Nines – Outro (One Foot Out Album)

[Verse: Nines]
I came outta pen came in debt with my connect
Couldn’t sign bricks, we were the respect but no stress
Spent the whole summer on the blocks, sittin on the steps
Still can’t find 1 nigga I finesse
I’m ahead of my time
When Brom filled some yay, that food dead in my line
It’s cool though
I took that L then packed [?] a remix
It’s when I said fuck yay, it’s back to weed flips
Shit slowed down
You know me I still stacked some racks
Made sure I was ready for when them packs came back
Spent a whole year wearin Tracky scraps
Done a show, my nigga Griz came there wacky
Shoulda been in the Prem. the way my niggas ball
Scrapz shutted down, the next day I got a call
My guy said the plug wants to see me
I said right now I got too much bud fam, I’m easy
I holla when I’m done
His exact words were if the ‘nect tells you to come you better come
So I hit the M-way
Next thing you know I flew, damn
Came back off the plane feelin like a new man
Pissed off called my nigga Keyz, back in pen
‘Bout to jump on this rap ting again
Cause these other niggas’ raps are borin
Ice City every way
Come like my nigga Scrapz, he’s tourin
Fuckin with my sleepin pattern
Even when I’m in my sleep I’m trappin
I just made a transaction, I ain’t even see it happen
I ain’t gettin whip
I ain’t linkin any chicks
All I think about is bricks
Should be rich by 26
So I ain’t got time for rhymes
Shit went slow, niggas try and style on Nines
Copped some AJ shoes for the thousandth time
Used to window shop
Now I don’t even browse online

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