Nepal sees explosion in COVID-19 cases

DW News shows that International help supplies are now flowing in to support overwhelmed hospitals in India. The country has been hit hard by a new variant. Neighbouring Nepal is also struggling to contain an explosion in cases. Vaccines are in short supply – and nearly half those tested are found to be positive. It’s feared the situation may be as bad, if not worse, than in India.
India is still registering record daily COVID-19 deaths and infections. Officials have reported more than 400,000 new cases in the last day. Almost 4,000 people died. Mass gatherings at recent religious and political rallies have also been blamed for spreading the virus.

COVID-19: Indian strain ‘variant of concern’

Sky News shows that a number of covid-19 Indian variant cases have been found in the North West of England and parts of London.
The strain of coronavirus first identified in India became a “variant of concern” after tests suggested that it is more transmissible than other variants. 
Sky’s Health Correspondent Ashish Joshi has been looking at what threat the variant poses.

India shatters global record as COVID-19 cases surge again

DW News shows that India reported a record high of more than 414,000 new infections and over 3,900 deaths over the past 24 hours. The new figures take the country’s total case count to nearly 21.5 million and total recorded fatalities to over 234,000.
And there’s no end in sight to this crisis. Hospitals are buckling under the pressure. There is a lack of beds and a lack of staff. But the one factor that has made this second wave more devastating than last year’s emergency is the lack of oxygen.

India Makes 7,000 Tons Of Oxygen A Day, So Why Is There A Shortage?

Insider News shows that India produces 7,000 tons of oxygen per day. They decoded why there’s still a shortage as COVID-19 surges again.
Experts estimate that India needs nearly 16 million cubic meters of oxygen per day, or more than 21,000 metric tons, at current case rates.
The main problem is that medical oxygen is not reaching hospital beds in time. This delay is a product of where production units are located, a stretched distribution network, and what certain critics have said is bad planning.
India has a daily production capacity of at least 7,100 tonnes of oxygen, including for industrial use.
The armed forces are importing 23 mobile oxygen generation plants from Germany.

India’s COVID-19 crisis is far from over, and vaccines alone won’t help. Here’s why

PBS NewsHour shows that the COVID-19 crisis in India shows little sign of slowing down. As death tolls and infections skyrocket, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership is under increasing political pressure and scrutiny. The country is short on vaccines, and other life-saving supplies like oxygen and antiviral drugs. William Brangham speaks to Indian reporter Barkha Dutt about what she’s seeing on the ground.

India’s COVID CRISIS – What went wrong? And what needs to happen next, explained

7NEWS Australia shows that India’s coronavirus crisis is worsening, with more than 400,000 cases reported daily, and a new, grim record of 3,500 deaths in a single day. But just a few weeks ago, India thought it had the pandemic under control. So, what went wrong? And what needs to happen next. And what is the benefit of countries like Australia locking out people trying to return home from India?

India first country to record 400,000 daily Covid cases

BBC News shows that India has become the first country to report more than 400,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day.
The country has expanded its coronavirus vaccination drive as it grapples with huge numbers of Covid cases. All adults in India are now eligible to be vaccinated.
The real figures of daily deaths are thought to be far higher as many fatalities go unreported.

India’s vaccine programme grinds to halt in some states in deadly Covid second wave

Channel 4 News shows that India has seen yet another record number of deaths from Covid-19 and it is set to rise for days to come.  
Officially, more than 18 million people are infected, but the true numbers are likely to be much higher.
With oxygen supplies still not reaching the people who need it most, the vaccination drive appears to have crumbled, with state after state saying that the plans to vaccinate the whole adult population cannot go ahead.

India’s COVID-19 crisis: Growing fears that international aid may be too late to avert disaster

Global News shows that International aid has finally arrived in India, as the health-care system grapples with a worsening COVID-19 crisis. 
The world’s second-most populated nation is embroiled in a health crisis, with hospitals and morgues overwhelmed. On Thursday, India’s total COVID-19 cases surpassed 18 million. Over the past week, the country has continuously set new global records for daily infections and deaths.

Canada pledges $10M in aid to India as COVID-19 crisis deepens

Global News shows India continues to battle a surge of COVID-19 infections that’s overwhelming its hospitals and dwindling much-needed medical supplies like oxygen. The country is now fast approaching over 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus. Amid several countries already promising to send help, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now pledging $10 million in aid from Canada to India through the Red Cross. And as Redmond Shannon reports, the new promises have not stopped a number of Indian-Canadians from worrying for their loved ones enduring the deepening crisis there.

India’s COVID-19 patients camp out to get life-saving oxygen

Sky News shows that Coronavirus COVID-19 patients in parts of India are camping out to try and get oxygen, which is in extremely short supply as the country’s coronavirus crisis deepens.
Sky’s Alex Crawford reports from Haryana state, north of Delhi, where doctors and volunteers are treating people under tarpaulins in makeshift hospitals. Many have been there for days, unable to find a medical centre that will take them in and provide the oxygen they so desperately need.