Laidback Gemini – Top Of My Coupe Lyrics

Healthy  livin sexy women I envision my pimpin
Nothin  but queens on the scene only concerned with winnin
She in her bag no time to brag we both sharing a vision
She’s so neat hands and feet I applied my attention
I  tend to get in my feelings I gotta know your intention
No  I won’t fall for potential loyalty now is essential
Two door coupe that I swooped yea outta my Big Bro
Still  point A and B I tell you right now my method is lethal
Make no mistake with me it’s peace you’ll follow
This little light of mine is bright as a halo
And I stay high but I lay low
Not  in the mix I don’t mingle
While you move fast Imma move slow
Still pass right by you you won’t know
I am a disciplined man a soul with a godly command
Execute handle the plan I gracefully advance
I’ll go to Haiti with family no care in the world with my feet in the sand
All that I know you do good and the blessings will come man they go hand to hand

23 Space Jam give me the ball I ain’t playin
Game 7 for the win hangtime let it in
Still I rise let me ride perfect timing well arrived
Small circle family ties it’s now or never time flies
I keep it real and i’m chill imma let the rest tell lies
In the cut so subtle waitin patient til I get the prize
No no surprise that’s just how it’s gon be
It ain’t hard to see I got it down to a T
Super composed i’m on a roll attainin the highest degree
Real mastery fake it to make it not me
Authentic as real as you see
I live by my word actually
Send me a fire best it’s go time no retreat
This ain’t nothin but facts one rolled to relax
Volume up to the max while I spit these raps
Laidback no cap whether trap boom bap
Send me all the packs and imma lace these tracks
What’s happenin what it do word is bond it is true
Listen to all of my jewels
As I sit at the Top of my Coupe

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