluto