Soulchef – Hypocrite Lyrics (feat. Jas Mace)

Intro: Jas Mace
Yo, stop being a hypocrite man, whatchu talking about
You say one thing, then you say another thing
What’s going on man, what’s really good, huh?

Verse 1: Jas Mace
It ain’t cost me no money to write this, but it did take me a lot of sense
The human mind is complex
I don’t like to hurt creatures and I’m all for the rights
But I’ll kill a f**kin snake between my knife and some rice
I’m nice to everybody but I really hate people
They be gettin on my nerves, that’s the life of an introvert
And I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but I’m honest
I’ll say one thing and then the other like “I love people”
I guess it all depends on how I’m feelin
I don’t pay for step clearance but dammit I hate stealing
And I’ll fight for human rights while I type on my iPhone (aw man)
Knowin those workers ain’t going home
Homosexuals and equal rights, that’s no question
But dam I love Chick-fil-A sandwiches
Yeah I’m an atheist
But if the plane goes down I might say “Dear God won’t you save me”

Hook: Jas Mace
I’m a hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite, we’re all some hypocrites
And we don’t really give a shit

Verse 2: Jas Mace
Yeah, now I use the word retarded, bitch and even faggot
Not tryna be offensive I’m just playing with my brethren
I’m not perfect but I’m workin on it
These shells are too fragile ain’t no point in tip toein on it
I see a lot of twerking when they outta be working for college
But still I click, just to see how far the bottom drops
My hypocritical ways
Cuz if I call my daughter I done fought her for days
Uh, got a warm heart but I’m a cold dude
I sympathize with homeless but I only give em food
And yes I know the world revolves around a dollar sign
I want the government to give it they ain’t takin mine
Yeah, we’re righteous online
Hearts in the right place, mine’s on some me time
See I’m a hip hop head to the bone
But if Justin Bieber call better pass me the phone

Hook: Jas Mace
I’m a hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite, we’re all some hypocrites
And we don’t really give a shit

Outro: Jas Mace
That’s what I’m saying man, step down off that high horse
We all got a little bit of hypocrite in us
You, me and yo momma is a hypocrite

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