Funny Cat Reaction – Funniest Animals Compilation

You will definitely enjoy watching this: Funny Cat Reaction – Funniest Animals Compilation. Funny animals will always entertain you. Funny animals never fail to excite your imagination. Funny animals will surprise you often. Funny animals leave you wanting to see more. Funny cats are great to watch.
Felidae is a family of mammals in the order Carnivora, colloquially referred to as cats, and constitutes a clade. A member of this family is also called a felid. The term “cat” refers both to felids in general and specifically to the domestic cat (Felis catus).
A clade (also known as a monophyletic group or natural group) is a group of organisms that are monophyletic – that is, composed of a common ancestor and all its lineal descendants – on a phylogenetic tree. Rather than the English term, the equivalent Latin term cladus is often used in certain taxonomical literature. 
Interestingly, Felidae species exhibit the most diverse fur pattern of all terrestrial carnivores. Cats have retractile claws, slender muscular bodies and strong flexible forelimbs. Their teeth and facial muscles allow for a powerful strong bite. They are all obligate carnivores, and most are solitary predators ambushing or stalking their prey. Wild cats certainly occur in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Some wild cat species are adapted to forest habitats, some to arid environments, and a few also to wetlands and certain mountainous terrain. Their activity patterns range from nocturnal and crepuscular to diurnal, depending on their preferred prey species and foods they eat.
“Obligate” means being restricted to a particular function or mode of life. For example, “an obligate intracellular parasite.”
Reginald Innes Pocock divided the extant Felidae into 3 interesting subfamilies: the Pantherinae, the Felinae and the Acinonychinae, differing from each other by the ossification of the hyoid apparatus and by the cutaneous sheaths which protect their claws. This concept has been revised following developments in molecular biology and techniques for analysis of morphological data. Today, the living Felidae are divided in 2 subfamilies: the Pantherinae and Felinae, with the Acinonychinae subsumed into the latter. Pantherinae includes 5 Panthera and 2 Neofelis species, while Felinae includes the other 34 species in 10 genera.
The history of cats is interesting. The first cats emerged during the Oligocene about 25 million years ago, with the appearance of Proailurus and Pseudaelurus. The latter species complex was ancestral to 2 main lines of felids: the cats in the extant subfamilies and a group of extinct cats of the subfamily Machairodontinae, which include the saber-toothed cats such as the Smilodon. The “false sabre-toothed cats”, the Barbourofelidae and Nimravidae, are not really true cats, but are closely related. Together with the Felidae, Viverridae, hyaenas and mongooses, they constitute the Feliformia.
Feliformia is certainly a suborder within the order Carnivora consisting of “cat-like” carnivorans, including cats, hyenas, mongooses, viverrids, and related taxa. Feliformia stands in contrast to the other suborder of Carnivora, Caniformia.

India Covid-19 Coronavirus death toll is 158,189

NBC News shows that India’s Covid-19 infection rate plummeted, but experts still don’t know exactly why. NBC News’ Janis Mackey Frayer explains the factors scientists are looking at in India’s comeback.
The COVID-19 pandemic in India is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The first case of COVID-19 in India, which originated from China, was reported on 30 January 2020. India currently has the largest number of confirmed Covid-19 Coronavirus cases in Asia.
India has over 30 anti-COVID vaccines in various stages of development and a national vaccination drive was started on 16 January 2021. India began the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination drive on January 16 and in 18 days the country has successfully vaccinated over 4.1 million healthcare workers.
The following information is according to the COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.
Countries with the highest death tolls from Covid-19:
Total Global Deaths: 2,628,543
530,712 USA272,889 Brazil192,491 Mexico158,189 India125,403 United Kingdom101,184 Italy89,984 France89,224 Russia72,968 Germany72,085 Spain61,016 Iran60,858 Colombia53,493 Argentina51,110 South Africa48,323 Peru46,373 Poland38,049 Indonesia29,290 Turkey29,195 Ukraine22,624 Czechia22,367 Canada22,347 Belgium21,362 Chile21,252 Romania16,635 Portugal16,497 Hungary16,128 Ecuador16,127 Netherlands13,671 Iraq13,430 Pakistan13,111 Sweden12,608 Philippines11,903 Bolivia11,169 Egypt11,094 Bulgaria10,090 Switzerland8,798 Austria8,712 Morocco8,502 Bangladesh8,457 Japan8,313 Tunisia8,244 Slovakia6,937 Greece6,551 Saudi Arabia6,531 Guatemala5,972 Panama5,967 Israel5,635 Croatia5,410 Bosnia and Herzegovina5,230 Lebanon5,169 Jordan4,839 China4,644 Serbia4,509 Ireland4,301 Honduras4,220 Moldova3,918 Slovenia3,622 Georgia3,411 Paraguay3,363 Lithuania3,265 North Macedonia3,262 Azerbaijan3,239 Armenia3,204 Dominican Republic3,201 Burma3,190 Kazakhstan3,028 Algeria3,012 Nepal2,848 Costa Rica2,483 Ethiopia2,451 Afghanistan2,385 Denmark2,340 Libya2,211 West Bank and Gaza2,070 Belarus2,002 Albania2,001 Nigeria1,940 Sudan1,935 El Salvador1,899 Kenya1,737 Latvia1,674 Kosovo1,662 Korea, South1,600 Oman1,492 Zimbabwe1,476 Kyrgyzstan1,415 Venezuela1,369 United Arab Emirates1,200 Malaysia1,148 Kuwait1,148 Zambia1,113 Montenegro1,085 Syria1,078 Malawi

Al2 El Aldeano – El Chinito Lyrics

Esta es la historia del Chinito
Real. Lenguaje de adultos y Hip Hop

[Verso 1]
Tú no me puedes hacer na, aunque tenga fichá mi chapa
Porque yo siempre mantengo mi latón con tapa
Apretando la tuerca, soñando con paca
Porque en mi fantasía ni el FBI me atrapa

Y aunque no sé de mucho por esta parte del mapa
Ustedes son muy corruptos, siempre hay algo que se escapa
No me vayas a decir, niño, no se toca, caca
Que tú tienes los dedo amarillos de fumar patá

Y esto por la ciudad se expande a full
Cuesta lo mismo y da más energía que una Red Bull
Teniente dice el Traza que esta es la old school
Que su verde amarilla viene en manos de un azul

Y yo no puedo decir nombre, dejaría de ser un hombre
Mi moral no hay quien la compre
Este bucarito es de cristal pero se cae y no se rompe

No enseñen más fotos que no conozco a ninguno
Hay que sacarme de los pulmones el humo
No voy a hablar aunque me traigan a Bruno
Yo no la vendo capitán, yo la consumo
Y el Chinito fue llevado hacia el Mandarín
Y al llegar le dijo así, yo no puedo trabajar pa tí
Primero muerto, antes que ser de él

Y el Chinito fue llevado hacia el Mandarín

Y al llegar le dijo así, yo no puedo trabajar pa tí
Primero muerto, antes que ser de él

[Verso 2]
Me voy pa Asia cuando siento su fragancia
Me siento un ser humano de otra galaxia
No es una gracia oficial, pero me gusta
Los mambises lo usaban, y su lucha no era justa?

A ver oficial, métase en mi talla, vamos a conectarnos
Como los hilos de una malla, jamás me he pasao de la raya
Yo amo la naturaleza, por eso feliz me haya
La cojo pa escribir y pa subir al escenario
Nunca se la he dado a los más chamas del barrio

Y de dónde tú la sacas eh?
De ser sincero, yo no sé, pa mí que me cae del cielo

Y el Chinito fue llevado hacia el Mandarín
Y al llegar le dijo así, yo no puedo trabajar pa tí
Primero muerto, antes que ser de él
Y el Chinito fue llevado hacia el Mandarín
Y al llegar le dijo así, yo no puedo trabajar pa tí
Primero muerto, antes que ser de él

El Chinito se dió cuenta que no lo era todo y no le hizo falta ayuda de nadie pa salirse de eso
Hoy por hoy se pasa, se pasa y se pasa
Pero nunca, se le fue el caballo del potrero

Funny Cute Pangolins Compilation

You will enjoy this funny nice Pangolins video compilation. Some people believe the funny Pangolin scales cure arthritis and cancer, promote breast-feeding for lactating mothers, improve poor circulation, and even enhance male vitality. However, there is no scientific backing for any of these funny “cures.” In fact, pangolin scales are made of keratin – the same strong material in human fingernails.
Pangolins, sometimes known as scaly funny anteaters, are one extant family, Manidae, has three genera: Manis, Phataginus and Smutsia. Manis comprises the four species found in Asia, while Phataginus and Smutsia include two species each, all found in sub-Saharan Africa. These species range in size from 30 to 100 cm (12 to 39 in). A number of extinct funny pangolin species are also known.

India: world’s largest coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown continues

India certainly has created the world’s largest coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown. It is 1.3 billion people and a 21-day lockdown. India is trying to reduce the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the world’s largest lockdown on March 24th, 2020. Amazingly, 1.3 billion Indians were asked to stay home for 21 days to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation”, “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known”. Some believe that the apocalypse is the complete final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation. It would be an event involving destruction or damage on a catastrophic scale. Of course, everyone wants to stop the destruction of the world.

The apocalyptic projections are worrisome. It seems that less than 600 cases had been confirmed at the time of Modi’s announcement. However, many believe the number is underestimated. Without strict control measures, 300 million to 500 million Indians could be infected by the end of July and 30 million to 50 million could have severe disease, according to some models.

The first coronavirus death in a slum was unfortunately confirmed recently. Indian doctors warn that the country must prepare to face the increase of cases. The Indian health system could suffer with levels far beyond what Europe and USA are experiencing.

A 56-year-old man died due to Covid-19-related illness in Dharavi slum, in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai on Wednesday.

Home to around 1 million people, Dharavi slum has a population density almost 30 times greater than New York — about 280,000 people per square kilometer.

Unfortunately for India’s slum dwellers, “social distancing” will be nearly impossible.

India reported more than 230 new cases on Friday. This brings the national total to 2,547 and 62 deaths.

Read more India Coronavirus Covid-19 Details here:

April 4, 2020 Coronavirus: The challenges India faces in its battle against the virus –

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April 3, 2020 Baby twins named Corona and Covid after lockdown birth in India –

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April 2, 2020 India Finds Itself At The Back of The Line For Virus Test Kits –

March 27, 2020 What India Needs to Fight the Virus –

Below: Map of India

P Money – Kings & Aces Lyrics

[Verse 1: P Money]
My mind is on fire ’cause when I write bars down
I swear to God, I burn the paper
P money merks like a new shape A-Class
So powerful, no hero could save ya
My mind is so creative
It’s like having the thoughts of a scientist and a painter
Out on the roads from day to day still
Make dough like a ba-ba-baker
I keep doing the flows and running the roads
Until my fans spread out across Asia
P Money’s gone, I’m the south side saviour
Can’t catch me, I’m a quick gear changer
Not normal, I’m special like the guy that was born in a manger
Slow down, do yourself a favour
Don’t get due of cheesy like a Quaver
‘Cause I’m hot like your girl’s hair straightner
I know why man wants to be a hater
‘Cause my mixtape’s dope like an action film
And this sick bar is [?]
These bars, they will blaze ya
I will make you wanna change sides like a traitor
You could be fast like a Formula car
I’ll bring the car to a halt like an engine failure

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 2: Castro]
Okay, yeah, let me explain something to you fam, yeah, yeah I’m exceptional
So expect nothing but excellence out of this intellectual
C4, he’s controversial
Still underground, not commercial
On the Underground, shotting commercial
More white powder than a box of Percil
When I step in the club, more bums get slapped than a Asda commercial
Hoes jump in the whip and we zoom, zoom, zoom like the Mazda commercial
Straight to the telly, no spitting bars
Straight to the belly, whipping off bras
Gal tried come drink off my Henny and not give me any, she better strip fast

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 3: Blacks]
You’re not a bad boy man, I know bad boys
Calm down, why you acting like that?
[?] you don’t act like that
Fake but I won’t say back any fact
It’s me, it’s Blacks, it’s me, it’s Blacks
I’m normal but they think that I’m bad
I’m like “Rah, how fucked is that?”
They just hear me and they reload me back
Don’t even come show with no strap
Make sure [?] are holding
Don’t run out ’cause you’ll be holding
Lick it down, with your boys all pile up
Blacks is so sick, I bet I get signed up
You’re jack in a box, man don’t get wind up
Are you dumb?

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 4: [?]]
Yo, slow down, yeah
Look, I heard your tunes on Logan’s show and all you’re talking about is clapping a tool
Then I done research on your pricks, I find out you ain’t got backs like a stool
I’m on this music ting, I’m gonna take these emcees back into school
Imagine these guys all back into sports, all back in their shorts, all catching a ball
They think I’m slipping, [?] ain’t slipping, [?] ain’t lacking at all
New Year’s Eve, I was in my yard
On my ones, writing bars
You man were having a ball
Spending money and acting a fool
Think I’m talking shit, blud you’re a walking prick, why you acting a fool?

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

[Verse 5: Vortex]
Don’t think I’m not about it, I’ve got [?]
Suck your mum sideways, I’m gonna shout it
I’m about it, about it
How’s this get [?]
I’m a better person [?]
But watch if I flip though
Jump in the skip bro
If you wanna skip bro
Watch how it flips though
Hammer this big
Justice bit
Blud just spit
[?] (Come outside if you’re bad enough)
Watch me get [?]
[?] will have it, I’ll slap him like magic
Go back to business
‘Cause [?]

You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces
You emcees are wasted
Your flow’s weak and basic
You’ve got us confused
We’re all kings and aces

Big Sean – Inspire Me Lyrics

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong (this one’s for you, you, you)
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me (you, you, you)

[Verse 1]
You tried to keep me away from temptation
Introduced me to The Temptations
Marvin Gaye and Isley Brothers
Dancing so hard the living room shaking
Yeah we dance in the house
My mama’s the man of the house
Mama you too good for them men
Even dad, you too good for him
Mama you know you inspire me
You deserve early retirement
You text me, tell me to take my vitamins
When I got a new love you invite ’em in
When we break up, you don’t like ’em then (no)
Loyal, loyal, swear you super loyal
Worth more to me than striking oil
You deserve the life I’m tryna show ya
I remember all of the sacrifices
Growing up in debt, but never hungry
Rich in everything except money
That’s that faith that you can’t buy
But I buy that new crib, you look right in it
I buy that new car in the color that you like it in
And play my song every single time you drive in it
That’s ’cause you inspired it (yeah)

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

[Verse 2]
I know it’s hard to get me on the line
I’m busy like every other time
Since I got a house in that other town
You wonder when I’ma come around
I know you worry about me
I give you attitude like, “Don’t worry ’bout it”
Don’t hit ya up like I don’t care about you
But I hold you down, I swear I got you
I know I got problems communicating
I probably should’ve went to school
And got that degree in communications
I should be with you on vacation
I should take you where you should be taken
Asia, Africa, Dubai, anything you want, I do buy
Just want you to know I do try
To take care of ya, mama you the one, you the one
You the moon, you the stars, you the sun
I’m so happy I’m your son
I’m so happy I’m your son
You love me since day one
Since before day one
So before the day’s done
I gotta, gotta let you know

You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me
Can’t go wrong, wrong, wrong
You do the right thing, you know you inspire me

Look, mama, you know you inspire me
If I ever made you not feel like it, then this is my apology
So sorry, look, dear mama you know your son shine for ya
I’m Sean for ya, my lady
Don’t you ever let ’em talk to you crazy
Anything for the fam, how you raise me
I’m yo baby but you still my baby

Russ – The Best Party

Honolulu views sippin on some fresh guava
Bumping always knew and thinkin’ ’bout my next comma
I put my thoughts into the world until they come true
You chase women I’m the one that they run to
"Russ moves smart this is something you could learn from"
Rappers pay attention maybe you can finally earn something
Low overhead, I don’t need other people
Cause everybody on my team is two other people
I remember imagining livin’ how I’m livin’
Now everything is extravagant
Jets rolexs, new women, new deals
Can’t let the fake game try to tell you who’s real
Cause they gon’ try to but you gotta see through shit
You don’t have to sell your soul, I’m the proof
This is millionaire weed, kush like Regis
I sound like an angel and I look like Jesus
That’s what the women tell me
Fuck it imma run with it
You ain’t gonna get the throne back until I’m done with it
Money flow like water, yea I’m getting Fiji checks
I’m huge in Honolulu, no wonder why Kiki (Waikiki) left
I’m detached from anything y’all attached too
I’m in n out with my groupies like fast food
Who’s the greatest say Russ when they ask you
I sell out shows quick enough to always add two
I laugh too cause some promoters are slackin
But shoutout Cara Lewis always gets me a backend
Meaning you can sleep but we got that covered
You blew up in the spring and you were gone that summer
Money at my feet life’s a cake walk
They love me out in Asia you would think I made K Pop
Too many j kwons, not enough Raekwon’s
Rappers use the same beat and flow and make the same song
I swear the last few months have been the best few months
I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months
And I can tell you only come around when success does
You only check for me when a check does
Ten blunts couldn’t get you higher than me
Cause I’m high off becoming what I aspired to be
You outdated like shirts by Ed Hardy
You know they always show up late to the best party