Case Studies – Dagger Lyrics

Last night i tried to find my demon; he was gone
My hands stretched out to hold him and he slipped right through my fingers
Never in my life have i felt so alone
As when my sword and shield were taken
Then you took my stinger
I can’t change a thing
I don’t want to
I don’t want to
I woke up this morning; my old face was gone
With sunken eyes, this worn out skin
Cracked like desert mud
I’ve tried to turn my heart into a block of stone
It only cried out louder, don’t you bury me
Don’t leave me behind
All my masks are gone
All my weapons
I don’t need them now
I’ve been lonely for so long
Wasn’t looking for nothing, then you came along
All of my escorts through the dark
Have been my demons
And i can’t find them no more
On a texas porch, i’ll write another song
In hopes it brings me closer to you
Every time i sing it
I’m tired of hiding, tired of trying to be strong
I’d ask you to be stronger
But i don’t blame you now
You’ve been lonely for too long
You went looking for nothing, then i came along
You came and you loved me at my worst
And if you have to move on
I beg you, take me with you when you go
When you go
When you go
When you go

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