Young Thug – The Promise Lyrics

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[Intro: Sample]
I hear the cry of an angel
I hear the scream of a man
I hear the cry of an angel
I hear the scream of a man who will stand strong
We got London On Da Track

[Verse 1]
Uh, I got London on the Track, baby
He might go jail for serving this crack, baby
Rich the Kid, we in the trap, baby
But he might be lucky ’cause he’ll serve all of these rappers, baby (Ah)
I’m sitting up high, I’m in the nose bleed (Ayy)
I got extendo under my extendo tee
Momma, I’m not gon’ let these niggas murk me
I’ll be damned if these Bloods let him hurt me
I think I see some blood, my baby hurt me
I swear to God I’m Herby Curby working
Lil mama super wet, I call her squirty
Like skeet skeet
That pussy retarded, I, I go the hardest, I
I, I, I nutted inside with the carbon, why
Why, why would you do this to me?
It hurts if it don’t seems
I’ma, I’ma block it out just by counting these knots
I’m just kidding, I think not
I’ma hold this weight down, even though it’s a lot
And I’ma take off on your nigga, no astronaut
And I’m the motherfucking man, I’m not no boy
And I got a playroom if you wanna see some toys
And I got extendo, look like I got two rods
And I got a 6 Plus, look like an iPod

My kids go by uh, Jacob, Kyvion, Haiti, Hayden, Amir, Maury
And I swear to God I ain’t sorry, bitch
I got a maid that’ll watch ’em in the dark
And I got some sisters that’ll watch ’em like a guardian
Plus I got some elders that’ll watch ’em like a guard
It don’t matter if I leave, I know my bro gon’ do my part

[Verse 2]
Hey, hey, bitch come stumbling in my car
I’ll just terminate him, then I’ll leave him with a scar
I can’t be no hater, bitches gambling when in Vegas
I’d be bustin’ tomatoes if I was ever gated
Bitch, I know the business, I been nominated lately
I bust in her face, so yeah, she know that’s not my baby
Hey, I’ma cook them cakes no Easy Baker
We got something to get so we need that tow truck stable
Hey, bitches see these floors and get hot
Yes, I’m living it up, my bed in the sky
Yes, I heard you’re the king of the rock
But when I hit it like a hit stick I make it shock, yeah
Flip flop paint going down the street
Minks all on my floor, now that bitch look just like a sheep
Help me find love, help me find love, Stevie, I can’t see
I’m a snake, you know my tail stinging, plus I’m a Bee
I might turn you up if you get right, no Mama Dee
Yeah, no Mama Dee, but
I’m spitting so hard I might just lose my teeth (Woah)
Tree top, trill lil leaf (Hah)
Baby bought the Gerby
Feed her lobster, Kirby
I don’t trust you, no worry
Oops, I meant worthy
I know it’s kinda hard to get the
Words I’m saying, I’m steady praying, amen
Please forgive me for my sins, please twin
I don’t wanna be departed from you, you me and
You know I’m you
Hundred miles an hour, you control the coupe
Thank you for giving me these golds, no flute
Please make ’em understand that I ain’t no fruit
Please make ’em understand I only fuck coochie
Please forgive me for my sins
Please, please, please forgive me
All I wanna do is win
I don’t write so I don’t want the pen
I promise I’m in love with my kids
I’m thankful for everything I get
Lord knows that I take care of my kin
I promise I hope it never ends

[Outro: Sample]
I hear the cry of an angel
I hear the scream of a man