Pablo Skywalkin – Champagne Lyrics

Flex Rich Lo in this bitch nigga man yall better go get yall mo’f**king money up this shit ain’t nothing nigga
Nigga really do this shit nigga this shit deeper than music

My f**king head hurting I been thinking about a lot of shit
Put a lotta niggas on I laughed this the thanks I get
Pants tight as hell I’m just praying that the franklins fit
Took my nigga West I was hurting I was lost as shit
Took my nigga Coke I cryin’ on some [?]
I feel so lonely I don’t know why
Got a massage, f**ked a bitch, served a fan out in Novi
Oh that yo’ bitch lil nigga shit that’s where you lost at
Cause she love when I f**k her when I hit she talk back
$900 for the shoes they ain’t even all that
They say “Lo can you please sign?” well while waiting on a deal I’m chilling breakin hoes in the meantime
And if a nigga touch me while I got a gun imma squeeze mine
He be looking like Swiss cheese now
The hood fake they be mad when I breeze by
Just nod my head, skirt off and throw the peace sign
My daddy OG still servin’ halfs in his Levi’s
But I had to get it on my own cause I need mine
My momma need me bad I don’t wanna see her mad
I’m just sad Feds f**ked up relationship with my dad
Time moving fast watching my niece grow up
I was hurt shit that night when that 8 got po’ed up
Had a seizure heart stopped can’t believe I woke up
But I couldn’t die that day I would’ve left them hopeless
I guess I’m chosen
When I wear my chain hoes see the ocean
Off too much medicine I need for smoking
Know whatever is in my wood just know that it’s potent
I popped a Perc she she popped a Perc it made her open

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