Bill Wurtz – ​money Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Got some money, got some cash
I’m rich and now I’m sad
And I wonder if I’m sad about the money that I have
Got some boats on my plane
At the hotel where I’m staying
Just in case I ever have to swiftly get away

[Verse 2]
And the window is broken
And cold winds are blowing in at me
That’s when I knew that the fairytale is true
And tomorrow I’m going out to sea

[Verse 3]
Got some money in my hand
And it makes me mad
Because I don’t know what money means

[Verse 4]
Everyone knows that the world is cold
And you can warm it up with a little true love
And I wish to explain all the ways
Friends and lovers can go all the way
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to me
One day will feel complete
Happy birthday to somebody in the streets
Who’s been waiting patiently

[Verse 5]
Got money, some cash
I keep it in my head
And I think about it all day but I can’t spend it
Hello it’s a Tuesday show
‘Cause Wednesday seems so long ago
I said it three or four songs ago
It’s time for the show

[Verse 6]
Got some money in my hat
And it makes me seem tall
I can see where all the money in the world has gone
It’s swimming!
Across the floor of the ocean
Peacefully floating there
It’s 4.95, some call it 3.99
Some call it a billion

[Verse 7]
Money is bad
I don’t understand what to do it with it
Or how to deal with it, yeah
Or tell my friends
What it does
How it works
What it’s worth
And if it can change the world

Bill Wurtz – ​i’m a princess Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m a princess
And I think about the diamonds in the sky too often
Do you love me?
Or have things gone astray?
Mmm, buckets
Catch the dreams as they fall from my ceiling
And earthquakes come and go all afternoon

[Verse 2]
I’m a princess
And I wonder about my neighbors
Even though I don’t have them
But they’re listening to every word I say

Back on the road, back down the road downtown
I don’t have courage but I have something else
And it’s more than words
I’m ridiculous and feeling very particular
About my world

Chaka Khan
What an interesting song
Tell me where I belong
Tell me what’s going on, where I went wrong
And what’s the message in this song?
Where are the lessons in this song?
Tell it to me once before I’m gone

[Verse 3]
Respect me, I’m a princess
All the soldiers that surround me
And make sure I’m lonely
Through the daydream, dreamed that it’s okay

Open the door, close the door
Got to get through the other side of the door
Open the door
Mm, there’s got to be more
There’s got to be so much more
But I don’t know what it’s there for
I don’t know what we’re here for

Sometimes I think of it when I sleep
And I’m dreaming about my friends in need
Step into the machine and feel the dreams
And all the ingredients in the dream
See what makes them seem so appealing
Oops, there goes the ceiling

Oh, I’m a princess
Excuse me, I read that wrong, I’m a dunce