Skooly – Thriller Lyrics

Blacc John Gotti
This just what goin’ on, you know
It time for this
Done Deal on the track
It my time
Watch out

[Verse 1]
Pop his top, cork, drop the top, dog
Take her top off, get my rocks off
Good fellas, not soft, they gon’ pop off
In the 9 wit’ it, gettin’ guap dog
Shit can’t stop, y’all, shit won’t stop, y’all
At the top, y’all, from the block, y’all
Say they real niggas, but they guap shawt
You’s a li’l nigga, you’s a hot dog
From the top of the block lookin’ down, dog
Used to come up on the block to hang round, y’all
Niggas never gave me shit, didn’t make a sound, dog
Niggas could never make me hits, they stole my sound, dog

Yeah, that just – you know – just some shit to express what I got goin on, you know …
This just what goin on. It time for this, you know …
Blacc John Gotti, you know …
Street Execs, TRU, you know …
CCM, Honcho Gang, yeeaah …

[Verse 2]
From where the bottom was, they gave me problems for it
I’m a motherf**kin’ product of environment
This is not no motherf**kin’ question
All them niggas bluffin’, that’s the end of discussion
f**k that shit you talkin’, you ain’t talkin ’bout no money
I’m tryna get some money to get mama what she wanted, ha
Don’t come in my session man, I promise you not wanted
I’m trying my best not to just f**k up my opponent

Lord, have mercy on ’em

(Ha) Lord, have mercy on ’em
Lord, have mercy on
Lord, Lord, Lord
Lord, have mercy on ’em
Lord, Lord
Lord, Lord, Lord
Please have mercy on ’em
Lord, Lord, Lord
Have mercy on ’em
I won’t show no mercy homie
I been hurtin’ too long (Yeah, ha ha, yuh)
This where I belong

[Verse 3]
I been broke too motherf**kin’ long, bro
To do yo’ ass a favor on a song, bro
Ha, an’ I ain’t gonna tell yo’ ass what I went through
Some’in you pussy niggas never been through (Unh)
Okay, I come from the slums, come from Landrum Arms
Back and forth to Holly Ridge, that’s where Daddy was
Okay, jumped off the porch on Bankhead ‘fore I was legal
Cedar South Band[?], my brother Jimmy Blacc and D-Mo

RIP my brother Jimmy D, nigga and …
Yeah, PC4L, nigga: Paper Chaser 4 Life, nigga yeah, yeah. I been ‘at. I’m still dat, nigga, we gon rep ’til I die, nigga
My cosa nostra, nigga. I swear to God! Yeah …
CCM, ha ha… Yeah. PC4L, ha ha, ahh … Honcho Gang. Shout out K. That’s my brother for life
Know what goin’ on — it’s GD Mobbin[?]. Big Wody[?], what it do? Took took[?]
Yeah my nigga, you know what it motherf**kin’ do. Ha ha … We in the studio, by the way, ha …
This shit won’t stop, nigga. Blacc John Gotti, nigga, TRU, Street Execs, nigga, my big brother Chainz, nigga, ha ha, yeah …
And shout out my brother O Murder, man, you know, ha … Mob shit, man. Shout out [?] Fuller[?] man, 9th Ward here in the buildin’, and No Plug, shit man …

Heh, and it still Rich here[?] for life, it ain’t no tradin’ in this bitch. Night bulb[?] [?]!

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