Pop Smoke – Like Me Lyrics (feat. PnB Rock)

[Intro: PnB Rock & Pop Smoke]
Othello on the beat
You fire, ooh, ooh
You ain’t never met another nigga like me
You say you lookin’ for a man, you got the right one
She feelin’ me, she say, “You so wavy, boy, you sexy, yeah, you fire”

[Verse 1: Pop Smoke]
I’m like, “What’s crackin’?” She like, ”Pop, I got a man”
I’m like, “Damn, how you know me?” Say she got me on the ‘Gram
I say, “Look, I understand, but baby, I’m the fan
‘Cause you the baddest bitch I ever seen walk on the land”
She say, “What’s that on your face?” And I say, “It’s a cold world”
Way you bitin’ your lips though got me like “Oh, girl”
Get money and stay aggressive, baby, it’s your world
Martin talkin’ to Gina, baby, you go, girl
Who you with? I’m with the lions and gorillas, gangbangers and drug dealers
All them scammers and them killers who I hang with
Yeah, I taste good, ain’t no onions on my sandwich
I’m 823 and everybody know I’m sanctioned
Why? ‘Cause if I shoot, I’ma shoot that, woo and I’ma woo back
Yeah, I’m from the floss, you know the language
I put it on the table so that everything is clear
Put them diamonds on your necklace to match them on your ear
She like, “Send me a text”
The end of the night, she was laid up in the bed
Liftin’ up her dress, had her bent over the ledge
Kissin’ on her neck when she went to give me head
What’s next? Look
Let me f**k you, let me suck you, let me eat you, let me hold you
Let me beat up on that pussy like a real nigga’s supposed to
If you ain’t know I had the power, let me show you
Shark on your plate, we eatin’ dinner at Nobu

[Chorus: Pop Smoke & PnB Rock]
You ain’t never met another nigga like me
You say you lookin’ for a man, you got the right one
She said, “Boy, you handsome, boy, you sexy, boy, you fire”
You ain’t never met another nigga like me
Keep it real, girl, I’m lookin’ for a wifey
She feelin’ me, she say, “Boy, you wavy, you so sexy, boy, you fire”

[Verse 2: Pop Smoke]
I’ma call you every day at twelve o’ clock, “How you doin’?” like Wendy
About your day and that new bag that I bought you from Fendi
I’ma treat you right as long as you let me
Louis Vuitton and Giuseppes, all I do is chase fetti
Know I ride with that semi, so let me know when you ready
I’ma pull up in a Benz, just finished collectin’ funds
Grabbin’ on your ass, got a Rollie on my wrist
Baby, you could bring a friend, that’s when the party begin
All them tigers on my collar ain’t always just been Gucci
Ridin’ past your block bumpin’ YFN Lucci
You sayin’ talkin’ is cheap, so you know I had to prove it
So I made this song so you can add it to your music
I’m top tier, yeah, I ain’t never kept it Nancy
But like Jamie Foxx, I’ma always keep you fancy
Gucci trench, feel like fishin’ gear
Put me on any block, you know I’ma get it there

[Chorus: Pop Smoke & PnB Rock]
You ain’t never met another nigga like me
You say you lookin’ for a man, you got the right one
She said, “Boy, you handsome, boy, you sexy, boy, you fire”
You ain’t never met another nigga like me
Keep it real, girl, I’m lookin’ for a wifey
She feelin’ me, she say, “Boy, you wavy, you so sexy, boy, you fire”

[Outro: PnB Rock]
You fire, yeah, yeah
You fire, yeah, woo

Soulja Boy & Bow Wow – Intro (Ignorant Shit Mixtape) letras

[Verse 1: Soulja Boy]
Hit the pot with the fork
Scrape the cocaine just like an egg yolk
Slam dunk a brick just like I’m on a court
Feeling like John Gotti walking out the court
Broke my wrist when I jumped out the gym
Balling hard like I’m on ESPN
Pinky ring, hit me for the 10
Slide through the trap, Forgiato my rims
In the trap, let the story begin
’09, me and Guwop getting it in
Young rich nigga came up straight out the rip
2010, had to empty the clip
2011, .30 on my hip
2012, I’m on a private jet
’13, 30 M’s, what’s next?
’14, had a 100 M check
2015, nigga we made it
Jump out the gym and I went to Las Vegas
2016, came from trapping on Baby
Made 3M overseas, we gonna go to Australia
Me and Bow Wow all about paper
Stack up the money taller than skyscraper
Smoke up gelato, then I hit the vape
Hop in the Lambo, we stunt on the haters

[Verse 2: Bow Wow]
Yeah, yeah
Just bought a private jet
We don’t land at LAX
You know Bow get it popping
Shhh, rich niggas talking
Shut up nigga, let me speak mine
Been balling for a long time
You know hoes come and go, dog
Just like LeBron’s hairline
Kid Red in this bitch right
Wackstar here, Fruits up
Getting money with these white folks
Now now a nigga gotta suit up
In the building like I own it
Lamborghini doing donuts
Niggas talking like they want it
Bad bitches, yeah, we on them
Hop out the Wraith, young nigga knocking your bitch
Look at the stones on my wrist
Stripper parties in the suite at the Ritz
Forbes calling because they know niggas rich
We don’t make music for broke niggas
Only for rich niggas out getting money
I stay to myself, I keep shit on the low
And they say that I’m broke, boy, y’all funny
Still ball, I’m a Minute Made fan now
Still getting "Like Mike" checks in the mail now
Blowing big blunts, kush smoke in the air now
Young niggas in here turnt, we don’t pipe down
[Verse 3: Soulja Boy]
Young niggas turnt, we don’t pipe down
Posted on the block with the Glocks out
Posted on the block in the drop with Bow Wow
Pinky ring, 10 chain cost a 100 thou
Young rich niggas, yeah, we all about paper
Rollie my wrist, bust down on a hater
The niggas mad, just look at they faces
Went and spent 50 thousand for a bracelet
Posted on the block, I’m gripping
Serena Williams how I play with the racks like it’s tennis
Shoot this Draco just like Dennis the Menace
Standing in Zone 1, I’m serving the pigeons
Hit the p-jet with a hundred and fifty chickens
Drunk and testing, thought they say it’s finger licking
Knock out the plug, I ain’t leaving no witness
Sipping on Actavis, feeling the promethazine in my kidneys

[Verse 4: Bow Wow]
Club jumping because we in it
Niggas mad because we winning
Money coming by the boatloads
Fuck saving, we gonna spend it
Costa Mesa with your bitch
We just spent about a grit
Left nothing on the racks
We just fucking up Saks
Designer this, designer that
Always ten, we on the map
Speaking of the town, still the king of that
Homie, I’m just stating facts
Party at Jamie Foxx’s house
Fucking hoes on the couch
Never catching feelings with these bitches
Fuck them one time then kick them out
Been stunting since a jit
Red bottoms for the kicks
Switch the Rolly for the Cartier
Niggas balling, Penny Hardaway
Got a Gotti never drove it
Drive the Rover like it’s stolen
Diamonds came from Elliot the jeweler
So you know my neck and wrist is frozen
I just got a check, nigga
So I’m gonna flex, nigga
Got a driveway full of foreigns
I don’t drive Corvettes, nigga