Mir Fontane – Kenwood Ave. Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mir Fontane]
As I woke up on the ice cold ground
I gotta’ hole in my chest, sweat drips across the brow’
Somebody had did me foul, as I rose from the ground
The bullet exited out my lung and traveled back into the gun
“South-Side” slipped from my lips before the man with the gun Had even asked where I was from, everything was moving fast
He wanted drugs and the cash he asked “What was in the bag”
Before he lifted up his mask and hid back behind the trash
I walked backwards out the alley, my bloody stains disappeared
I took my phone back out my pocket, put it back up to my ear
And then, told my girl I Love her too, she responds “I Love you” Told me to watch out for Opps, Stick-Up kids, and Crooked Cops, I say “I got a couple drops”, then she ask me “Whatchu Doin”, I say “What’s Sup”, she say “Hello”, and I say “Yo”
My phone start ringing, I Put it back into my pocket, and after Awhile it stopped then I’m back to walkin’ the projects
Fiends by the alley put the dope back in the bundle pack
Run backwards up the block, then the dealers give them they Money back, walk passed the little kids who jumpin’ off the old Couch, chewed gum fly’s off the ground and right back in my f**king mouth, Walk back to Johnny house, give him back his Book bag, Now when i play it backwards, Don’t even know why I took that, Police reverse down the street, I Mumble “Someone Pray for me”, but they don’t stare at me this time, they look Away from me, Walk back up my house steps, Walk into the Door I take my kicks off, and throw my hoodie back onto the Floor, and then I dash up the staircase, Walk into my bedroom, Take off my shirt, and my pants I need some legroom
Hop back in my bed, picked up my phone again, Johnny said he
Needs a favor, come through when I can, I say “What’s Sup”
Then hang up, I put the phone to the side, it rings again
I close my eyes, and then I die

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