Joyner Lucas Samples Beenie Man Classic In “Zim Zimma” With Mark Wahlberg

Beenie Man’s “Who Am I (Sim Simma)” is still making strides after 23 years. The song recently inspired a single by American rapper Joyner Lucas with a similar title, “Zim Zimma.” On Tuesday, May 18, Lucas dropped the visual for the song, featuring stars Mark Wahlberg, George Lopez, and Diddy.

In the video, Wahlberg gave a shout-out to Beenie Man, declaring that he preferred Beenie Man’s 1998 original version of the song. Apart from the title that is outrightly derived from Beenie’s classic, a number of the bars by Lucas also samples the King of Dancehall’s original version.

This includes lines such as “Zim zimma, Who got the keys to my motherf**kin’ Beamer?” and “Zim Zimma/I’m the girls dem sugar/I’m a trill ass nigga.”

Joyner Lucas continues his cinematic-type approach to his visuals for this one. Throughout the clip, he can be seen searching for the keys to his beamer before he notices that Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg is in possession of them. Sadly things take a turn for the worst when Wahlberg crashed the new ride. As Lucas gets upset and storms off, Wahlberg proclaims, “I like Beenie Man’s sh*t better anyway.”

Joyner Lucas’ song is not the first to sample Beenie Man’s 23-year-old classic. Entertainers such as Redman and Nelly have done similar creative work stemming from the song.

Additionally, this is not the first Joyner Lucas song to use incorporate dancehall elements. The rapper’s 2014 breakout single “Riding Solo” featured Jamaican dancehall veteran Busy Signal. The video for that single was also captured in Jamaica. The love for the Jamaican culture became even more noticeable when it was revealed that it was his first time taking a trip outside of the United States for a video shoot.

Beenie Man has not yet responded to the endorsement, but the Dancehall icon is getting ready to release a new album titled “Simma” this summer. “Simma” will be Beenie Man’s first studio project in 13 years.

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Beenie Man Escapes Jail Time Fined $150K For DRMA Breach

Beenie Man escapes jail time following his sentencing today.

The dancehall legend was fined JM$150000 after pleading guilty on April 19 to breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA). Beenie Man received the sentence at the St. Elizabeth Parish Court on Monday (May 17). His original sentencing date was set for May 14 but that was pushed back to today.

In April, he changed his plea from not guilty as he said that he wanted to take a more responsible approach to the matter. The veteran, whose real name is Moses Davis, had the additional charge of breaching the Noise Abatement Act thrown out during his last court appearance.

Following his last appearance in court, his attorney, Roderick Gordon, explained to Loop News why the dancehall star changed his verdict.

“Beenie Man pleaded guilty to the breach and we will be going back to court on May 14 to make a final plea in mitigation. On that date, Beenie Man will be sentenced, and he is likely to be fined. We will now have the opportunity to lay out the circumstances why it should not be a heavy fine,” he shared.

The charges stem from an alleged illegal party in late November 2020. He was summoned by St. Elizabeth police after advertising a New Year’s Eve party following the alleged November one. As the Jamaican government continues to fight against the spread of the coronavirus, the act was amended by the House of Representatives on March 23. Those who break the health protocols now face fines ranging from J$3,000 to J$500,000.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” singer is optimistic that he will be allowed to share his side of the story.

“We look forward to giving our side of the circumstances that led to the charge. And we believe that once the court hears the full facts, they will understand Mr Davis’s position in the matter,” his lawyer Gordon told the Jamaica Observer.

He added: “There are things which we haven’t been able to say to the court; for example if he was the organiser or not… These are things which come out,” he continued.

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Bounty Killer ‘King Of Kingston’ Album: Everything You Need To Know

Bounty Killer’s new album King of Kingston is loading.

It’s been almost two decades since Bounty Killer released an album. In fact, Ghetto Dictionary was released by VP Records in 2002. But the wait is over since he has already confirmed that he’ll be dropping something new this year called King of Kingston. The mission behind this upcoming album is clear, and it’s to remind fans of what authentic dancehall sounds like from one of the greatest of all time in the history of the genre.

Last year while being interviewed by Nikki Z, Killer said: “Some people don’t remember what dancehall is and what the real foundation is… so we gonna take them to the real hardcore.”

With that being said, there hasn’t been much new information about the album except for the cover art that Killer shared last weekend. But let’s focus on what we know so far.

Damian Jr Gong Marley executive produce the album

We already know that it will get the Midas touch from Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, the album’s executive producer. Damian Marley isn’t just you’re average reggae/dancehall artist, and neither does he have to rely on his last name.

Gongzilla is one of the most gifted artists in the genre ever to take up the mic, and now he is using his decades of experience to produce music for other artists through the Marley’s Tuff Gong label. So Bounty Killer album is in safe hands.

DJ Khaled to add some production work

So far, we know of one powerful music producer likely to feature on the album, and that’s DJ Khaled, who jokingly asked for Jamaican citizenship earlier this month so that he could work on the record. The two discussed the option during an Instagram Live. During that session, it was revealed that DJ Khaled was confirmed to work on at least one of the songs on the new album.

DJ Khaled, who is very familiar with dancehall and its culture, also revealed his favorite Bounty Killer tunes during the Live. “Look Into My Eyes is my biggest song but Mama She Is Not In A Good Mood is my favourite due to the sentimental value,” he said. This may be an indicator that he’s going to help Bounty reproduce that gritty underground sound that he’s become well-known for.

King of Kingston cover art
Artists who are featured

Another collaboration shows a more regional approach as he confirmed that Trinidad and Tobago’s Bunji Garlin will feature on the album. That track is called “Free Up” and already premiered on a London radio station by MixMasterJ on May 6. The song was produced by Christopher Birchill and is from his Sambana Riddim.

In March, he used Instagram to confirm another collaboration, this one more aligned with the dancehall genre. He shared a small snippet of him and Busy Signal getting to work in the studio. The title of that one may be “Bang, Bung” and is featured on a retro dancehall beat with Bounty’s distinctive vocals piercing through the drums just as he did in the 90s and early 2000s.

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There’s also “Gun Ready,” a collaboration with upcoming deejay Machine Lawd but that one hasn’t been confirmed for the album as yet.

We have no doubt that he has a lot more collaborations coming, but that’s all that he’s hinted at so far. His decision to record a new album was probably heavily influenced by his reemergence following his epic Verzuz battle with past rival Beenie Man. Following that virtual battle in 2020, both he and Beenie Man saw a phenomenal upsurge in streaming numbers.

This is not surprising since the virtual clash drew in an audience of 470,000 live viewers and an estimated audience of 3.7 million for the duration of the show. Then there were over one billion impressions. Following that boost, the “Poor People Fed Up” deejay saw a triple-digit percentage growth to the tune of 291 percent.

Bounty Killer’s son Major Myjah might also make the guestlist for the album.

Lyrical content of the album

It may or may not be a challenge for him in approaching the content of his lyrics for this project. Bounty Killer is well known for hardcore lyrics that helped earn him the ‘Warlord’ moniker. But a much more matured Bounty Killer might come with different packaging for this project, something he often touted in recent times. One thing you can expect is for the dancehall legend to tackle the harsh reality of what’s going on in the streets.

Jamaican artists have come under attack for what some politicians believe is a correlation between violent lyrics and violence in society. Killer has spoken at length about the perceived issue and has even admitted that some songs in his catalog he regretted releasing.

While he may have some regrets about some lyrics, it doesn’t stand to reason that he will stay away from violent lyrics. Most recently, Killer agreed with People’s National Party (PNP) senator Damion Crawford’s opinion on the matter. Crawford, who appeared on Onstage with Winford Williams, said: “Other persons like myself who listen to it and gravitate towards it may be gravitating towards the metaphors and the rhymes and stuff like that. So the aspect of the music that a criminal gravitates to is because he was a criminal, not because the music transforms him,” he said.

Bounty Killer responded to a clip featuring Crawford’s opinion and said: “Well said mr @damioncrawford I hope all the band wagonnis can go listen this full interview and stop blame the artist dem for Jamaica’s crime and violence,” he captioned the post. We can definitely anticipate authenticity from the artist. In another interview on the issue of violence, he told the Gleaner, “It’s social dysfunction that causes violence. Violence has become a culture in Jamaica. Music is just one of the little entities in the world that might have influenced anybody.”

If anything, he’s making sure he puts his all into it, just as his recent Instagram sidenote takes aim at other artists in the dancehall space who are releasing albums this year.

“Side Note: Since everybody and dem granny making album this year all of a sudden let me make this clear all who and who dropping dem little dumpling thing dweet fast and move bcuz when GIANT a feed up a pudding pan kerosene tin business in other words the BIGGEST BADDEST and the BEST dancehall Y’album for the last two decades is…………..LOADING,” Bounty Killer wrote before sharing the artwork for the album, King of Kingston.

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Beenie Man, I-Octane, Teejay & More Dancehall Artists Who Lost Weight

Beenie Man, I-Octane, and Teejay are among several dancehall artists who used the pandemic time off to lose weight.

The pandemic years were definitely the years for getting in shape, and many of our favorite Dancehall artists are among those who have been using the downtime from the pandemic to get in shape. Among those who entered 2021 noticeably slimmer were Teejay, Beenie Man, I-Octane, and Jada Kingdom. The secret to their success, dieting and exercising regularly.

Beenie Man weight loss

For Beenie Man, the impetus to lose weight came after his Verzuz battle with Bounty Killer last May. The deejay was mercilessly teased for his protruding stomach and being out of shape. Following the show’s airing, Beenie’s “belly” was the talk of social media and even became a trending topic on Twitter. The relentless teasing motivated the artiste to start on a fitness regime with then partner Krystal Tomlinson.

Beenie Man began working out regularly and also changed his diet. The result- a year later is that the Doctor is back to his slim physique and looking healthier than he has in years. Beenie Man said he lost a total of 15 inches from his waist.

I-Octane weight loss

The Hot Ras is back! I-Octane is another entertainer that seems to be living his healthiest life this year. The “Puff It” deejay dropped his rather puffy look for a new and improved physique, and fans are loving it. In March, the singer shared a before and after photo on his Instagram page showing a drastic reduction in his weight. He said he had lost a total of 90 pounds in four months, moving from a whopping 255 pounds at his heaviest down to 165 pounds.

According to the singjay, the transformation was motivated by negative comments from fans on his social media pages. Giving up eating his favorite comfort foods and improving his diet were major aspects of the process. However, it was his work with celebrity trainer Patrice White that really helped with shedding those pounds. White has also worked with the likes of Elephant Man and Beenie Man.

Jada Kingdom weight loss

Jada Kingdom is the next entertainer that has tongues wagging owing to a major transformation in her appearance. Jada, who has been spending much of her time in America with her hubby, has been showing off her smaller was waist and overall slimmer physique. Jada, who proclaimed herself “Mumma Heavy,” was the subject of several rumors due to what seemed a rather quick weight loss. Critics of the artiste alleged that severe drug use could be the reason for her new figure.

Jada Kingdom has, however, come out and defended her weight loss while denouncing the rumors about her alleged drug use. She mentioned that her significant weight loss was the result of three years of consistent fitness training and improving her diet. The singer revealed that she has tried both pescatarian and vegan diets in her quest to slim down. Removing foods such as rice while increasing her water intake dramatically helped with her 3-year battle. The real question of the day is, can we still refer to her as Mumma Heavy? Of course, we can.

Teejay weight loss

Romeich Entertainment signee Teejay also took a seat on the fitness train, and by the looks of it, he was definitely riding in one of the more elaborate coaches. The singer, who was noticeably chubby when he broke onto the Dancehall scene, is looking a lot slimmer these days. Back in October 2020, Teejay revealed that he lost a total of 50 pounds. His weight loss regime? A rather unusual one – eating crackers and drinking water.

The Uptop Boss said his complete transformation took just a little under three months. Shocking! It’s not clear if exercise was a part of his regiment since the deejay has never actually showcased himself in a fitness center. Deejay’s transformation is definitely spectacular, but a diet of crackers and water may be a little too drastic for others to follow.

Bling Dawg weight loss

While he has not been trending on the musical scene for a while, Bling Dawg is another entertainer who has debuted a dramatic change in his appearance. The usually heavy-set artiste is now slim, muscular, and looking like a man of steel. Bling’s transformation did not come overnight.

Bling Dawg, who took a three-year hiatus from the business leading up to last year, worked out for months to achieve his new body. He has also posted images of healthy meals, which we are assuming helped in his transformation. We wouldn’t have any complaints if Bling decided to switch his moniker to Bull Dawg, just saying.

It seems dancehall entertainers are already reading not just their musical catalogs but also their bodies for a full reopening of some of the world’s biggest stages. It could also simply be a way for them to feel better in their own skin while keeping their health in check.

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Buju Banton Calls The Gov’t The ‘Enemies Of The Jamaican People’ Over DRM Amendment

Buju Banton is not happy with a recent notice by the Jamaica Constabulary Force that says it does not need to warn persons who are found in breach of an offense under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

On his Instagram account, Buju Banton said, “all members of parliament who voted for this have declared themselves to be enemies of Jamaican people. DO NOT TRAD ON US ANYMOOR [sic],” Buju said.

Buju Banton has been a staunch critic of the government and its vaccination drive and measures geared at flattening the curve as infections spiked in the island. He is among a string of entertainers that includes Sizzla Kalonji, Spragga Benz, and others who have called out the government for the oppressive measures which have seen the entertainment industry grind to a half more than 12 months now. The government has failed to provide stimulus to assist mini and micro-businesses that are affected.

The notice in question read, “the public is being advised that as a result of the recent amendments to the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), the police are no longer required to give warning notices before affecting an arrest for breaches under the DRMA. These persons can be arrested and charged immediately,” the public advisory read.

It seems that the police force is backtracking after Jamaicans released an onslaught of criticisms against the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) after it said that charges against Usain Bolt for a secret birthday bash in August 2020 will not be laid. The JCF, via its Communications spokesperson Stephanie Lindsay last week, noted that the reasoning behind that decision was that Bolt was not given the opportunity to be warned because police were notified of the offense after the fact.

Furthermore, she said that usually, when offenses are committed, the persons are warned, and if they persist, then they are charged. She cited Beenie Man’s case as one such instance where the party promoters and Beenie Man were warned, but the party was still held in violation of the direct orders.

Jamaicans found the argument untenable as many online took to social media to call out the JCF for hypocrisy and favoritism towards Bolt because others are not dealt with in the same manner. Among those who have been charged is entertainer Beenie Man for a party held in St. Elizabeth, as well as ordinary members of the public.

Recent videos online have shown police brutalizing a man for failing to wear a mask. The man in a video was seen bleeding from his mouth as a woman alleged that his teeth were knocked out by police.

Buju Banton previously calls Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ measures to contain the pandemic, “oppression and tyranny.” While he received some support for making the statement, some Jamaicans pushed back against it.

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Police Called Out After Closing Usain Bolt’s DRM Case As Beenie Man Faces Jail Time

The case against Usain Bolt for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act has been dropped as the Jamaica Constabulary Force says it does not have enough to go on since the party was reported after the fact.

Last year in August, a surprise birthday breakfast bash was held for the legendary sprinter at Football Factory to celebrate his 34th birthday. The party included a range of VIP guests, including several high-profile footballers and entertainers.

Many who attended the event went to great pains as they posted on social media to mislead the public that the event was held the year prior and that it was a throwback party. However, some patrons did not get the message it seems and made contradicting posts online confirming that the party actually happened that day as they showed off their fancy breakfast party outfits and posted that they were at Bolt’s party.

The news of the party caused an uproar as the Jamaican government banned events and gatherings of over 15 people. Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Health Minister Chris Tufton had declared that there would be no favoritism in how the sprinting legend will be treated.

To make matters worse, there was also a reported spike of Covid-19 cases, which included the Sprinter himself becoming infected from the virus allegedly by one of the party patrons, some of whom had recently traveled and failed to quarantine as the government had ordered.

Now, the police say Bolt will get off Scot-free as the investigation can go no further. However, Jamaicans are not taking the explanation of the police kindly.

On Sunday, the Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay said that the investigation has been shelved as the information that could be evidence was received after the event.

“that matter was closed because the Disaster Risk Management Act is designed that the person or persons must be warned by the police to stop and disperse. If they comply, that will be the end of it, but if they continue, then action will be taken,” Lindsay said. “So in that matter, we could not continue investigating because we got the footage of the event after it was completed, so he could not have been prosecuted under the Disaster Risk Management Act for a breach.”

Lindsay rejected the assertion by local journalists that Bolt was untouchable, and others in similar breaches, which include the likes of Beenie Man and local viral sensation Solanie, will face the consequences. Both Beenie Man and Solanie have been charged with breaches and are to appear in court to answer further to the charges.

Lindsay defended the investigation with Bolt as different.

“In that particular matter [Beenie Man], they were warned not to have the event because we got information that the event would have been held prior to and persons were warned not to. The police went and the event was happening, so because they were warned and they went ahead and did it, that constituted a breach.”

Beenie Man’s case is scheduled for sentencing in May. He pleaded guilty to the charges. The main evidence against the artist is a video of him promoting the party even while events were banned on the island due to the covid-19 pandemic. The police later reported that the party was still kept even as it had warned that keeping a party was in breach of the DRM Act. Beenie Man was later asked to report to the police, where he was charged.

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Beenie Man To Be Sentenced May 14 After Pleading Guilty to DRM Charges

Beenie Man faces jail time or fine hen he appeared in court next month for sentencing in his DRM case.

Beenie Man flipped the not guilty verdict he provided in February and opted for a guilty one when he again stepped into the St. Elizabeth Parish Court on Wednesday, February 10. The dancehall legend was in court to address charges linked to breaches of the Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement Act on November 29, 2020.

Specifically, the entertainer has pleaded guilty to the DRM charges, while other charges linked to the Noise Abatement Act, which insinuated that the deejay did not attempt to secure a permit from the Superintendent for the Shrewbury district, were dropped by the court on Monday.

Beenie Man’s lawyer Roderick Gordon says that the artist did the honorable thing to plea guilty to the charge. The attorney is also satisfied with the Crown’s decision to withdraw the second charge.

As for his guilty plea, the entertainer will be heading to court on May 14th to receive his sentencing.

While speaking to The Gleaner after his courthouse proceedings on Monday, Beenie Man had this to say about his decision to not contest the matter any further. “Mi nuh wah nobody fi feel like mi above the law so we affi deal wid dat right and mek Jamaica feel safe and mek di people dem know dat we wid dem,” the deejay said.

Based on the recent amendment of the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), Beenie Man could be steering down a monetary fine of up to JM$500,000.

The 47-year-old had a very troubled 2020, which included the death of his mom, as well as another run-in with the law on New Year’s Eve, which led to him being officially charged.

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Beenie Man Shares Clip Of Inside His Mother’s Tomb Fitting For A Queen

Dancehall icon Beenie Man laid his mother to rest in fine style fitting for a queen.

Beenie Man’s mother, Lilieth Sewell, passed away in September 2020 at the age of 63, after spending several weeks getting treatment at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) following a stroke in July last year.

Despite her age, Beenie Man and his family ensured Sewell was not buried on a traditional burial ground but in a trendy two-story tomb located in her native parish of St. Elizabeth. Videos circulating on social media show the burial home, which is laced with gold-colored curtains, a modern, white door, a sofa set, a mirror with his late mothers’ picture, and her tomb in the middle.

The “King of the Dancehall” deejay said goodbye to his mother during a sorrowful ceremony in October.

A video of Beenie Man fainting at the funeral had circulated on social media, and the artiste later explained that, “On Sunday, October 25th I laid my mom to rest. It was by far and still is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Leading up to the day of the funeral I was involved in every aspect of the planning an execution.”

Beenie Man

He continued, “I kept telling myself, maybe if it remained active I will be able to function. Unfortunately, when it came down to that very last moment, it hit me and hit very hard. This would be the last time I would see my mom. Despite the noise, the singing, the mourning, all I could hear was silence while watching my mom’s body being lowered into the tomb.”

The recording artiste gave a tour of her burial site two months ago on the day, which would have been her 64th birthday.

During the tour, the “Girls Dem Sugar” said, “This is the serious point about it. To how mi love mi mada, mi couldn’t bury har under the ground, mi haffi have har close. Mi nuh know still, mi love my mada different, mi nuh know bout no other people and dem mada, my ting different.”

Beenie man had also announced that he was showing his love by dedicating a community center to his mother. The facility will be constructed in the community of Waterhouse.

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Beenie Man Joins Growing List Of Artists Angry At PM Andrew Holness Over Curfew

Beenie Man joins a growing list of dancehall artists venting about Prime Minister Andrew Holness curfew measures.

The onset of the Covid pandemic has led many Jamaican entertainers to assess the government’s plans to halt the spread of the virus. The measures which have since come under scrutiny by a handful of entertainers include mandatory wearing of masks in public spaces, tightened curfews, a band on large public gatherings, and most recently, the distribution of vaccines.

The likes of Spragga Benz and Buju Banton have publicly blasted both their fellow entertainers who promise to take the vaccine, as well as the government’s instructions to the citizens of Jamaica. Another dancehall veteran is seemingly hitting out at the Andrew Holness-led administration for apparently strong-arming the island’s natives in the name of Covid without placing much emphasis on other social problems such as homelessness and hunger derived from said measures.

Beenie Man decided to have a quick chat with his legion of fans on Instagram while preparing for a day out with his family at the Pegasus Hotel.

During his Instagram LIVE session, he questioned, “None a we no have no Covid and as rasta wa we fi do?” That transitioned into the deejay’s explanation of the various acts from the government and the police, which he disapproves of.

Jamaica PM Andrew Holness

“Me no like how dem a deal with the law a Jamaica. Dem a deal with the law like its a occupation. Because, police dem ketch you pon the road all after 9 or after 10 you affi pay dem money or you go a jail eno brethren,” Beenie explained to his fans. The deejay criticized the government for not providing enough positive options for the citizens to do right.

“The Man dem nah give you no mask, no sanitizer, dem nah give you nothin fi help yuhself, dem a lock yuh up say you breach the Covid law,” Beenie said while questioning the validity of a ‘Covid law’.

“You can’t tell poor people to go in them bed when no bed no de de fi sleep inna my yute, and is ghetto people uno a pressure,” he said while highlighting that he has never yet witnessed the police in the upscale community of Cherry Gardens where he resides.

“The man dem fi deal with the people dem with more respect…stop people and talk to people the right way,” Beenie advised the Police officers enforcing the law. “‘You a tell man say go over de so cause’ a after 1 now and ray ray,’ – Man a come from work. You de pon work you expect man fi lockdown cause uno say it fi lock down. How the money go come in? How my youth dem a go school?”

He added, “Uno stop dem thing de brethren. So is only security and police, and doctors and nurses suppose to de pon the road after 1, it no make no sense. If your money come in 12 o’clock, how you go make your money 8? Police can’t stop your money from come in.”

Beenie Man also cosigned Buju Banton’s recent address to his fans as he continues to rail against the government’s Covid mandate. “Buju do a ting today weh me respect,” he said. The Gargamel recently called at wealthy Jamaican citizens to let their voices be heard instead of hiding behind their masks while the government enacts tyranny and oppression over the nation. The calls from Buju came after numerous recordings of stand-offs between police and citizens who have grown weary of the stringent curfews and confinements.

Beenie Man has had his own issues with the law. Last year he was accused of breaching Disaster Risk Management and Noise Abatement Acts in Jamaica when he hosted a party in St. Elizabeth. He is set to face trial next month for those charges where he could face jail time or a fine. “Bun out government and them system,” he said, as he closed out the LIVE to spending some quality time with his family.

Beenie Man is scheduled to headline Sunclash meets Shutdown show in Ibiza, Spain, later this year alongside Bounty Killer. The Warlord urged fans to take their vaccine in order to experience the performance in person. The move angered Spragga Benz, who seemingly questioned the approach of Bounty and other entertainers who have endorsed the vaccine.

“Mi see some BIG BAD Jamaican artist promoting di vaxi agenda already… either dem get a promise or dem really dunce to the program,” Spragga wrote on social media.

The battle between pro-vaccine and no-vaccine continues to rage on.

Bounty Killer Bury Beef With Mavado, Publicly Support Vado Amid Mother’s Death

Bounty Killer bury his beef with one of his students, Mavado.

Dancehall entertainer Mavado has been getting major support from members of the dancehall fraternity, including rival Bounty Killer, amidst the recent death of his mom. The “Dying” deejay took to Instagram over the weekend to express his love and admiration for his mom. In a recent post, he recounted his commitments to a more promising future for his mother and just how he delivered on that promise for the lady he calls his best friend. Cassava Piece native Elizabeth’ Ms. Pinny’ Gordon passed away suddenly at a Kingston hospital.

Several entertainers have been mourning the loss of their moms in recent years. Beenie Man, Shenseea, and Shabba Ranks are just a few of the names who have had to live through the gut-wrenching pain of losing one of the most important women in their lives. Dancehall icon Bounty Killer may have lost his mom nearly a decade ago. However, Miss Ivy’s death remains fresh in the minds of Bounty. His frequent mention of her in his music and during interviews has cemented her name among members of the dancehall fraternity. Similarly, Mavado has made mention of his mom in numerous songs such as 2017’s “Mama” and an earlier hit, Serani’s “Mama Still Hungry,” on which he was featured.

While the relationship between Killer and Vado remains a strained one, the Warlord shared his condolences to his former protege. An image of Mavado alongside his mom was posted by Killer along with the following caption:

“Jah know star I just want to send my deepest sympathy and condolences to @mavadogully and his family on the passing of his mom despite our situation. I know the void and emptiness cause by the loss of a mom it’s a very sad street that we all have to trod one day prayers goes out stay strong.”

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A post shared by BOUNTY KILLER (@grunggaadzilla)

As the cliche goes, Mavado and Bounty Killer were once as thick as thieves. That all changed in 2011 when gunshots rang out outside of the then-popular Kingston nightclub, QUAD. The gunfire took place as Mavado was entering the nightclub to party with Killer at his annual birth-night bash. The shooting incident, which involved security and Mavado’s entourage, claimed the life of Mavado’s close friend Conroy Edwards. At that exact moment, the battle lines were drawn, as Bounty blamed his musical son for causing the major disruptions at his event. Mavado kept Killer at bay for not showing any sympathy upon hearing about the passing of his friend.

As with other members who left the Alliance, a musical war was soon on its way. Gully frontrunners Chase Cross and Flexxx fired shots at Alliance. The Warlord returned fire with “Death Work,” which took aim at Vado’s Alliance with We The Best Music, ran by Miami-based Dj Kahled. It is reported that the two have engaged in cordial conversations over the years. However, their relationship has never been the same.

Bounty Killer’s heartfelt caption was given the green light by a number of persons in the industry, such as Dovey Magnum, Jesse Royal, and Beenie Man. Bounty Killer showed tremendous support to his one-time rival Beenie Man when his mom passed last year.

Mavado has also received additional support below his two recent posts. The likes of producer Romario English, Ishawna, Lila Ike’, Baby Cham, Agent Sasco, and many others have also offered kind words to Gully Gad during his time of grief.

Beenie Man Reveals Late Mom Inspired “Fun In The Sun” With Popcaan & Dre Island

Dancehall entertainer Beenie Man has been steadily promoting the leading track off his much-anticipated album Simma. The new song and video titled “Fun In The Sun” dropped just a few days ago and featured Popcaan and Dre Island.

The dancehall veteran recently joined in on the new audio-based app Clubhouse to discuss the new album. He also explained just how he penned the leading track and where he soaked up the inspiration for the lyrics, which call for unity and love.

Beenie Man explains that the track is actually a tribute to his mother, Lilieth Sewell, who passed away last year after a stroke. She was laid to rest in October 2020 in her birthplace, Shrewsbury St. Elizabeth.

While commenting on the song, which according to The Star, was also played during the Clubhouse session, the entertainer lamented on the track’s formation.

“Not so much the lyrics or lines, is which part me write the song, which was by me mother grave. That’s where the idea came to me, right at the graveside,” he explained. Additionally, the deejay has credited his late mom’s teachings as the driving force behind the gospel-themed piece of music and also spoke about unity on display on the album, similar to Sean Paul’s recent campiagn of “collaboration over confrontation.”

The music video was done on the grounds of Jamaica’s Hope Botanical Garden, with additional B-roll cuts coming from the country’s rich landscape.

The legendary Jamaican entertainer who was born and raised in Kingston has now found himself venturing the rural areas to spend more time with his mom. Earlier this year, Beenie Man showed fans the elaborate two-story burial house where his mom was laid to rest. The unit features a sofa, beautiful and modern lighting, among other small items one could find in a space for the living.

“Mi madda is my best fren, enuh, like seriously, that’s why me down a St Elizabeth so regular,” Beenie said.

He continued by explaining he visited her last week Sunday to get her blessing for his upcoming album. It seems Beenie has all the right ingredients to pull off a fantastic album. The availability of a wide mixture of talent due to Covid has resulted in several collaborations.

Shenseea, Busy Signal, Bunji Garlin, Hood Celebrityy, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Anthony Red Rose, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, and Dre Island round out the massive collection.

“It’s a lot more collaborations; nobody nuh have anything to do, everybody deh a Jamaica so we link up in the studio a mek songs,” the dancehall legend said. “Artiste can sit back in them studio, and me can go check a Shaggy or go Sean Paul studio fi check him. Otherwise, they would be on tour or me woulda deh pon tour.”

The entertainer still has not offered a release date for the album, which should arrive later this year, after nearly one full year of delays.

Beenie Man Urges Young Dancehall Artists To Unite

Beenie Man says he feels there’s a difference in music as the artists across generations come together, something that’s not been seen before among other artists.

“When you see the elder start reach out to the youngsters, it’s a great thing because we need fi make the youngster know say unification in music is the greatest. Me and Bounty Killer war fi 22 years Jesus Christ man, and a mi best friend.”

He referred to Beres Hammond performing live with Popcaan recently at a virtual event, and other younger artists who he says are leading the game in what will be beneficial mentorship for younger artists as the older artists get to appeal to younger fans and younger fans become aware of older artists and their music.

Beenie Man is presently promoting “Fun in the Sun,” his new single that features Dre Island and Popcaan.

According to Beenie Man, the song is bridging the gap between generational talent. He said the song was originally written to include himself and Dre Island, but Popcaan turned up at the studio, which led to a bomb collaboration.

“Each and every individual need to get together….you affi adjust to wha gwan. This is what we want in the music right now cause you have some man weh nuh have no love.”

He added that he knows that the generational gap without unity also furthers what he says is disrespect for the experienced artiste.

“You have to show the respect and show the same amount of love weh you expect because sometime you want hail the youth enuh but to how dem look at you nuh bother want hail them…dem deh round like somebody do them something. You have some of them walk past you and dem neck straight like dem neck crick’ like dem can’t look suh.”

Beenie Man says unity in the music is needed. “The man dem a war too much bredren,” he said. “As an artiste buss him a war wiith that artiste and as a next artiste buss is a next war..artist fi sing song man and collaborate.”

Beenie Man, Popcaan & Dre Island Unity On Display In “Fun In The Sun” Video

Beenie Man released the lead single off his upcoming album Simma.

After teasing the new collaboration with Popcaan and Dre Island more than a month ago, Beenie Man has finally released the visuals for “Fun In The Sun.” The dancehall veteran first previewed the music video directed by Cinema Gods at the end of January after he announced that his new album Simma will be available this spring.

In the music video, Popcaan, Dre Island, and Beenie Man perform on the grounds of a lofty estate in St. Ann, Jamaica. Beenie’s daughter Desha Ravers also makes a brief cameo where she performs some simple dance movements in the courtyard. “Fun In The Sun” is the call to abandon violence and come together as one, taking a page from the book of a legend like Bob Marley. Dre Island’s signature raspy sound carries the uplifting chorus with ease as he encourages unity.

“Brothers and fathers, daughters and sons / Working all day long till the sun comes down / I say Doc we goin party, everybody have fun / We don’t need no gun just fun in the sun / That’s why we must… must live as one / Divided we fall while together we’re strong,” Dre Island croons in the chorus.

Beenie Man delivers a particularly impressive verse on this the first track from Simma. For his part, the Doctor speaks to how far dancehall could go if it was less divisive and how unison can aid tremendously on a community level as well.

“But if we all work together we can help each other / A nuh dem alone we fi tell ‘black lives matter’ / We nuh racist mi nuh believe inna colour / A di hard work yuh perform mi admire / Every rich ghetto yute find yuh ghetto yuh be a pillar / Yesterday you was a killer but today you is a villa / Help di ghetto yute dem fi climb up the ladder / Dem cuss the politicians still nah get a dollar,” Beenie deejays on the track.

“A Davis, Sutherland and Island deh ya / A nuh circumstance a love between breda / If dem artist ya coulda follow / Everywhere we pull up all a we fans dem gather / Paparazzi take a picture put it up inna d maga / Dem nuh want that a straight pasa pasa.”

The video wraps up with a visual tribute to the dancehall star’s late mother, who passed away in 2020. “In Loving Memory Of My Mother Lilieth Lorrine Sewell 1946-2020,” the screen reads.

Check out the visuals for “Fun In The Sun,” and look out for Beenie Man’s 19th studio album Simma this spring.

Kranium Says Fans Are To Be Blamed For Beefs In Dancehall

Kranium is weighing in on some ongoing beefs in dancehall amid Spice and Shenseea falling out.

Dancehall has a rich history of clashes that have entertained fans for decades. Many have debated whether or not the clash culture is actually good for the genre or if it holds it back. One artiste, Kranium, has weighed in on the issue, and his take is a bit different.

Kranium believes that dancehall fans are the ones to be blamed for creating the rivalry between deejays. He said when fans spur on deejays, their egos get involved, and this causes the rifts that sometimes last for long periods of time. He tweeted, “90% beef in this industry is created by fans but most artist Mek them ego dash gas on it … that’s why me take the good with the bad . Until a man tek it pass music .. be human yes but be a sensible one !”

90% beef in this industry is created by fans but most artist Mek them ego dash gas on it … that’s why me take the good with the bad . Until a man tek it pass music .. be human yes but be a sensible one !

— Kranium (@therealkranium) January 19, 2021

In a recent interview on The Fix Podcast, Kranium also shared his feelings about the state of dancehall. The “Nobody Has to Know” singer said even though other genres had popped up like afrobeats and gained a lot of attention, dancehall had defined its space and also had its time as the popular music.

“I don’t think there need to be a comparison between dancehall and afrobeats and the reason why me always say this is because when dancehall had their golden era in the 90s to 2005. We had Sean Paul, we had Shaggy, we had Beenie Man, we had Brick and Lace, we had Elephant Man, we had Wayne Wonder for example. I could call seven artistes whose doing great on the mainstream market,” he said.

He also said that he believed dancehall artistes have been doing well as they try to keep the genre alive.

“Me just love the fact that dancehall is a young fan-based driven music and it ah very fast music and right now it’s been a while me can identify 10 different artistes. I can call 10 different artistes that I think have the potential to be big,” He continued on to say that “dancehall is in a great space of creativity and me love it.”

Do you think it’s fans who cause dancehall artistes to clash?

Beenie Man Fans Drags Krystal Tomlinson Over Old Shabba Ranks Tweet, She Respond

Some old Krystal Tomlinson tweets are coming back to haunt her.

Former PNPYO President Krystal Tomlinson and veteran entertainer Moses Davis, better known as Beenie Man, have both publicly shared that their once vibrant and loving relationship is over. The news has since surprised many fans who expressed that both seemed rather happy and supportive of each other. The revelation has also left many persons to question where it all went wrong for the couple.

Apparently, some fans decided it was fitting to dig through the past social media activities of Tomlinson in order to decipher what caused the rift. The search has seemingly brought curious tweet diggers back to the year 2012 when the then 22-year-old hinted that Beenie Man was wrong for how he addressed a situation involving Shabba Ranks.

While being interviewed on ER about the major turn out, Shabba Ranks received at that year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest, Beenie Man said, “Listen I don’t business with Shabba Ranks, I don’t business with Popcaan, and I don’t business with Tommy Lee, it’s all about me, do you have something to ask me.”

The comment from Docta has since left a massive void between himself and Ranks.

“Beenie…yuh bittah! Bittah! Me jus born n know sehh big dutty tinkin Shabba is d #Boss. Give credit man, cho!” wrote Krystal in her commentary tweet about the topic.

It seems the most current baby mother of the “Girls Dem Sugar” deejay was able to sample the product for herself and as since classified Beenie as “d #Boss.”

“The Wickedest Slam cleared up this misunderstanding real quick!” She joked in a post-breakup tweet shared earlier today.

Twitter is really a whole other universe but y’all drag me so often I travel with knee/elbow pads.

How unnu find that tweet?


— Krystal Tomlinson (@krystomlinson) January 18, 2021

It seems the usually vocal People’s National Party politician is not taking the resurgence of the tweet too seriously, turning a negative into a belly full of laughter to help ease the effect of her recent separation.

I never thought I’d say this but:

Twitter is helping me to find a little laughter and light heartedness through this.

— Krystal Tomlinson (@krystomlinson) January 18, 2021

Krystal and Beenie Man first ignited dating rumors in 2015 and have managed to stay together throughout numerous criticisms. Their relationship has led to the birth of their now 2-year-old daughter Ziah and even displayed signs of blossoming into a loving marriage. There were talks of a possible engagement in January of 2020, which fizzled out in the months that followed. Still, their romance on camera, especially during Beenie’s weight loss journey, is surely undeniable.

Beenie Man recently addressed breakup rumors with a comment that many persons believe alludes to him not wanting to commit.

“Me, free single and disengaged, she free and single and ready to get engaged,” said the “Romie” deejay.

Beenie Man Gets Court Date, Charged For Hosting Illegal Party

Beenie Man is “that guy” as he has been charged with breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) that currently prohibits parties due to the coronavirus pandemic and breaching the Noise Abatement Act.

The artiste appeared in a video on YouTube promoting a New Year’s party in St. Elizabeth and can be heard saying, “Yuh know say a New Year’s Eve and we affi ring in the New Year’s we don’t care wha who wan say.” The party promised to have a bond fire and was to be held from 12-7, which sounded like 12 am to 7 am- clearly in violation of curfew and the DRMA.

It didn’t take long for the artiste to turn himself in. On New Year’s Day, a photo surfaced with Beenie Man looking stressed as he sits at a desk in a police station after police from the St. Elizabeth division said a Summons was released for his arrest.

According to police, Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, turned himself into Black River police in St. Elizabeth on New Year’s Eve after the Summons was issued for his promotion of an alleged illegal party for New year’s Eve. Beenie Man promoted the party on November 29th.

Beenie Man will appear at the St. Elizabeth Parish Court on February 10 to plead to the charges. In the meantime, it seems that fans and even the official account of the Jamaica Constabulary Force have been trolling the King of the Dancehall- referring to him as “don’t be that guy,” in warning persons to follow the law. Beenie Man coined the term ‘don’t be that guy’ during his Verzuz Clash with Bounty Killa after police showed up and attempted to shut down the gathering where the Verzuz clash was being held.

Beenie Says He Makes 5 Songs Per Week Talks Spice & Legacy In Dancehall

Beenie Man says he is one of the hardest working deejays in dancehall even after so many years.

The dancehall legend also made it clear that he has nothing against Spice despite their running last year. During a sit down on Nightly Fix, Beenie Man opened up about a number of topics including his legacy and current status in dancehall. The deejay insisted that he is still the king of dancehall because he isn’t baptized.

One of the criticisms of Beenie Man and other older deejays in the business is that they still feel the need to compete with the younger generation of artists. When asked about that top, Beenie strongly pushed back against the assumption saying he doesn’t compete with any other artists in the business but still work hard because that is naturally who he is.

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“The problem is I cannot go a week without making five songs, I will be a mad man,” the Doc said. “Listen, music just come by the beat, you hear the beat and lyrics start build, so every beat that plays in the studio you build a different song for it. It’s not competing, this is my job, this is what I do, I make music, so without me making music then me at my yard sit down a watch TV or a play game and I don’t do that.”

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On whether or not he is taking away attention from younger artists, Beenie Man said, “This is the problem with dancehall music, why one man have to get all the glory, why everybody cannot get them own glory?”

“Alkaline have him own fans, Vybz Kartel have him own fans, Popcaan have him own fans, everybody have them own fans, so everybody is getting them own glory,” he continues. “Why is it that I am a threat to everybody? Because you is that man fan and you want that man to be where I am? Two entity can’t hold the same space one of us is going to blow up. Each and every individual in music have their own space, have them own respect and have them own time.”

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Listen Spice New Song – “Gum”

Spice delivers new song “Gum”

Spice is one of the most Charismatic, sexy, lyrically and versatile female dancehall artist on the scene. She has been keeping busy since the start of the 2018. Spice released her single “Gum” only after a day of “Duffle Bag” her fist rap single release. Last year Spice sexual explicit single “Sheet” gained a lot of traction worldwide. Fans appointed Spice as the dancehall queen last year after a heated battle with her and Beenie Man. Spice crowned herself as the dancehall queen and Beenie Man commented that “Spice is more like a self-appointed designated queen of dancehall but Lady Saw is still very much the queen..”

DancehallHipHop did a survey on social media back in last November asking fans if they think that Spice is the new queen of dancehall and 67% of respondents say yes. “Spice is the only consistent female artist in dancehall right now because most of them just do something make a lot of noise and then you don’t hear nothing from them,” one fan wrote while another added, “From Lady Saw turn Christian a Spice a run the thing, she consistent she always find a hit and her video them bad.”

Watch the video below and leave your comments if you believe Spice is the dancehall queen.

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Dancehall Artists Praise Ninjaman At GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza

Dancehall artists including Beenie Man, Professor Nuts, Shenseea, D’Angel, and more were in fine form at Monday’s GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza.

The annual show was well received as thousands converged on the Luana Sports Complex in Black River, St Elizabeth, on Christmas Day. Both legends and he newcomer put on a show for the fans with Sanchez in his usual form delivering hits from his catalog as well as paying homage to some icons who has since pass including Alton Ellis’ “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” Gregory Isaacs’s “Night Nurse,” and Dennis Brown’s “Here I Come.”

Artists like D’Angel, Professor Nuts, and Beenie Man, used their platform to give Ninjaman a shout-out. The Dancehall icon was recently sentenced to life in prison for a murder conviction. “Ninja, anyweh yuh deh, respect! You’ve done a lot for the music fraternity,” Nuts told the audience.

Singer J used a part of his performance to pay homage to Unicorn and Cleon “Mineral Boss” Jones who was murdered recently in separate gun violence incidents. “Dem kill Mineral Boss weh is a producer an’ dem kill Unicorn weh is a artiste. Jah know, star, too much killing man,” Singer J said. He then performed his single “Put Jah First” which was produced by Mineral Boss. So far cops have not made any arrest in the two murders which took place only weeks apart.

Sizzla Kalonji closed the show at daybreak and used part of his set to take shots at dancehall artist LA Lewis over a leaked explicit video.

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Pamputtae Says Beenie Man Is A Wash Up Deejay Fighting Young Artist

Pamputtae continues her onslaught on Beenie Man over a failed performance last weekend at Ghetto Splash in Kingston.

Over the weekend, the female dancehall diva posted a video clip on Instagram ranting about the promoters of the show and Beenie Man who she accused off barring her performance. The dancehall legend quickly shot back saying that she did got a chance to perform but the fans just wasn’t feeling her. Beenie explained that it was his time slot to perform and she wanted to go on stage in his allotted time slot and he just wasn’t haven’t it.

Pamputtae says that is not the case because Beenie Man didn’t just jumped in front of her, he also did it to a bunch of other artists. “My road manager check the schedule and see a who next fi perform,” she said. “Dat a when Beenie Man just a come a di venue. Dem say after Assassin a me, den when me go deh and ready fi work, the woman (one of the stage managers) a say, ‘No, a Beenie fi perform’, and Beenie Man deh behind a me a tell dem nuh fi gimme di mic when him know say a never fi him time fi work because him just come.”

“Wah more Beenie Man can do? Him career buck and stop,” she added. Pamputtae says the promoter for the show has since called and apologize to her for the mishap but nevertheless, she will not be performing at the show in the future.

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Beenie Man Gets Blast By Another Female Dancehall Artist

Following his running with Spice, Beenie Man is again at odds with another female dancehall artist.

Pamputtae uploaded a video on her Instagram last weekend blasting Beenie Man and the promoters of Ghetto Splash in Kingston for not allowing her to perform. “Mi forget say them show is a all man show and no female no fi be there, them no fi put no female on there cuz me a the only female in the venue and them no want me fi perform,” she rants. “Beenie Man know say a me fi perform and him a hurry fi work and him have how much song.”

The video has since went viral forcing Beenie Man to respond and give his side of the story. According to the Doc, Pamputtae is ungrateful because she did got a chance to perform but the crowd just wasn’t feeling her. “I was booked to performed at 4 o’clock and when he arrived at the venue some minutes to four, he heard that Pamputtae wanted to perform. The dancehall legend said he orchestrated for her to get some stage time, and this is how she repays him. Nevertheless, she made it clear that she will not return to the annual show for another performance.


A post shared by Eveana Henry (@pamputtae) on Dec 20, 2017 at 5:05am PST

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Beenie Man Responds To His Daughter Desha Ravers Criticism

Beenie Man responded to some recent criticisms from his daughter Desha Ravers in a new song.

Last month, Desha Ravers, whose real name is Deshagaye Davis, publicly called out Beenie Man for being a bad father. “Mi just think him need fi step up him thing,” the dancer said. “Him a mek whole heap a luu moves suh him just need fi start be a man, a father and everything inna one now,” she said without going into specific details about her contention with the deejay. “The person weh everybody know out a road a nuh the person weh me know.”

Beenie Man released a new single “Twingy Twanga” where he gave his daughter, who is a member of Ravers Clavers dance group, a big shout-out. “Me stop from dance I would never never / Me stop love Deshagay I would never never / Cause all of my kids them born in dancehall,” Beenie deejay over the Belly Bounce Riddim, produced by Cornelius Records.

Fans Crown Vybz Kartel The King of Dancehall

Is Vybz Kartel the king of dancehall?

Fans of the genre have been debating for the past few weeks about who is the king of dancehall music after crowning Spice the new queen. Beenie Man and Spice butt heads last month over whether or not she is the new dancehall queen since Lady Saw hang up her mic. According to Beenie, the “So Mi Like It” deejay is more of a self appointed designated queen and then she shot back accusing him of doing the same thing.

Spice accused the Doc of being a self-proclaim king while referring to Kartel as the true heir to the throne. Dancehall HipHop conducting a poll on social media where we asked fans who is the king of of Jamaica’s dominant music culture. Approximately 71 percent of respondents chooses Vybz Kartel over Beenie Man as the current king of dancehall.

“Right now I think Spice and Vybz Kartel are the queen and king of dancehall, I have ratings for Beenie Man, but right now Kartel is the man even from behind bars,” one fan told us. “There is no debating that the Worl’Boss achieved a height in dancehall that Beenie never did and even in prison the man is still running the game.”

“Beenie Man was the king but his rein has come to an end its Vybz Kartel who is the true king now,” another fan added. “Beenie should retire now just like Lady Saw and let Kartel take the title. Nothing wrong with these old heads stepping aside making way for the new generation to run the business.”

Despite the enthusiasm of some dancehall fans, there are still some folks who thinks that Beenie is still at the helm of dancehall. “Beenie is still the king but Kartel is seriously a strong contender for the title, but it’s foolish to think the either is the king right now when Sean Paul achieved so much for the music,” one fan said.

Vybz Kartel, who is currently serving life in prison, released an album last year titled King of the Dancehall. The pro

Spice Is The Queen of Dancehall Says Fans

Dancehall fans have spoken and the overwhelming majority thinks Spice is the new queen.

Beenie Man and Spice ignited a heated debate this week with their ongoing back-and-forth about the issue of her being the new dancehall queen. According to Beenie, Spice is more like a self-appointed designated queen of dancehall, but Lady Saw is still very much the queen. Seems the vast majority of dancehall fans thinks that Spice is the only female artist at the moment who is deserving of the crown.

Dancehall HipHop did a survey on social media this week asking fans if they think that Spice is the new queen of dancehall and 67% of respondents say yes. “Spice is the only consistent female artist in dancehall right now because most of them just do something make a lot of noise and then you don’t hear nothing from them,” one fan wrote while another added, “From Lady Saw turn Christian a Spice a run the thing, she consistent she always find a hit and her video them bad.”

A handful of fans who responded seems to agree with Beenie Man and thinks that Spice has more work to do before she can be elevated to the throne. “Some fans a bash Beenie Man but him right with what he said because Spice has a lot more work today to reach even close to the levels of Lady Saw,” one fan wrote. “You have to be a global dancehall icon to be the queen you can just hot a yard alone. Lady Saw was doing big collaborations with No Doubt and having platinum records. Spice has yet to reach those heights in music to be crowned the queen.”

“While I agree that Spice is the leading female dancehall artist right now, I still don’t think she works hard enough to be the queen,” one fan said. “A just some ignorant fans without proper reasoning a criticize Beenie statement when if you really think about it he is right. If you weren’t around in the 90s and 2000s to know what Lady Saw did for dancehall then you have no part in this conversation.”

Lolaasmiles Gets Dancehall Legend Beenie Man On New Track

Reggae star Lolaasmiles taps dancehall legend Beenie Man for her new single “Nuh Baddah.”

The song has been doing well since it was first released a years ago and now the single is seeing a resurgence. Lola thinks that the track will help further push her career in the reggae/dancehall space. “Nuh Baddah” was produced by New York based producer Stedley Reid. Her team is now heavily promoting the single and the extra promo has been working thus far.

“This song has a lot of potential, and with the plan I have in mind it will have a long-lasting effect worldwide,” Lolaasmiles said. “Beenie Man has always been an inspiration to me, and when I found out we had a mutual friend, I had to meet him in person. When we met, he liked my music and we spoke about collaborating and made it happen. It was a very humbling experience working with Beenie Man.”

The song is now available on YouTube and other major streaming services like iTunes/Apple Music and Google. It will be available on several other digital services in the coming weeks.

Vybz Kartel “I Am The King and Spice The Queen of Dancehall”

Vybz Kartel has added his voice to the feud between Beenie Man and Spice over who the dancehall queen is.

The firestorm started last weekend when Beenie Man told Winford Williams on OnStage that Spice is more like a self-appointed designated queen of dancehall and not one who has the support of the vast majority of dancehall artists. Spice shot back on her Instagram page saying that Beenie Man too is a self-appointed king of the dancehall, but the real king, in her opinion, is behind bars, Vybz Kartel.

Seems the Gazanation boss has been tuning in to whats been happening and decided to add his voice to the mix. Kartel posted a comment on Spice photo on IG this morning assuring her that she is the queen. “Queen of Dancehall you look good nuh bloodcl**t,” Kartel wrote. “Queen of Dancehall in her throne drinking sperone.” Spice posted a photo of herself actually drinking Sperone.

Our Gaza sources told us that Vybz Kartel supports Spice as the queen and himself as the king. “Addi the King and Spice the queen that’s how dancehall set right now and Vybz Kartel showing that he can rule from behind bars,” sources told us. “All the old people them fi retire and stop badmind the younger acts. Addi a the king, the greatest to ever set foot on a dancehall platform no one can dispute that. Lady Saw was the queen but she gave up the throne and baptize, we wish her the best, but the only female who can fill her shoe right now is Spice.”

Beenie Man Says Spice Is Not The New Queen Of Dancehall

Beenie Man says Spice is not the new queen of dancehall music at least not yet.

Earlier this tear, Spice crowned herself the new reigning queen of Jamaica’s dominant music genre, dancehall, a title previously held by Lady Saw who is now a gospel artist and a pastor. In 2015, Lady Saw relinquished her crown to become a Christian and she never looked back. She struggled with the transition for years before finally making her break-through. Since then no one stepped up to set on the throne at least not until this year when Spice stepped up to the plate.

There is no doubt that Spice has been a force in dancehall for the past few years, but is it enough to wear the crown for the queen of the dancehall? Beenie Man answered that question during an interview with Winford Williams on OnStage last weekend. “Well the queen of dancehall baptized now… Marion Hall [Lady Saw], the queen of dancehall baptized,” Beenie Man said. “So I am here to see the next queen to come.” When asked about Spice crowning herself, Beenie said, “Well she is the one that stepped up to the plate but that’s not how you become the queen.”

“Because if you’re going to take Lady Saw crown then you have to do what Lady Saw did like no disrespect, you can’t do less work and [want to be the queen],” Beenie added. The dancehall king lamented that Spice will have to elevate her career to the same heights as Lady Saw in order to gain the respect of the fans. “Becomes that artist that you know… she is Spice in Jamaica, she is Spice everywhere Jamaicans is, she is Spice everywhere Caribbean people is, she needs to be Spice where American and British people meet,” the Doc continues. “I am not talking about watching Instagram and talking about song, reaching the people ears the right way, being that artist that we can sit down in Jamaica and look on you on MTV and look on you on VH1 and say alright she has done it and she has reached that point. Because Lady Saw did it and she reached that point.”

Beenie Man added that Spice is more like the queen-elect, but still has more work to do to elevate her career to the next level.

Spice Responds To Beenie Man “King of Dancehall Is Incarcerated”

Spice is not too happy about Beenie Man statement over the weekend about her being the new queen of dancehall.

The “Sheets” deejay react via Instagram on Monday calling the dancehall legend a hater just because she thinks that Vybz Kartel is the king of dancehall. “D Rasta man [Beenie Man] vex true mi say a Kartel a the king a dancehall,” Spice said. “Smh Veterans want to be praised for paving the way but still never want to let go or embrace the New artiste. You crowned yourself king when yellow man was really the king and then over the years you were found fit after repeatedly self proclaiming it.”

From around the mid-1990s, Beenie Man proclaimed himself as the king of dancehall and despite some rejection from some artists and fans at the time, it eventually sticks. There is always a debate in dancehall about who is the king, but there has never been a real debate on who the queen is until now because Lady Saw fittingly wore that crown for the past two decades. Spice has now stepped up to plate and crowned herself and that territory comes with controversies.

“Unlike bounty killer who highlighted so many dancehall careers what did you ever do for dancehall after so many years as the “KING” Not even a one girl yu never buss as a dancer much less not even your own daughter a Ding Dong haffie dweet Kmt,” Spice added. “Saw left a huge shoe to fill and no female will fill it overnight. Nothing is wrong with your sentence “The Queen got baptized” we all know that, but you also do know that the king is incarcerated right.”

Spice also used the opportunity to promote her new single with Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’Angel, “No Worries.”

D Rasta man vex true mi say a Kartel a the king a dancehall. Smh Veterans want to be praised for paving the way but still never want to let go or embrace the New artiste. You crowned yourself king when yellow man was really the king and then over the years you were found fit after repeatedly self proclaiming it. Unlike bounty killer who highlighted so many dancehall careers what did you ever do for dancehall after so many years as the "KING" Not even a one girl yu never buss as a dancer much less not even your own daughter a Ding Dong haffie dweet Kmt. Saw left a huge shoe to fill and no female will fill it overnight. Nothing is wrong with your sentence "The Queen got baptized" we all know that, but you also do know that the king is incarcerated right ? ? A it a Bun u baad ???that's y mi love dah song yah wid Yu X wife wooiiee a weeeak??? "me nah no worries a god a deal wid everything" St. Vincent thanks for a great night, Grenada ?? your next this weekend , jamrock cruise right after then Canada ?? the following week. Trust mi I'm not here to fight for the invisible crown I'm Making moves one step at a time. Some a unu egotistical hypocrites a talk bout a pure slackness mi sing just answer which female sung the most slack songs in dancehall history ? When I sing good songs they don't even get played but as mi sing a slack song a it unu know. Haters can't bring me down Same thing unu did do Bob Marley unu never claims him or highlight him until he became international but trust me I'll work hard enough to see the bandwagonist. Too much bitterness in dancehall mi soon left it and go do hip hop

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Vybz Kartel’s Gazanation Fans Angry Over MOBO Awards Snub

Vybz Kartel was not among the five names nominated for the 2017 MOBO Award for Best Reggae Act and his are furious.

The list of nominees for the 2017 Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards for Best Reggae Act came out last week and all five nominees are local Jamaican artists. Popcaan, Alkaline, Aidonia, Chronixx, and Damian Marley are the five nominees this year. A lot of dancehall fans are again questioning why Vybz Kartel was snubbed despite having a massive year last year which continues into this year.

“The system trying to fight against the boss [Vybz Kartel] but they can’t stop him,” one fan wrote. “Kartel had a bigger year than Popcaan, Aidonia, and Alkaline and yet he was not nominated for a MOBO are you kidding me. This is utter nonsense and that’s why people can’t take these awards serious anymore.”

Fans echoed some similar sentiments last year when the deejay was not nominated. There is an underlining reason why Vybz Kartel may not get a MOBO nomination, at least as long as he is behind bars he may never get a nomination per the rules of the award show. Additionally, MOBO is based in the UK where most radio stations are barred from playing songs from convicted felons who are serving time behind bars like Vybz Kartel who is doing life for a murder case.

One fan criticized those fans who are angry at Kartel’s MOBO snub while drawing reference to his album sales numbers last year. “Don’t make music fool you prison is taking a hold on Vybz Kartel Now you cannot be in prison for murder and get the mobo award and apart from that he’s not doing any live performance 3249 in 15 weeks sales for the top dancehall artists of 2016 that’s a shame on dancehall and Vybz Kartel the great Shabba Ranks used to sell millions and Beenie Man gaza fans please don’t even brag about it on YouTube 3249 copies that’s a shame on Kartel?” Joel wrote.

Despite being incarcerated since 2011, he has remained in the top echelon of dancehall with a consistent supply of new music. Last year, he came under investigation under orders directly from the Ministry of National Security for allegations that he has been recording music in prison, something that would be illegal and could potentially send him into solitary confinement. Nevertheless, new music continues to pour out of Vybz Kartel coffers like hot bread and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Beenie Man Denies Copying Bounty Killer “I Am Not A Pirate”

Beenie Man has denied Bounty Killer claims that the dancehall king copied his style back in the 1990s.

Killer recently did an interview where he criticized Beenie Man for bootlegging his style on the 1990s classic “Bad Man Wicked Man.” Speaking with Anthony Miller on ER last weekend, Beenie Man shy away from speaking too much on the issue but revealed that he got inspirations for the song from Terror Fabolous and Jigsy King.

“I don’t know what he is talking about,” Beenie said while referring to Bounty Killer. “First of all I am not a pirate.” The self-proclaimed king of the dancehall went on to outlined where he got inspirations for the classic dancehall banger.

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer have been longtime rivals in dancehall in a feud that spanned the greater part of the 90s decade. The two have been peace over the years, but now they have a dysfunctional family type of relationship where they support each other, but often criticize each other. In the same interview on ER, The Doc called out Bounty for his “petty” feud with Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn.