Lovebites – Electric Pentagram

This Japan’s All-Female Metal Band is amazing. It is somehow similar to Baby Metal. Electric Pentagram is the 3rd amazing studio album by Japanese heavy metal band Lovebites. The album was released in Japan on January 29, 2020 by Victor Entertainment, and in the United Kingdom two days later by JPU Records. Red River Entertainment will release it in North America on April 24, 2020. Hear excellent almost-thrash music in the modern power metal scene.
Track listing:
1. “Thunder Vengeance” Miho Miho, Mao Mao, Lovebites 5:322. “Holy War” Lovebites Mao Mao, Lovebites 5:573. “Golden Destination” Miho Miho, Mao Mao, Lovebites 6:034. “Raise Some Hell” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 5:205. “Today is the Day” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 5:516. “When Destinies Align” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 6:067. “A Frozen Serenade” Asami Asami, Mao Mao, Lovebites 6:478. “Dancing with the Devil” Asami, Midori Midori, Mao Mao, Lovebites 5:089. “Signs of Deliverance” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 5:0910. “Set the World on Fire” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 5:4611. “The Unbroken” Miho Miho, Mao Mao, Lovebites 6:3012. “Swan Song” Asami Miyako Miyako, Lovebites 6:27
Total length: 70:36
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