Babyland – Don’t You Feel Lost Lyrics

Everything seemed OK
But growing older things started to change
Friends and ideals fade away
Deviation from hope and ambition
As they start the adult transition
Never achieved
So now they appease
Don't want to be like that
As they become
Everything we fought against
The loss of support
For who you are
Now it's "Be what you should be"

It's not for me

Maybe I'm yet to reach that phase
I'll act my age
And I'll evolve as I see fit
Ask any middle-age wreck
Who thinks that they deserve respect

If they achieved
Anything they wished they would
And you'll understand why
I won't give in
You must understand
I won't give in
Of course I'm scared
My chemicals transform me
I fear I'm becoming something I despise
So help me hold out and tell me
The facts
The truth and everything you know
I've got to live it too
I want to live it right
I just want to live it right

So, here is the plan
We'll stay together at all cost
One little question for you
Don't you feel lost too?

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