Jem – I Sit Up In My Window Lyrics

I sit up in my window
And look towards the sun
Urged to write this song to touch the ears of everyone
The TV ticker’s looping
The words I’ve seen before
Conquer and divide, not gonna buy it anymore

Well I’m just one and you’re just one, but if we can agree
And one day become a million, so much we can achieve
I tell you we can change the world, the power’s at our feet
Watch the ripples travel and across the oceans meet

So I’m calling all my brothers
My sisters stand with me
We have a voice, we have a role, it’s our humanity
Let the powers that be do their thing
And we can do ours too
Blame is not constructive there’s so much that we can do

The environment, well you know the score, we have to scale back
Why would we choose to gas ourselves, what lunacy is that?
Solutions they are everywhere, let’s give these guys a voice
Make the corporations listen and provide a greener choice

Bring on a groovy electric car, diversify the crops
Learn from Mother Nature, the Genius of the lot
Stop buying and buying and needing more
It’s time to trim the fat
The best things in life are free my friend
You won’t miss half the crap

War can only lead to war, seen time and time again
Two sides believing they’re both right, will fight until the end
Someone must be ready, to extend the hand of peace
To break the vicious cycle is a strength beyond belief

If someone guns a man down

Or maybe it’s a child
The bloodline doesn’t stop there
The blood runs far and wide
The women they are screaming
The men break down and cry
Then go and find a gun to hit back
Right between the eyes

What one does to the World
He does unto himself
So think before you act my friend
Think of the consequence
When you’re faced with hostility
Disputes or disdain
Think if you were in their shoes
Might you feel the very same?

We started off as babies, we started off the same
Depending on your place of birth you’re sold a different game
So don’t believe everything you think or everything you’ve read
The memes we’ve learnt from day one are from someone else’s head

The TV ticker’s looping
Still churning out the same
I shake my head and wonder will it always be this way?
I sit up in my window
Such beauty in full sight
Thank you all for listening, I hope these words take flight

I’m calling all my brothers, my sisters stand with me
Cause I have a dream that one day we might live in harmony
It’s not science fiction baby, I hope that you’ll agree
Let’s sow the seeds of love and be the change we wanna see

It’s in our reach
Reach for the stars
Let’s chart a course brand new
Cause I’ve never lived through a time
Where disaster hasn’t loomed
My heart it is beaming now
You’ll see it from the moon
Like Batman’s signal shining
Every time you play this tune

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