Blasterjaxx – Party All Week Lyrics (feat. JAMEZ)

Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Everybody lets go
Hands up
Hands up
Hands up
Everybody lets go

Hands up everybody lets go

Just might
No sleep

Drink in the hand with a lady left and the right
Get a [?] VIP rose gold [?] club going up all night
Got a car with a V12 race car seat belt
Flown in just for the week
Got a freak with a nose-ring
Sex like no strings
Whole thing all too sweet

I got her feet bouncing off the ground
And when the lights go out
That’s when I hype the crowd
I got that drop so down

And the bass so loud
And when I hit the stage
They all amazed and wild
They never stop
The second you know I rock this
Heading off with the top
See [?]
Its when I hear [?] clout
We [?]
[?] you wanna shout
You wanna shout
Everybody lets get it

Throw your arms in the air
Make ’em move to the beat
Clap your hands like this
Get them moving like me
Jump jump in the air
Get you high off your feet
When you live like this
You can party all week

Hands up everybody lets go

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